9 Best Earbuds for Sleeping Peacefully in 2023

Urban city life is quite busy and noisy, and the city never sleeps. While other may want to sleep when they’re dead, sleeping while you’re alive is actually recommended by 10/10 experts. So, to tackle these issues of noisy environments, you need the best earbuds for sleeping peacefully.

Best Earbuds for Sleeping Peacefully 

Yes, we know that it may be difficult for you to find the best earbuds for sleeping peacefully all by yourself. This article talks about why you need the best earbuds for sleeping peacefully, and what are the best earbuds for sleeping peacefully. Increase your quality of sleep every night with this investment and let us get started.

Why do I need the best earbuds for sleeping peacefully?

We are all aware of the positive effects that getting a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling rested may have on our health, yet sleep can occasionally be difficult to come by. Wearing one of our top sleep headphones can frequently help to cure any sleep pattern issues. Most of us would like to have a better night’s sleep.


All ANC-equipped models have undergone rigorous testing of their noise cancelling abilities, so you can be confident they will actively block out sounds around you, allowing you to shut out the outside world and unwind in a serene environment before bed.

As an alternative, if your objective is to listen to good music to help you fall off to sleep, the products we recommend are perfect for you! All of the wireless devices we tested and rated on this list offer exceptional comfort and come with our recommendations for their superior sound quality.

Factors to look for

There are a certain number of factors that the best earbuds for sleeping peacefully need to possess. A good combination of all these factors is exactly what makes the best earbuds for sleeping peacefully. Let us get into what these factors are.


Comfort is the most important factor when it comes to sleeping with your earbuds in.

The fact that they will most likely be in your ears for eight hours or longer each night makes even minor irritation or pain into a much bigger problem over time. A bad night’s sleep isn’t precisely guaranteed when you wake up in pain.

The size, shape, and materials of the earbuds greatly affect the comfort factor if you sleep on your front or side (i.e., with your ear pressed into the pillow). Finding and maintaining a comfortable sleeping position is difficult or impossible when hard plastic is pressing into your ear canal.

Although switching to a softer or different type of pillow will greatly improve the situation (I’ll go into more detail about this at the conclusion of the article), some earbud models won’t be comfortable to lie on regardless of how soft your pillow is.

Some people’s only option is to use a headband-style model made of soft, fleecy material with narrow, flat speakers within in order to completely avoid the problem. These are typically far more comfortable to wear, but they only really work in moderately quiet settings because they block out so little noise.

Noise Cancellation

The major reason why most people purchase a pair of sleep earbuds is that they have trouble falling asleep. Anything that makes it easier for you to shut off the outside world and sink into a peaceful slumber, whether it’s due to a snoring partner, road noise, or anything else, is quite pleasant.

Noise-canceling earbuds are the best option if you want to minimize outside noise as much as possible. With this sort of bud, there is always a trade-off between size, functionality, and battery life, but in my experience, they are the best solution for getting me to sleep in noisy surroundings.

Noise isolation comes next. This kind of earbud works more like conventional earplugs, blocking noise by creating a physical barrier between your ear canal and the outside environment. They tend to be less expensive and (sometimes) more comfortable but are less effective than those with real noise cancellation.

To know more about the difference between noise cancelling and noise isolating, click on the link: Noise Canceling vs Noise Isolating Headphones– What’s the Difference?

Anything that rests on your ears as opposed to inside them comes last. This comprises flat headphones, sleep headbands with speakers, and other related devices. These are the least expensive option, but they offer the least sound isolation and have a tendency to bounce around a lot on your ear, making them unsuitable for noisy places and a lot less convenient for sleeping.

Type of Connection

You essentially have three alternatives for connecting sleep earbuds to your phone and other devices: Bluetooth, physical wires, and nothing at all. Depending on your circumstances and what you choose to listen to (if anything) while drifting off to sleep, each offers advantages and disadvantages.

Bluetooth is probably something you’re already familiar with from the equipment you own. Although it offers widespread connectivity with other devices and supports wireless connections, the negative is that the battery life is decreased. This could mean that the battery in most sleep earphones runs out before the night is over given how little it is.

Some earbuds adopt a hybrid strategy, employing Bluetooth to download a variety of background noises from your phone or other sources to internal storage while excluding the ability to stream music, podcasts, etc. The battery life is preserved, although this is less versatile than a complete Bluetooth connection.

The benefit of using wired solutions is that they are often less expensive and do not require batteries. The negative is that you can wake up with the cord wrapped around your neck, and over time, all of the pullings on the wire tend to cause loose connections.

Additionally, some models lack any connectivity and are merely intended to drown out background noise. With the apparent drawback of being unable to listen to music, podcasts, sleep noises, or anything else, this often results in significantly longer battery life.

