7 Best Earbuds for Cauliflower Ears

You got Cauliflower ears? Sucks. You think you won’t be able to groove to your favorite playlist anymore? Absolutely not! There are earbuds made especially for people with this condition. But there are too many choices on the market and each claims to be the best.

However, you should always consider factors such as weight and comfort when choosing the best earbuds for yourself. You need light earphones that do not exert a disproportionate amount of stress on your ears if you have cauliflower ears.

Best Earbuds for Cauliflower Ears

But where to begin? Worry not, we have put together a selection of the best earbuds for cauliflower ears on the market that will provide you with the utmost entertainment and comfort. Let’s examine these fantastic choices.

Best Earbuds for Cauliflower Ears

1. Aftershokz OpenComm

The Aftershokz OpenComm earbuds are among the best earbuds for cauliflower ears. Controlling audio is made easier with its robust Bluetooth connectivity and control buttons. Due to their resistance to water and sweat, they can survive sweaty activities and exercise. They are relatively comfortable to wear for lengthy periods and do not easily slide off the ears. It is highly durable and sturdy despite being made of a featherweight material.

They give you sharp hearing so you can hear everything around you. Additionally, you can eliminate outside noise while on a call thanks to its noise cancellation feature. They are pocket-friendly and of fantastic quality to attend to and make calls making them an excellent grab. These earbuds are a fantastic option for people with cauliflower ears due to their exceptional ergonomics and unique form.

🎧 Specs/ Features: 

Connectivity Type: Bluetooth/ Wireless

Bluetooth: 5.1

Frequency Response: 20 Hz -20 kHz

Battery: Lithium-ion 

Stream Time– 8 hours

Total Battery Life: 16 hours 

Wireless Range– 33 feet

IP Rating: IP55- Water and sweat resistant.

Material: Titanium frame with rubber-covered surface

Size: 6.69 X 5.31 X 2.56 inches

Weight: 33 grams

  • They have a comfortable construction and can be worn for extended durations without putting a strain on your ears.
  • They are made of lightweight but sturdy material, giving them a long-lasting lifespan.
  • They connect very quickly and provide you with a stable Bluetooth connection.
  • They are excellent for making calls and can be used when attending meetings online.
  • They have a very long battery life; within an hour, they charge entirely, and with 5 minutes of charging give you 2 hours of stream time.
  • Need better sound quality for streaming music.
  • They lack bass, so they are certainly not for bass lovers.

2. Beats Flex

Nothing on the market can compare to the outstanding features of the Beats Flex. Its name is only associated with good things. They are the best earbuds for cauliflower ears since they are incredibly cozy and fit into the ears without exerting any pressure. They are very portable and lightweight. You may neatly fold them and put them in your pocket to carry them about.

They charge rapidly and have decent battery life. Beats Flex is a fierce contender in the industry because of its incredible audio quality. They offer a very good noise-canceling function that helps to cancel out all the unwanted and significant portions of background noise. Other than that, there is no sound leaking, allowing for effective listening.

They may be worn around the neck without the worry of losing them because they are magnetic earphones. One of the finest benefits of Beats Flex is that you can effortlessly link your Beats Flex earbuds to other Beats Flex earbuds to share what you are listening to.

🎧 Specs/ Features: 

Connectivity Type: Bluetooth/ Wireless

Bluetooth: 5.0

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion

Stream Time: 12 hours

Total Battery Life: 12 hours 

Wireless Range– 300 feet

Drivers: Proprietary layered drivers

Material: Plastic

Size: 0.6 x 34 x 4.2 inches

Weight: 18.6 grams

  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable in design.
  • Have a good battery life and fast charging; 10 minutes charge can run up to 1.5 hours, and it gets fully charged in 90 minutes.
  • They are magnetic earbuds.
  • You can connect with other Beats Flex earbuds and share your music wirelessly.
  • No sound leakage and a practical noise-cancellation feature add to its charm
  • Quite a good deal for gamers as they have good audio and can be worn for long durations.
  • Can be easily folded to carry them in your pocket.
  • They have no IP Rating and are not waterproof or sweatproof.
  • They cannot be worn during heavy exercise.
  • They get uncomfortable when worn for long durations.
  • They do not have what it takes to be considered earbuds for a true audiophile.

3. Tozo T10

The TOZO T10 earbuds are the most ergonomic on the market. They are the toughest and best earbuds currently on the market. It has a stylish and comfortable design that allows for prolonged wear while exercising. They are ideal for a workout regimen because they are water and perspiration resistant. They charge quickly and have substantial battery life.

