Airpods are Blinking White: How to fix

AirPods are extremely expensive, so any kind of an issue with them is quite scary, we know. One of these issues can be a constant blinking white light. Now, if your AirPods are blinking white, you may not even know the reason, which can cause even more stress.

Airpods are Blinking White

Do not worry though, we have the answer to all your questions. In this article, we will tell you what it means when your AirPods are blinking white, and how to fix the issue. It will not be a problem if you follow the simple steps mentioned below!

Reasons why your AirPods are Blinking White

The status light on the casing changes to white when AirPods is in pairing mode. But, if it continues to blink white but refuses to pair with your smartphone, it becomes a problem. It usually occurs because the Bluetooth connection is problematic, the firmware is out-of-date, or both.


If your AirPods are blinking white, here are some of the reasons that could be happening:

  • AirPods’ battery is dead.
  • The charging case has been damaged
  • AirPods are broken
  • The AirPods are dirty.
  • They are fake AirPods.

Airpods are Blinking White: How to fix

Now that you know what the issue might be, if its one of the fixable issues, just follow the simple steps mentioned below, and they will be as good as new!

Charge the AirPods

It’s possible that your AirPods won’t have enough power to keep a connection with your iPhone if they’re low on battery. Checking to see if your AirPods are fully charged might help!


What you should do to charge your AirPods is:

  1. Make sure the AirPods are placed correctly in the sockets before putting them in their case.
  2. Put the lid on. Your AirPods should turn off and begin charging on their own. Moreover, the case’s status light will glow amber.
  3. If the light does not turn amber, the case probably needs to be recharged. With the aid of a Lightning to USB Cable, attach the case to a power source. If you have a wireless case, position it in the middle of your MagSafe charger with the status light pointing up.

Turn Bluetooth on and off

The AirPods pairing process will be reset and any problems or glitches that are preventing your AirPods from connecting will be removed by turning Bluetooth on and off.


Here’s how to toggle Bluetooth on and off in iOS:

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Click Bluetooth.
  3. Turn Bluetooth off, then after a brief delay, turn it back on.

Clean the Case and AirPods.

The connectors on your AirPods and the case on your case might become blocked by dirt or dust, which can lead to pairing problems. The casing is having trouble recognizing that the AirPods are there, which is the cause of this issue.


You should clean your AirPods to make sure there isn’t a physical blockage causing them to flash white:

  1. Using 70% isopropyl alcohol, dampen a cloth.
  2. Avoid touching the speaker grill or any other openings in the case when using this towel to gently wash your AirPods and case.
  3. Clean the speaker grill and the charging connectors inside the casing with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip (where you place your AirPods).

Hard Reset the AirPods

The steps listed below can be used to do a hard reset on the Apple AirPods.

  1. Close the cover after placing the AirPods inside the case.
  2. Open the cover after around 30 seconds. At this time, refrain from removing the AirPods from the case.
  3. When Bluetooth is turned on for your device, the AirPods should be there.
  4. Forget the Device by selecting the “i” next to the AirPods.
  5. Let the cover of the charging case to open, then press and hold the button at the back for roughly 5 to 10 seconds.
  6. You may now see the appearance of an Amber LED. At this time, let go of the button.

The AirPods are reset as a result of this operation, and they are also disconnected from all devices. Pair them with all the devices so you may use them again.

Update Your AirPods

Updates for AirPods frequently address problems and glitches, which may be the root of your issue. Furthermore, AirPod upgrades maintain the earphones compatible with more recent gadgets.

The steps to initiate the automatic update on an iOS device are as follows:

  1. Put the charging case back on your AirPods (Gen 1, 2, or 3) or AirPods Pro.
  2. Use the charging wire to affix the AirPods charging case to an electrical outlet. Make sure a wireless charging pad is plugged into a power source if you’re using one.
  3. Put the AirPods charging case close to your iPad or iPhone. Make sure the internet is operational on your iOS device.
  4. Your AirPods need to start downloading and installing any new firmware updates right now.

If your AirPods are blinking white and you require some visual aid, check out this video below:


I have tried all steps but my AirPods are blinking white. What do I do?

If you have tried all the steps mentioned above, however there still continue to be the issue where your AirPods are blinking white, then you should consider contacting Apple Care. Obtaining professional help at this point will be beneficial. Further, your AirPods may still be under warranty which will entitle you to a repair or replacement.

What does AirPods amber light mean?

If you see an amber light on your AirPods case, it likely means that your AirPods have run out of battery. This is your AirPods’ way of telling you that they need to be charged!

Summing Up

It can be quite scary when your AirPods are blinking white out of nowhere. Further, contacting Apple care is a hassle that you should not get into unless you have to. This is why we have laid down all the possible steps you can undertake at home to ensure that this problem is solved.

Hopefully, your AirPods will be fixed right after you follow these steps!

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