9 Best Earbuds for Sleeping Peacefully in 2023

Now that you know the main factors that result in making the best earbuds for sleeping peacefully in 2023, let us give you our top picks. These are a combination of a number of different factors and price points, so that you can find ones that fulfill your requirements, and are the best earbuds for sleeping peacefully for YOU.

Goojodoq Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Quick-charging wireless earplugs from Goojodoq have an 18-hour battery life. The soft and comfy shape fits properly and protects your listening in a busy setting, and the noise-isolating technology easily shuts out unpleasant sounds. Their flexible silicone construction keeps them from falling out, and their ergonomic double-layer design helps them fit the ear canals precisely.

The headphones have outstanding acoustic components, incredible sound quality, and a dynamic listening experience. They use the most recent Bluetooth 4.2 technology. They are cosy enough to wear all day.

🎧 Specs/Features

Bluetooth Version: V5.0

Battery Capacity: 230mA

Quick charging: 1~2 hours

Stand time: ≥500 hours

Talk time: ≥15 hours

Music time: ≥15 hours

Working Distance:≤33ft/10m

Frequency Response:20Hz ~ 23KHz

Frequency: 2.4GHZ

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones ###

Cozyphones are headbands with flat, padded speakers built inside. They fit just like a regular headband and are comfortable to wear even while lying on your side. They have two linings: a fleece material on the outside and a cool mesh on the inside. They were soft and comfy by design.

They have a 3.5mm connector, which is compatible with the majority of smartphones with headphone jacks. However, it is best to confirm with your phone’s manufacturer because some latter models do not have this jack connector.

The connecting connection is strong, braided, and fifty-four inches long, which is more than enough for placing your device next to it. The flat speakers are also detachable so that you may wash the headband.

🎧 Specs/Features

Material: Aluminum, Silicone, Plastic

Product Dimensions: 5 x 3.5 x 1 inches

Item Weight: 1.80 ounces

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Fit Type: Over-Ear

Stereo Plug: 3.5mm

Bose Sleepbuds II

These earbuds are perfect for you if you like to listen to white noise while going off to sleep. If you sleep with one ear on the pillow, the Sleepbuds II may not always be as comfy to lie on as other objects that reside in your ear canal. This isn’t a concern for everyone, and won’t be an issue if you sleep on your back.

There is a reasonable amount of noise isolation as long as you have the proper fit (there are three different sizes of tips in the box to aid with that; we would have liked to see more). The noise isolation is also quite good.

In theory, the Sleepbuds’ more than 50 distinct sounds have been designed to promote deeper slumber. The only time the earphones will be connected to your phone is when you use the accompanying software to load the various tunes onto your earbuds over Bluetooth and to modify settings like alarms. Battery life is sufficient to last through the night at roughly 10 hours.

🎧 Specs/Features

Material: Aluminum, Silicone, Plastic

Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 1.1 x 0.98 inches

Item Weight: 3.17 ounces

Recommended Uses For Product: Noise Protection

Kurdene Wireless Earbud

These Bluetooth earbuds from Kurdene with TWS technology offer robust connections and long-distance signal transmission. When you take out one or both of the earbuds after activating the Bluetooth feature, the earbuds quickly pair with the device and connect immediately. It boasts good sound quality and the most recent moving-coil horn loudspeaker with a larger dynamic driver.

These earphones also feature strong bass, surround studio, a lengthy charging time, and replaceable earbud caps. The touch control centers make it easier to answer calls and also stop or play music. These wireless earbuds have an ergonomic design and are waterproof.

🎧 Specs/Features

Material: Aluminum, Silicone, Plastic

Product Dimensions: 2.36 x 1.77 x 1.5 inches

Item Weight: 1.59 ounces

Connectivity Technology: Wireless

Fit Type: In-Ear

Waterproof: IPX8

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.2

Bose SoundSport Free

Three sizes of tips, a micro USB charging cord, earbuds, and a charging case are all included in the price. From the rubberized sides of the earphones to the hard-plastic charging case with a magnetic cradle, these earbuds have the appearance and feel of high-end items. The IPX4 rating for water and perspiration resistance applies to the Soundsport Free earbuds.

The SoundSport Free earphones charge in roughly two hours and offer a total of five hours of gameplay when fully charged. Ten more hours are stored in the case, and fifteen minutes in the charging case will provide you with an hour of enjoyment. They are also quite comfortable.

🎧 Specs/Features

Material: Aluminum, Silicone, Plastic

Product Dimensions: 1.2 x 1 x 1.25 inches

Item Weight: 0.317 ounces

Connectivity Technology: Wireless

Fit Type: In-Ear

Battery: Up to 5 hours

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.2

Soundcore Sleep A10

The A10 are noise-isolating earbuds, which means they do not have active noise cancellation built in but nonetheless block out sound in a similar manner as earplugs. When it comes to blocking out loud noises, this product performs well, at least if you use the proper size tips for your ears.

