13 Best Cat Ear Headphones with Mic

Hello to all the cat lovers and others too. Yes, I know, when it comes to your favorite pet you would most definitely want to have them with you even when listening to music or streaming online. You might as well think that getting a headphone with cat ears is the best solution and maybe you’re right.

Though it might not be the case for all of my readers and simply the cute look of these headphones might be the reason you are attracted to these cool electronic pieces, it is still the same list given below that will help anyone and everyone to find their ideal cat ear headphone regardless of the reason why they’re looking for one.

13 Best Cat Ear Headphones with Mic:

1. MindKoo Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones are extremely cute and could be the best birthday present for your kid. These come in three colors. Your kid can use it during online classes while listening to music or playing games for a long period since the headphone is accompanied by a very powerful battery that lasts for 70 hours. The cute look of these headphones is elevated by the LED lights present in the cat ears.


  • It has glowing lights with seven colors, that blink, and change colors with the music rhythm. It also has four lighting modes that are switchable.
  • These over-ear headphones have 40mm speakers and give studio HD sound.
  • It has control buttons and earmuffs.
  • It has built-in microphones and the Bluetooth headphone lets you take phone calls freehand.
  • These headphones are foldable and soft cushioned earpads are provided.
  • It is a 900 mAh rechargeable lithium battery which gives about 70 hours of wireless playtime.
  • It has Bluetooth 5-enabled universal compatibility.

Pros & Cons

2. Riwbox CF9 Robot Cat Ear Headphones

This is a kid-friendly microphone from Riwbox. The microphone looks very cute and kids will love it! It has RGB lighting and is useful for online classes, video chat, and gaming. The earpads on this microphone are very soft and the cushion doesn’t hurt the ears during long sessions. The material used in the entire design is kid friendly and it also has a volume limit of 85db so that kids don’t hurt their ears.


  • Kid-friendly material is used in the entire design.
  • Soft earpads to ensure ears don’t get hurt during long sessions.
  • Detachable microphone with 360 degrees of rotation, so that you can rotate the mic in whichever direction its best records.
  • Battery backup of 30-45 hours with RGB lights off.
  • RGB lights on cat ears and behind the earpiece.
  • Wireless and wired mode, you get a braided auxiliary cable for listening even during low charge.
  • 85db of safe volume limit so that kids don’t get hearing problems.
  • Has an SD card slot to directly listen to music without even pairing it with any device.

Pros and Cons

3. iClever Boostcare Kids Headphone


This is a kid’s headphone that is of extremely cheap budget and can turn the volume control from 85 to 94 decibels. These headphones come in five different colors and with a mic. Your kid can use these headphones for school, travel, tablet even e-learning, and iPad. This headphone is good for kids’ ears and protects vulnerable and sensitive ears with the given volume limit. This can also be used for hands-free calls.


  • Built-in microphones are present.
  • It has adjustable head bandwidth and is made specifically for rough treatments by kids.
  • The headphone is made up of non-toxic material and won’t cause any negative effect on a child’s health.
  • It has a 3.5 mm headphone and the jack works universally with all smartphones, tablets and Apple iPhones Galaxy phones, and every Android phone.

Pros & Cons

4. Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB Gaming Headset

This is a cat your headphone for adults which can be used for stream reactive lightning and is activated even when plugged into a power bank. It comes in five different solid colors mixed with black and also works with Alexa for easier connectivity during online classes, streaming, and other activities.


  • It has extremely responsive RGB lighting on triple-headed snake logo areas and kitty ears.
  • It is accompanied by spatial audio information beyond the standard 7.1 surround sound system.
  • It has an Oval, cooling gel-infused cushion which prevents overheating and pressure will build up.
  • It has retractable active noise-canceling microphones.
  • It has audio controls on the cup and a USB port that connect to personal computers and laptops.
  • It connects with a USB connector.

