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Our Story

Back in 2020, when we were all locked up in our homes, music was the way out for me. It helped me escape the grim reality and survive through the tough times. But my damn headphones wouldn’t let me fully escape into the world of music! Well, that wasn’t the perfect pair for me but I had barely any knowledge regarding headphones and, most importantly, I didn’t know how to choose the perfect pair for myself.

So, I set out on a journey to research about headphones and as I dug deeper, I absolutely fell in love with the technology. But then I realized there are so many people out there who don’t have proper knowledge about headphones and audio gears in general, how they work and the genius technology behind them, and thus, face a lot of issues with their gears.

Hence, began the journey of Beatmentors to help people gain the knowledge they need about their audio gears and solve all their issues without having to carry out time-consuming research.

Why Beatmentors?

Beatmentors is a one-stop for all accurate and useful information about audio gears. We provide all relevant and true information in one place so our users won’t have to go through the trouble.

Our Team

We started in the year 2021 with only 2 members and, currently, we are a team of 7 members who work their hardest to provide our users with the most accurate and useful knowledge.

Our mission

Beatmentors provides detailed reviews & guides for the best audio devices in the market.

Our AIM is to help users find the perfect audio device for their needs & we provide:

Reviews: We personally test the gadgets and write here what you need to know about the same.

Latest: Our team publishes audio gear news every day to keep you updated with the latest in the market.

Guides: Facing a problem with your audio gear? Don’t worry, here we provide how to fix those.

About Founders:

Beatmentors is founded by Gary & Tim.

About Gary Gardner

Gary is a headphones expert who has tested 100s of different models & has a keen ear for what makes a good pair of headphones.

He knows the ins & outs of various types of headphones and can help you choose the right pair for your needs.

If you need help choosing the right headphones, then check out the guides by Gary on this blog. Or reach out to him through.

Email: [email protected]

Guides: https://www.beatmentors.com/author/beatmentors/

He is always happy to help and will make sure that you find the perfect pair of headphones for your needs.

About Tim Price

tim price

Tim Price is an expert in headphones & other audio equipments. He has spent years testing and reviewing different models to find the best ones.

Price’s reviews are highly detailed, while reviewing he considers factors like sound quality, comfort, design, and price. He also includes tips on how to get the most out of your headphones, and what to look for when buying new ones.

Email: [email protected]

Guides: https://www.beatmentors.com/author/timprice/

If you’re looking for headphone advice, Tim Price is the author to trust. He knows everything there is to know about these devices and can help you find the perfect pair for your needs.

About Swastika Roy

Swastika Roy Editor beatmentors

Swastika Roy is Chief Editor at Beatmentors. She understands how important music can be in some of our lives. And those people who know the true worth of music and what value it adds to our lives, deserve to have a blissful, soulful, and magical music-listening experience.

So, to help you get that magical music-listening experience, she has done all kinds of research on the best audio gear and is here to share it all with you.

To reach to swastika you can send email on:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwastikaRoy8

Whatever questions you have about audio gear, chances are, you’ll find all the answers here on Beatmentors. For all the latest updates in the world of audio gear, she is here to help you out. From detailed reviews to tips and advice, she has curated all sorts of useful content on this website for you.