The A10s do excel, though, in terms of comfort. They are some of the tiniest earbuds I’ve ever seen and easily fit inside my average-sized ears. In practice, they’re the only ones where I’ve been able to sleep with my ear pressed against the pillow entire night, making them more comfortable for side sleepers like me.

🎧 Specs/Features

Material: Aluminum, Silicone, Plastic

Product Dimensions: 2.69 x 2.69 x 1.04 inches

Item Weight: 2.08 Ounces

Connectivity Technology: Wireless

Fit Type: In-Ear

Battery: 10 hours in Sleep mode

Panasonic RP-HS46

It’s difficult to beat the Panasonic RP-HS46 if you’re on a very tight budget and are merely searching for a pair of inexpensive headphones to listen to music while you go to sleep. They lack superior audio quality, additional features, or a memorable name, but they do have two important qualities: flat speakers, and a very low cost.

The speakers are at least partly suitable for side sleepers because of their sleek form. They are more comfortable than most earbuds or (particularly) headphones, however you may still feel them pressing against your ear while you sleep. The headphones have a four-foot headphone wire and a clip to keep them in place on each ear.

However, neither coming in nor leaving out, you shouldn’t anticipate much in the way of sound insulation due to the architecture. These headphones function best in a moderately calm setting, so if you share a bed with a partner, you might need to keep the volume down significantly to prevent waking them up.

🎧 Specs/Features

Material: Aluminum, Silicone, Plastic

Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.86 x 0.59 inches

Item Weight: 0.56 ounces

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Fit Type: On-Ear

Maxrock Sleep Earplugs

Maxrock makes lightweight noise-cancelling headphones that are cosy to use while you sleep. Most ear canals can accommodate these earplugs thanks to their ergonomic form, and the soft, flexible silicone offers a longer-lasting fit. They let you to listen in a noisy setting by successfully blocking background noise.

Through music and sleep programs, the earplugs enhance the quality of sleep. They don’t fall because of its double-layer construction, which also has exceptional treble performance for a clear sound. It’s simple to change the music and answer a call.

🎧 Specs/Features

Material: Aluminum, Silicone, Plastic

Product Dimensions: 2.3 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches

Item Weight: 0.80 ounces

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Fit Type: In-Ear

Special Features: Sleep earbuds, Noise Cancellation

Amazfit Zenbuds Smart Sleep Earbuds

The Amazfit Zenbuds are comfortable and light, and they are not audible while you are sleeping. Every night they check your heart rate, sleeping postures, and sleep quality using an integrated monitor. The earbuds effectively block out background noise while soothing your mind with soothing natural sounds.

They will be effortlessly operated as you sleep and fit precisely around the ear ridge. They have a long battery life and can operate for up to 12 hours. A Pomodoro timer helps you increase your productivity while the customized in-ear alarm keeps others around you at ease.

🎧 Specs/Features

Material: Aluminum, Silicone, Plastic

Product Dimensions: 1 x 0.82 x 0.84 inches

Item Weight: 0.06 ounces

Connectivity Technology: Wireless

Fit Type: In-Ear

Special Features: Noise Cancellation, Lightweight, Noise Isolation, Microphone Feature

Connectivity technologies: Bluetooth


Is It Safe To Sleep With Earplugs?

Use earplugs according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Wax buildup from excessive earplug use may result in ear infections. They also cover out critical sounds, like an alarm, which is another drawback.

How to stop earbuds from hurting your ears?

This may seem unconventional, but one of the best and only ways to stop earbuds from hurting your ears when you sleep is by sleeping on a pillow with a hole. Many manufacturers make these pillows that have a hole in the middle, where your ear would go. This way, the earbud will not be uncomfortably pushed against your ears.

Is it ok to use earbuds to bed?

It’s acceptable to sleep with earbuds that are specifically made to enhance sleep quality. To avoid missing emergency calls and avoiding hearing impairment, you should keep the volume down. Additionally, it is advised against using headphones right after a shower because they could trap moisture in the ear canals and result in bacterial infections.

Summing Up

Wearing earbuds to bed can have multiple benefits, if you live in a noisy neighborhood, are insomniac or any other reason you may have. The best earbuds for sleeping peacefully can improve your sleep cycle and leave you feeling a lot more refreshed in the morning. It is definitely recommended by a number of people.

However, there are many factors you need to keep in mind before you choose your best earbuds for sleeping peacefully. To make sure you do sleep peacefully, they need to be comfortable, have a good battery life, good sound quality, and many more qualities. Hopefully, you have found the best earbuds for sleeping peacefully for yourself in this guide!

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