Pros & Cons

5. YOWU RGB Cat Ear Headphone 4

 This headphone has both wired and wireless gaming headsets. It is worn over-ear. The headphone is for those adults who are mainly into gaming. It is a gaming headset with a fully upgraded sound system. It is also attachable with HD microphones. It comes in 3 colors black, blue, and pink.


  • It is a 50mm driver unit and dual channel stereo.
  • It has a unique YOWU app that can let customize millions of light colors.
  • The detachable microphone has active noise cancellation reduction properties.
  • It can be connected with a 3.5 mm audio cable to laptops on mobile, tablets, and desktops.
  • It supports fast charging. It is 48 hours of playtime without lighting and two to 10 hours of playtime with lighting.
  • Supports type C cable.

Pros & Cons

6. Censi Music Headset Headphone

This headphone comes into versions: one is wired and the other Bluetooth. You cannot have both wired and Bluetooth connectivity systems in a single headphone. It comes in white color and is placed over-ear. It is of an affordable price though the price changes according to the wired and Bluetooth system. This is a very good headphone for gaming, as many of the customers use it for PS4.


  • The headphone helps the younger to bring out their personality and appearance. It can be used for all ages and gender.
  • It is made of Korean soft leather, 3D cut, and crystal with a memory foam ear-blasting technology design.
  • It has noise-reducing features and can isolate noise.
  • It is accompanied by a 3.5 mm headphone plug, and a low impedance of 32 ohms.
  • It has a battery of 320 mAh and a waterproof range IPX4.

Pros & Cons

7. SOMIC G951s Pink

This is a splendid headphone at an affordable price that can be used for PS4, Xbox, PC, and mobile phones and even has a mic included in it. You can use these cat ear headphones whenever you want or you can detach the cat ears from the headphone whenever you want to.


  • It is ambient noise-canceling feature.
  • Has high-quality speakers with 40mm speakers.
  • It is a 3.5 mm plug and has strong compatibility with laptops iPad computers and everything Also, you can easily control the volume and the mic turns on / off.
  • The microphones present in these headphones are 360% rotating and can pick a voice from anywhere.
  • The ear cushions are friendly, self-adjusting protein leather, and lightweight.

Pros & Cons

8. HECATE by Edifier G2 II

This headphone comes in two colors black and pink. It is for both adults and kids and comes at an affordable price. You can use this headphone as a Cat Ear headphone while having the cat ear and microphone on or you can even use this as a simple headphone by detaching the detachable Cat Ear whenever needed. This also comes with LED RGB light making your online streaming more interesting and fun. This over-ear headphone can be connected to other phones and laptops via USB wire.


  • It is a virtual 7.1 surround sound system and keeps large 50mm drivers.
  • It has a retractable and fixable mic.
  • The mic present is noise canceling and delivers premium sound clarity.
  • The cat ear has LED RGB effects and can be compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, PS, or laptop via USB connection.
  • It is ultra-lightweight and the ear cups are made up of soft breathable leatherette.

Pros & Cons

9. Olyre Wired Kids Headphones

Olyre Wired

This is another kid (over 4 years) headphone with LED light and cat ears which is budget friendly that you could get for your kid’s birthday. It supports 85 decibels to the max for volume control and to protect your kid’s hearing. The headphone is on the ear and comes in 4 different colors.


  • The volume is a max of 85 decibels and the ear cups are designed for comfort.
  • It has vibrant LED cat ears which shine with the rhythm of the music.
  • Call and music control is possible with an inline microphone.
  • It has a six-month warranty.
  • It has a 3.5 mm Jack plug.

Pros & Cons

10. Brookstone Wired Purple Cat Ear Headphones

This is a headphone especially for gamers to make the switch from music to come. This headphone can be used for long hours due to its cushioned over-ear unique shape which makes the headphone comfortable for a longer time. It is a brilliant party-rocking sound system and everyone can enjoy the strong music which comes through it. Online streaming becomes a lot more fun with the detachable boom mic.


