9 Best DJ Headphones in 2023

best dj headphones

DJs are professional music mixers and players who rock the stage and make everyone dance. But we have always seen them wearing heavy headphones which look extremely fashionable.

Not only DJs but literally anyone and everyone can use these big noise-canceling headphones to work on sounds and listen to music. But for aspiring DJs wanting to start their new career and looking for headphones, this list will provide you with the best Dj headphones options!

9 Best DJ Headphones in 2023:

1. Sennheiser Professional HD 25

This is a professional headphone that has two more versions to it- HD-25 lights and HD-25 plus. It is a wired headphone and comes in black color. It gives the listener an ultimate premium experience while listening to music and it’s considered to be an industry standard headphone by DJs.

This can also be found around various DJ booths all around the world. You can even use it in a loud environment as it works exceptionally well.

Getting the HD plus would give you a bit more features than the normal one. Even if it looks heavy it fits comfortably on your head and ears letting you wear it for longer hours.


  • It has high sensitivity due to its lightweight aluminum voice calls giving you premium listening.
  • It is capable of handling very high sound pressure levels.
  • Even with its heavy build, it is very lightweight and comfortable for control and use.
  • It is tough detachable and has a single-sided cable which makes moving your head with the rhythm of music much easier.
  • It is a rotatable capsule.
  • It has purpose-serving designs and they’re professionally monitoring headphones offering high attenuation of background noise.
  • These headphones can handle very high sound pressure smartphones exceptionally well in loud environments.

Pros & Cons

  • Very Good quality.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Replacement parts are available in case any of them gets destroyed.
  • There is the possibility of the ear pads getting hot while listening for longer periods


This is a headphone developed for professional artists across a variety of genres and has been put to test in many places and stages in this world. It has a special coating on itself and delivers intense sound effects to your ears giving you immense pleasure while listening to music.

It has high isolation parts attached to itself which give noise cancellation and makes zero compromises towards giving the highest standards of requirement.

You can adjust these headphones in any way you like as it has locks adjustable cuffs and angled stereo plugs to make it is easy to wear and use. If you are planning to buy high-end headphones you should go for this.


  • It has a 40mm driver diameter and 32-ohm impedance with 70 mW Max power.
  • It has a cable lock to make sure the cable is not pulled out when using it.
  • It has adjustable cups which change the positions of the speaker unit and gives the perfect headphone fit.
  • The presence of an angled stereo diminishes the risk of getting the plug pulled out from the mixer while you are indulging in beat mixing.
  • It has a stereo jack adapter of 6.3 mm with an adaptor.
  • It produces punchy and precise bass.
  • It has soft on your memory foam earpads.
  • The earpads are covered with PU leather produces high isolation and intense sound representation.
  • It has a responsible modular design.

Pros & Cons

  • It is perfect for live performances as it gives security from accidental unlocking.
  • They aren’t foldable.

3. Pioneer HDJ-X10

This is the over-ear DJ headphone of professional standard. This provides you with high resolution extremely prominent sound quality.

You can wear it for a long time without any issues or headaches. If you like to move around a lot you can do so with ease as these headphones take knocks and bumps efficiently and still stays as it is, on your head.

The ear pads are extremely comfortable for you to use for a longer period. It has been rigorously tested and has ensured that it can endure harsh and hard situations.


  • It has excellent portability with a flat case.
  • It has polyurethane leather earpads and a headband cushion.
  • It has an outside texture as an enhancing grip and the inside design reduces pressure on your head.
  • It can be used in severe conditions and can be used for heavy purposes.
  • It produces crisp and high-resolution sound.
  • It has a superior left and right channel separation and a bass reflex chamber, which are ideal for professional monitoring.

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely good level of noise cancellation.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Does not deliver low-mids.
  • It is costly.

4. Sony MDR7506

It is a professional headphone with a large diaphragm. It is placed over-ear and has wired connectivity technology.

It is of extremely high quality and lightweight in nature and has an unobstructed audio source. It has a PET diaphragm to provide excellent performance.

It provides comfort and reduces external noise interference. It is a closed-ear design with soft earpads. You can easily use this at crowded parties and it has high-quality noise isolations and is made for professional users like you.


  • It has new titanium magnets at 40 millimeters drivers to produce powerful and detailed sound.
  • It is a closed year designed to provide comfort to your years and an outstanding reduction of external noise.
  • You can easily use it for travel as it has a foldable feature.
  • It is 9.8 feet cord which is a good credit plug and it is not detachable.
  • A 1/4-inch adapter is included.
  • It has a large diaphragm.
  • It has a closed-ear design.

Pros & Cons

  • Supports camcorder.
  • It has foldable parts.
  • Affordable price.
  • It has a wired technology which makes it hard to move with.

5. Audio Technica ATH M70X

It is a closed-back, dynamic professional studio monitor with over-ear placement and wired connectivity technology. It is ideal for studio and professional views.

Excellent quality of sound and sound isolation thus provide you with the best environment wherever and whenever you are listening to music. You can also use it in a crowded place as it can suppress everything going on outside. You can use it even in the studio and outside the studio for long hours.