The charging case can run for up to many hours with one charge. It boasts a structure that securely accommodates various ear contours and won’t simply slide from the ears. They are exceptionally steady in Bluetooth connectivity, don’t stop, and have crystal-clear sound.

They are an excellent alternative if you are seeking a low-cost set of earbuds. Being one perfect pair that provides much-needed comfort and superior sound quality makes the Tozo T10 an excellent choice for people with cauliflower ears. 

🎧 Specs/ Features: 

Connectivity Type: Bluetooth/ Wireless

Bluetooth: 5.3

Frequency Response: 16 Hz – 20 kHz

Battery: Lithium-ion

Stream Time: hours

Battery Life: 10 hours

Wireless Range: 20 – 40 feet

IP Rating: IPX8- water and sweatproof

Material: Plastic

Size: 1.04 x 0.99 x 0.66 inch

Weight: 5 grams

  • It is lightweight and convenient to use.
  • It is suitable for various types of fitness activities because it is sweat- and water-resistant.
  • It does not readily fall off the ear.
  • The charge does not last too long.
  • The absence of earbuds with music controls.
  • Possesses a poor microphone performance.

4. JLab Go Air Pop True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

If you have cauliflower ears, JLab Go Air Pop True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, one of the best earbuds, will be your best buddy. They are lightweight so as not to put too much tension on your ears. They can charge quickly and have excellent battery life. They may be worn when exercising because they are sweat- and water-resistant.

They are a boon for all bass fans because of their high audio quality and bass. The control buttons are placed on the earbuds to simplify music streaming and facilitate quick navigation. They are a perfect pair of earbuds for athletes with cauliflower ears as they are comfortable and water and sweatproof.

🎧 Specs/ Features: 

Connectivity Type: Bluetooth/ Wireless

Bluetooth: 5.1

Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Battery: Lithium Polymer

Stream Time: 8 hours

Total Battery Life: 32 hours 

Wireless Range– 33 feet

IP Rating: IPX4- Water and sweat resistant.

Material: Hard Plastic

Size: 2.42 x 0.98 x 1.6 inches

Weight: 28.5 grams

  • They are featherlight and don’t put a strain on the ears.
  • They can be conveniently worn during exercise.
  • They are affordable and deliver excellent sound quality.
  • Fast charging and easily accessible control buttons make them an ideal option.
  • They deliver an extremely rich bass.
  • They are a little prone to accidental touches.  
  • They are a little uncomfortable to wear for extended periods.
  • They do not have a quality microphone.

5. Bose SoundSport Wireless

Any strenuous sport or fitness program won’t damage the Bose SoundSport Wireless. They will always serve splendidly, whether you are streaming music or working out at the gym and blazing pounds. Considered to be among the best earbuds, they are potent earbuds with a highly durable, modern look. Due to the design, they will fit nicely in your ear and won’t fall out.

Their lightweight and unique shape provides people with cauliflower ears great comfort when streaming music. They have strong connectivity when it involves communicating with connected devices. If you want earbuds with a long-lasting battery and rapid charging, these will be the best option. 

🎧 Specs/ Features: 

Connectivity Type: Bluetooth/ Wireless

Bluetooth: 4.0

Frequency Response: 20 Hz -20 kHz

Battery: Lithium metal

Stream Time: 6 hours

Total Battery Life: 6 hours 

Wireless Range- 32 feet

IP Rating: IPX4- Sweat-resistant.

Material: Plastic

Size: 0.98 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches

Weight: 22.67 grams 

  • They are incredibly comfortable to wear for extended periods and do not slip off while exercising. 
  • They are waterproof and sweatproof.
  • With low sound leakage and excellent treble, they will deliver the best audio quality.
  • They provide a stable connection with the Bluetooth device connected.
  • It has a good-quality microphone and is among the best earbuds when it comes to clarity in making calls.
  • Control buttons are situated well on the earbuds themselves for easy navigation.
  • It lacks quality noise cancellation features.
  • Not meant for bass enthusiasts.
  • It might burn a hole in your wallet since it is extremely pricey for what it offers.

6. Sol Republic Amps Air 2.0

Sol Republic Amps Air 2.0

The Sol Republic Amps Air 2.0 earphones may best be described in one word as stunning. The Sol Republic Amps Air 2.0 earbuds are among the best earbuds for cauliflower ears and are stylish. Compared to their competitors, they offer a wireless range far higher at 49 feet.

