AKG K701 vs K702 – Which One is Best?

If you are looking for studio-grade professional headphones for your studio works such as mixing and mastering music, then the AKG headphones are good for that.

The AKG K701 and the K702 are both good headphones that are also cheaper than most professional headphones out there.

AKG K701 vs K702 - Which One is Best?

But these headphones are very similar to each other, you cannot differentiate them just by observation but they do have some slight differences.

We have listed all the significant differences and an unbiased review with highlights on some important points. We hope this article- AKG K701 vs K702– helps make a final decision.

AKG K701 vs K702- Design

The AKG K701 and K702 are over-ear, open-back headphones designed for professional studio use. They share several design elements, like the use of high-end materials and a sleek, minimalist look. But their designs also differ significantly in some areas.

The design of the headband is one of the key variations. The K701 has a headband that is somewhat more curved than the K702, which is intended to better fit the natural form of the head. On the other hand, the K702 has a flatter headband intended to offer a snugger fit and reduce pressure on the head.

The K702 as well as the K701 both have the same weight and dimensions and they are both bulky. The design is a more retro style which makes them stand out from most headphones in the market. The K702 has the added advantage of removing the cable when you are taking it out or just packing it after your mixing session.

Both headphones have earcups with different designs as well. The K701 ear cups are slightly larger and rounder, while the K702 ear cups are more oval-shaped. In order to line the ear cups with the ear canal for a more realistic soundstage, the K701 ear cups also have a slightly more tilted design.

Both headphones come with 3D-molded leather ear cushions and headbands that are designed to be comfy for extended listening sessions. However, the K702 also has a self-adjusting leather headband that, automatically adjusts to the user’s head size for the best fit.

AKG K701 vs K702- Build Quality

Similar materials and building methods were used in the construction of the AKG K701 and K702. The sturdy and bulky construction of both headphones is built to withstand the demands of professional use. However, weight is a big reason that most people will not be able to use it outside during morning walks or listening on the go.

One difference in build quality between the two headphones is the use of materials. The K701 has a foam-padded headband and is primarily comprised of plastic components, whereas the K702 is built from a mix of plastic and metal.

The K701 earpads are composed of high-quality foam and are intended to provide a comfortable fit for extended listening sessions. In contrast, the K702 earpads are made of a material that resembles velvet and is intended to create a more luxurious feel.

AKG K701 vs K702- Sound Performance

Sound performance is the most important of a headphone and the importance of this area turns out to be more necessary when we talk about professional-grade headphones. The K702 and the K701 are both used by professionals in the studios so the drivers and tuning of the headphones need to be perfect.

One of the main differences in sound quality between the two headphones is the frequency response. With a little focus on the bass and treble frequencies, the K701 provides a slightly more balanced frequency response. On the other hand, the K702 accurately represents all frequencies and has a more neutral frequency response. As a result, the K701 is better suited for general listening duties, while the K702 is better suited for monitoring and critical listening tasks.

The soundstage, which describes the apparent width, depth, and height of the sound, is another differentiator between these headphones. The K701 is made to offer a larger, more open soundstage, which enhances the listening experience. The K702 has an improved soundstage which is meant to give listeners a more accurate and detailed depiction of the music.

The sound performance of both headphones is comparable, however, because of the K702’s precise soundstage and neutral frequency response, it is thought to be more accurate and detailed than the K701. Due to the open-back design of both headphones, they are less effective in noisy areas as they leak sound.

AKG K701 vs K702- Noise Isolation

Noise Isolation is important when you are mixing sounds. If noise is not isolated then you will not be able to listen to how the music is going to sound accurately. Therefore, music composers try to design their studios so that most sounds coming from outside the studio are isolated.

These headphones are professional grade, but if you don’t have a high-quality studio that isolates outside noises you will hear all noises. The K701 provides a noise isolation of 12dB which is very poor considering the use case of this headphone. Moreover, there is also a significant leakage of sound which is between 200Hz to 20KHz, which is a huge range and takes most of the sound stage.

The K702 on the other also isn’t a great competitor over here. It has the same design so therefore this headphone also cannot isolate outside noises effectively, providing a very bad listening experience in a noisy environment. The noise leakage is also very high in this headphone which is similar to the K701.

As both of these headphones are open-back you should expect sound leakage and poor noise isolation. The headphones also do not use any active-noise isolation methods to filter outside noises. We were disappointed to notice that most open-back headphones work better than these AKG headphones.

AKG K701 vs K702- Portability

In terms of portability, both of these headphones are a big no-no. The headphones cannot be (or more accurately should not be) taken outdoors. These headphones are bulky for outdoor use and are mostly suitable for home or office use only. Also, the grip of the headphones are tighter on the head but if jumping or running are done for quite some while these can easily slip from the head because of their bulky design.

Outdoor is also not advised because of their open-back design that will potentially not block any outdoor noises and the people beside you will be able to hear most of the things because of the significant sound leakage.

The K702 has one advantage over the K701 in terms of portability which is the removable cable. This is a better and safer option as if you pack the headphone in your bag and you roll the cable around the headphone the junction of the cable and the headphone will be tenser which will lead to the tearing of the cable.

Also, AKG does not provide any boxes or carrying pouches with the headphones which is very disappointing.

AKG K701 vs K702- Verdict

FeaturesAKG K701AKG K702
Build Quality
Noise Isolation
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
AKG K701 vs K702

As the above table suggests the AKG K702 is a slightly better option than the K701. Both headphones are professional grade headphones and provide a good listening experience but keep in mind you have to be in a noise-proof environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the AKG K702 need an amp?

You won’t need an amplifier as the included mini-XLR cable does a good job. If you want to increase the volume then you can use an external amplifier.

Is AKG K72 good for gaming?

No, these are not at all recommended for gaming as the noise isolation is very poor and also the also there is significant sound leakage.

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