  • It is carefully crafted and gives an extremely accurate reproduction of music.
  • It has a 45-millimeter large-aperture driver.
  • It produces extreme low and high frequencies.
  • It is ideal for studio mixing and tracking, of the wage, DJ, steering, and post-production videos.
  • Circumaural design is present over the years for excellent sound isolation.
  • It is equipped with 90-degree swiveling earcups and has 3 detachable cables.
  • It gives a comfortable fit for hours.

Pros & Cons

  • It is extremely comfortable.
  • Pricey

6.  Shure SRH750DJ

These are professional-level DJ headphones with over-ear placement. It has wired connectivity technology. It provides performance, comfort, and durability and provides you with a great headphone experience for a reasonable price and you can optimize high-output digital mixers.

The comfortable and padded cups provide extreme comfort this leading to longer hours affair. It is one of the most trusted brands worldwide. It comes with a detachable cable.


  • It is high impedance and maximized power handling for DJ mixers.
  • It has enhanced frequency response dude so that it can deliver high output bass along with having extended heights.
  • Just close back and circumoral design which rests comfortably over here and reduces background noise.
  • It has an adjustable and collapsible headband with 90-degree swivel ear cups and has a one-year placement.
  • It is of high quality and withstands rigors.
  • It comes with a 3-meter detachable cable to provide plenty of lengths and easy storage.

Pros & Cons

  • Because replaceable cup pads are for safety purposes.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • It has plastic look and doesn’t feel durable when looked at.

7. Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5BT-N

It is a closed-back, Bluetooth-compatible DJ headphone. It comes in gold color and has an over-ear form factor. It is Bluetooth connectivity technology thus you do not need to worry about wires tangling and getting locked while you’re busy mixing your music.

If you are just starting your career this would be better for you while the professional should go for another present on the list. Qualcomm aptx low latency is used for higher and greater performance. The clear sound comfortable fit and wireless technology have made this headphone a bomb.


  • It comes in four colors metallic black, metallic red, gold, and gloss white.
  • It is Bluetooth connectivity technology with Qualcomm aptX low latency.
  • It gives 20 hours of playback time for three hours of charge.
  • it can be used even invite technology with one point 1.2m coiled wire.
  • Is supported by audio codec, AAC, and SBC.
  • It has balance tuning and brass reflex chambers.
  • It is a perfect fit thus giving you a comfortable wearing experience.
  • It has been rigorously tested to handle severe conditions and heavy use. It is clear the US military standard shock test.

Pros & Cons

  • It has an excellent clear sound production.
  • It has no case to store accessories.

8. Korg NCQ1 DJ Headphone

This is a smart noise-canceling DJ headphone with Bluetooth placed over the ear and has both Bluetooth and wired connectivity technology (USB plug). You have the freedom of movement as it comes in Bluetooth format.

You can also use this to listen for long hours as it comes with hearing protection and sound control. You can also swap your ear pads at any time. It has tap-off tabs present on earcups for easy use. It is a pastor feature that lets you connect to the environment when needed to stay aware of your situation outside your home.


  • It is unparalleled and active noise cancellation to provide a premium mixing environment for DJs.
  • It is hearing protection for long hours of use.
  • It gives you a flexible, comfortable, powerful, and great-sounding experience.
  • It has tap-on and tap-off tabs on the earcups.
  • It provides the highest comfort with its design and noise isolation.
  • It provides pristine sound and professional performance.
  • The ear cushions are made of Viscoelastic memory foam and provide optimal noise cancellation.

Pros & Cons

  • It has Active noise cancellation.
  • Easy to use.
  • Expensive.

9. Monoprice Multimedia Studio Reference

Monoprice Multimedia

It is a monitor headphone for DJs and is ideal for recording, mixing, mastering, and monitoring. It is multi-functional and you get it at a very cheap price (perfect for learning DJ skills).

It has a closed back-over ear placement and wired connectivity technology. It comes in black color and belongs to the brand stage. It has excellent quality and can be moved hassle-free. It might not be the best of the lot, but it is a good one.


  • It has 53mm drivers.
  • It gives 16 Hertz to 28 kHz frequency response without exaggeration or bumping.
  • It is ultra comfortable and eliminates fatigue over long recording sessions.
  • It delivers rich natural and distortion-free sound.

Pros & Cons

  • It is extremely cheap.
  • Lacks ANC.
  • Lacks built-in Voice Assistance.

Things to look for before buying DJ headphones:

  • It should have ANC.
  • If it is wired or has a wireless connection.
  • If it provides a passthrough feature.
  • The material with which the ear cushions are made.
  • If it is comfortable and safe to wear for long hours.
  • The frequencies it supports.
  • If it fits the head perfectly of the DJ.
  • Sound and bass quality.


What are the best DJ headphones for beginners?

You can go for the AIAIAI and Sennheiser headphones or the ones which are easy to connect and use.

Should I buy costly headphones as a beginner DJ?

I would suggest you go for the ones which are handy and has durability instead of going for the ones which cost a lot. This is because starting experience with the headphones will let you know the ideal headphone you’re looking for and the features you’re comfortable with.

Are Audio Technica headphones good DJ headphones?

Yes, it can be used by professionals as a DJ headphone. It has high standards when it comes to sound.


The price range and professional range of each headphone in this list vary a lot. Many headphones are below $150 on this list so can be afforded by students too. Choosing a wired or wireless connectivity headphone is the choice of DJ by their preference video.

Last but not least I would advise you to look for further features of these headphones before buying them by visiting into websites.