  • It has external cat ear speakers for sharing music.
  • It consists of inline volume control forward and backward buttons.
  • It has over-the-ear cushioning for noise reduction.
  • It has independently controlled LED accent lights.
  • The USB is rechargeable and for five hours of use.
  • It has a detachable boom mic for gaming.
  • The headphone audio is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency along with 40mm drivers.
  • The speaker audio is from 200 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response.

Pros & Cons

11. YOWU RGB Cat Ear Headphone 3G Wireless 5.0

This headphone can be used by both adults and kids and has 3G wireless 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity. This is a multi-feature headphone that can be perfect for your daily use also at a reasonable price. It is all the features like channel surround sounding, app control, and RGB lighting that you could want in a headphone. It comes in four different colors.


  • It is a virtual 7.1 multi-channel surround sound system.
  • It has an app control called the YOWU Kitty headset app which lets you customize millions of light colors.
  • It is wireless 5.0 and supports aptX low latency to provide a fast and stable connection within 10 meters.
  • It connects to 2 in 1 Type C audio or charging cable.
  • It takes 1.6 hours of fast charging for 48 hours of playtime without light and 5 to 20 hours of playtime with lighting.
  • It has physical noise reduction and voice change functions.

Pros & Cons

12. Riwbox CT-7S

Yet another fantastic headphone with LED lighting for kids along with 85-decibel volume limiting and has over-ear ear placement. This wireless Bluetooth headphone comes in 2 colors: purple and green. It has a very cute look with the cat drawn on the headphone. LED lights and meet red blue and green colors with the rhythm of the music. You can also switch on and off the LED light as required.


  • It is a foldable Bluetooth headphone with a lighting theme.
  • It is 5.0 Bluetooth and powerful 40M speakers.
  • You can turn the LED light on and off by pressing the M button for 3 seconds to turn it on or turn the LED off.
  • Used in both wired and wireless modes.
  • It has an inbuilt microphone which comes with a D1 braided audio cable to make the phone calls into your voice.

Pros & Cons

13. SOMiC GS510

This is another SOMiC headphone that has absolute lighting and is extremely fashionable with the cat and moon drawn on the ear cups. It comes in four colors and has a retractable mic. It has a thick band with a soft layer under it for comfortable wear.


  • It is a 2.4 GHz wireless connection and not a Bluetooth connection.
  • The lights don’t work in wired mode as the lights require power.
  • It supports a virtual 7.1 surround sound system in three professional modes.
  • It has a 50mm driver which enhances the sensitivity of the speaker.
  • The wireless system connects to PS5, PS4, PC, and laptop.
  • It is a 3.5 mm cable via connectivity and connects with a PS5 controller, PS4 controller, Xbox series X controller, Xbox One controller, and other mobile devices.
  • It has 8 RGB lighting effects and magnetic speaker tabs.

Pros & Cons

Things to look out for before buying a headphone with cat ears:

  • If the cat ear is detachable.
  • Whether a microphone is present.
  • If the cat ear has LED lighting.
  • If the LED lighting works on power.
  • The amount of battery the LED light consumes.
  •  If the headphone has fast charging.
  • Warranty from the manufacturer.


Does switching on the LED lights use up power fast?

Yes, it takes up a lot more charge than when the lights are kept off.

Are Cat Ears detachable?

Yes, for few of the headphones can be detached and used like normal headphones.

Can Cat Ear headphones connect via Bluetooth?

Yes, for a few of them they can connect via both Bluetooth and wire. Though few of them don’t support Bluetooth.

Can Cat Ear headphones be worn by adults?

Yes, many of the cat ear headphones are made exclusively for adults.

Are Cat Ear headphones safe for kids?

Yes, they are safe for kids and a few of them are made with non-toxic materials.

Final Words

Few of the headphones on the list are for kids and others are for adults. If you are more interested in buying these headphones for gaming and are on a budget you might go for the SOMIC headphones. The YOWU headphones are great too if you have a free budget with a higher limit. As for kids make sure to look for products made with toxic-free and tough unbreakable materials.

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