Their earbuds are made of rather soft silicon, fitting like a glove without exerting too much pressure on the ears, which makes them an ideal fit for people with cauliflower ears. They are tiny and convenient to carry in your pockets. The Sol Republic Amps Air 2.0 are the earbuds for you if you’re looking for high-quality, reasonably priced options.

🎧 Specs/ Features: 

Connectivity Type: Bluetooth/ Wireless

Bluetooth: 5.0

Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Battery: Lithium-ion

Stream Time: 3 hours

Total Battery Life: 45 hours 

Wireless Range– 49 feet

IP Rating: IPX4- Splash resistant.

Material: Plastic build with silicone ear tips

Size: 6.88 x 2 x 6.75inches

Weight: 122 grams

  • Is attractive looking and fits like a glove.
  • Has an amazing wireless range.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Has a mighty bass.
  • It is heavier as compared to its alternatives and might slip off.
  • The audio quality is subpar.
  • No control buttons on the earbuds.
  • Pairing is difficult and does not provide a stable Bluetooth connection.
  • Lacks good battery life.

7. Beats Studio Buds 

The Beats Studio Buds are another fantastic product that Beats has for you, and they do not fall short in the least. They are among the best earbuds available for cauliflower ears. Beats Studio Buds are one of the best-known earbuds models on the market for being both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. They provide the highest sound quality while without placing an excessive degree of stress on the ears.

They are portable and have a long battery life. With quick charging, you may receive an hour of uninterrupted streaming time from just 5 minutes of charging your earbuds. Given their feather lightness and ability to gently embrace the contours of your ears without inflicting more harm, they are the perfect earbuds if you have cauliflower.

🎧 Specs/ Features: 

Connectivity Type: Bluetooth/ Wireless

Bluetooth: 5.2

Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Battery: Lithium-ion

Stream Time: 8 hours

Total Battery Life: 24 hours 

Wireless Range– 42 feet

IP Rating: IPX4- Water and sweat resistant.

Material: Plastic build with silicone ear tips

Size: 7.2 X 5.1 X 2.55 inches

Weight: 58 grams

  • They are lightweight and comfortable to wear for long durations.
  • Can be worn during exercising as they are waterproof and sweatproof.
  • They are easy to carry as they have a very compact case that can fit into your pocket.
  • The visually appealing and snug design makes them one of the finest options available.
  • They have fast charging and good battery life.
  • They lack an active noise cancellation feature.
  • For easy navigation, the control buttons are not present on the earbuds.
  • Need a better-quality microphone.

Comparison Table

Name of EarbudsWeightIP Rating
Aftershokz OpenComm33 gramsIP55
Beats Flex18.6 gramsNo IP Rating given
Tozo T105 gramsIPX8
JLab Go Air Pop True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds3.9 gramsIPX4
Bose SoundSport Wireless 22.67 gramsIPX4
Sol Republic Amps Air 2.0122 gramsIPX4
Beats Studio Buds10 gramsIPX4

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one gets Cauliflower ears?

Cauliflower ear is an incurable ailment that develops when your ear is injured by a potent external force that causes blood to clot.

Are headphones responsible for cauliflower ears?

No, there has been no proof to suggest that wearing headphones can cause cauliflower ears; you can even have your headphones customized if you have cauliflower ears.

Which is a better option, headphones or earbuds, for cauliflower ears?

Wearing earbuds is a better option than headphones. Headphones may not be the reason behind cauliflower ears, but they can damage them further if they are heavy or cause unnecessary pressure to the ear.

Is it necessary for the earbuds to be water and sweat- resistant?

It is only required if you are an athlete or need to wear your earbuds during exercising. If you want to stream music or attend a meeting, then you do not require your earbuds to be water and sweatproof.

What are the essential variables to consider when purchasing earbuds?

The most crucial factor to consider is the comfort and weight of the earbuds. They should feel comfortable, light in weight, and should not put pressure on your ears.


The earbuds mentioned above are among the best earbuds that you may purchase if you are suffering from cauliflower ears. They are the most comfortable earbuds on the market and won’t weigh down or strain your ears, either. When buying earbuds for cauliflower ears, the design and weight are the most crucial factors to take into account.

It is also essential for the earbuds to be light in weight and to fit snugly on the curves of the ears to avoid putting undue stress on the ears and causing further damage. In addition, it’s crucial to consider whether the earbuds are sweat- and water-resistant as athletes, particularly boxers, are usually affected by cauliflower ears and may need such earphones.

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