Beats Studio Buds Not Staying In-Ears [Fixed]

Beats Studio Buds are great earbuds, owing to their sound quality, durability, and many more factors. However, many people have complained about their Beats Studio Buds not staying in-ears. This can be a huge issue because it not only causes disruptions in your music-listening moments but, hell, can also lead you to lose them altogether.

Beats Studio Buds Not Staying In-Ears [Fixed]

However, there are ways to fix this issue. We have these ways listed below, and hopefully, by following these steps, you will not face this problem again.

Beats Studio Buds Not Staying In-Ears [Fixed]

Make sure you are wearing them correctly

The majority of wireless earphones include detailed instructions on how to wear them correctly which take into account the precise positioning of the ear wings or the angle at which you wear the earbuds.

In the same way, when wearing Beats Studio earbuds, be sure the nozzle is facing the ear canal. When you put the Beats on your ears, the “b” in the Beats logo should look like a “b” rather than a “p” or a “9.”


Additionally, pay attention to the left and right marks on the Beats Studio earbuds. To ensure a secure fit, put the right one in the right ear and the left one in the left ear. Making sure that you are wearing these earbuds correctly will ensure that they do not fall off.

If you continue to have issues with this, check out the video below!

Use ear hooks

Using ear hooks is one of the easiest and most effective ways of ensuring that your earbuds do not fall off. These will securely attach the Beats Studio Buds to your ears and eliminate any chance of them falling off.

You will have to make sure that the ear hooks you buy are compatible with the Beats Studio Buds. Once you know that they are compatible, the price range is actually quite affordable. Check out these AhaStyle ear hooks, our top recommendation!


Ear hooks will prevent your Beats Studio Buds from falling down no matter what kind of activity you do. You could be jumping on a trampoline and we assure you that your Beats Studio Buds will not fall out!

Clean your Ears

Earwax covers our ears to shield them from dust and insects outside. However, earwax will melt and make your ear canal slick when it’s hot outside or while you’re exercising while wearing Beats Studio earbuds.

Your studio headphones come out of your ears as a result.

Clean your ears once a week if you regularly use Beats Studio headphones. It should be noted that using a cotton swab to clean your ears would actually push earwax there instead of cleansing them.

Make sure you are using the correct tips

For a snug fit and comfort, selecting the appropriate ear tips is essential. The size of each person’s ears varies. As a result, you should be aware of your ideal ear tip size.

Three ear tips of various sizes are included with Beats Studio Buds. When you take these out of the box, the medium size ear tips are already on them. You should test out each ear tip to ensure a snug fit.


To see if studio buds are still slipping out of your ears, try small-size ear tips and test by moving about. If none of the included ear tips fit comfortably in your ears, try the medium and large sizes next.

If you are still having problems, then choose ear tips from a different company. There are numerous different kinds of ear tips, including silicone, foam, and hybrid styles.

But for comfort and a snug fit, memory foam ear tips are always advised. To prevent your earbuds from falling out, you may also purchase foam ear tips.

Stretch your earlobe

If your ear canal is small, studio buds will undoubtedly slip out of your ears. However, there is a straightforward solution to this problem. Put one finger in your ear for a brief period of time to extend your ear lobe.

After that, studio earbuds will fit comfortably in your ears, never fall out, and improve your music-listening.

Wear a sweatband or warmer

To keep your beats studio buds in your ears, you can wear a sweatband or warmer. Not only would wearing a warmer or sweatband prevent buds from falling, but it will also shield them from grit and debris.


Therefore, you can dress warmer if it’s chilly outside and a sweatband if it’s hot outside. Your studio buds won’t fall out of your ears and you’ll keep up with fashion this way.

To avoid discomfort, ensure sure the sweatband or warmer is not too tight as this will force earbuds into your ears.


Do Beats Studio Buds stay in your ear while running?

Most beats studio earbuds won’t come loose when you’re running. However, after a long run, the combination of sweat and earwax makes them slick and susceptible to falling out of your ears.

But there are lots of strategies for containing them. You can, for instance, attach ear hooks to them, dress in layers depending on the weather, clean your ears once a month, and the most crucial thing of all is to wear them properly.

Why do Beats Studio Buds not stay in the ears?

Beats Studio earbuds won’t remain in your ears for a variety of reasons. Following are a few of them.
Your ears are shielded from dirt and particles from the environment by earwax.
However, when it’s hot outside, it can collect on your studio headphones, making them slippery and making them fall out of your ears.
As a result, you should regularly clean your ears.
Because every person’s ears are different in size and shape, beat studio buds occasionally fall out of your ears.
Because every person’s outer ear is different from the next, much like a fingerprint, studio earbuds won’t remain in your ears.
The incorrect ear tips are another factor in beats studio headphones failing to stay in your ears.

Summing Up

Beats Studio Buds are a great investment, so their falling out can be a big issue. However, if you make sure to follow the solutions we have mentioned above, you will not face this issue again.

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