7 Best Headphones & Earbuds for Basketball

The other day, I was invited to play basketball by a few friends. Since I usually work out while listening to music, I figured I would carry my earphones with me that day as well. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a horrible idea as all the movements and chaos caused my earphones to continuously fall out.

7 best headphones and earbuds for basketball

Not only this, but the wires kept getting tangled in my arms. All in all, I realized that the earphones I was wearing were not fit for basketball. So, I looked up the best headphones & earbuds for basketball, and here’s what I found.

Why should you listen to music while playing Basketball?

Listening to music while doing any physical activity, including playing basketball, can have many benefits in making your session great. Some of these are mentioned below.

Studies have found that listening to music while playing basketball can increase the intensity of your game by 15%. This will help you have a higher adrenaline level, and work harder while playing. In the end, you will burn significantly more calories than in a normal workout session.


Additionally, the level of dopamine secreted by your brain after working out while listening to music is also considerably increased. This means that you will be much happier after your workout, and feel a lot more fulfilled.

Further, you can use your headphones for voice-activated workout applications as well. These apps will dictate your workout so you do not have to stress about your routine from before.

You can also be sure to have a greater mind-muscle connection if you listen to music. This will help you get the absolute most out of your workout so that you make the best use of your time.

Factors to consider when buying Headphones or Earbuds for Basketball

While shopping specifically for earbuds or headphones for basketball, there are a few factors that need to be given more weightage as compared to the basic ones, so you choose the best headphones or earphones for your money.


The very first thing to consider while buying headphones or earbuds for basketball is the stability factor. Basketball is a very taxing physical activity, with constant running and jumping, and tackling. You need your headphones or earbuds to stay in during this time, rather than continuously falling off.

So, it is important to make sure that the band of your headphones is tight enough to stay on your head through all that movement, but not tight enough to cause you any discomfort. Similarly, your earbuds should fit perfectly in your ear, and be stable enough to not fall out. The latter can usually be achieved by using earbud wings.


Imagine this- you’re playing a game of basketball, and the ball lands on your head and hits you. In the process, your headphones fall off and break due to the impact. What’s the fun in that?

Basketballs are unpredictable, and they made hit your headphones or earbuds from time to time. That is just a part of the sport. So, make sure that your headphones or earbuds are durable, and made out of strong material. Avoid going for headphones whose headbands are predominantly plastic because they are prone to breakage very easily.

Wired or wireless

Both headphones and earbuds come in both forms, wired and wireless. This is a very important consideration because wired headphones can cause a ton of problems for you. The wires can get tangled, or your phone can just fall out of your pocket while playing. Having to keep a phone around you is a huge task when playing basketball.

However, if you are buying wireless headphones or earbuds, make sure that the Bluetooth range is good, so you do not have to still keep your phone around you. A good thing to consider would be that the device is fitted with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Best Headphones & Earbuds for Basketball

Now the part you have been waiting for. Here’s our list of the Best 7 Headphones and Earbuds for basketball.

1. Apple AirPods

Chances are, you have heard of Apple AirPods even if you are not a technology geek. These are extremely popular as workout headphones and for good reason. They are extremely stable and will not fall out at all. Additionally, they are moisture-proof, so the sweat after a good game will not cause them to malfunction.

The sound quality is great, as the earbuds are great at delivering clear and neutral tones. The silicone tips come in a range of different sizes, and you can pick the ones that fit the best for you. They are stylish and easily portable, so they won’t take up a lot of space in your basketball bag.


  • Compact and lightweight design makes them comfortable for long periods of wear.
  • Easy to pair with Apple devices and have a stable connection.
  • Feature noise-cancellation and transparency modes for versatility in different environments.


  • Lack of ear hooks or wings can cause them to fall out during intense physical activity.
  • Limited control options as they rely mostly on Siri commands or tapping the earbuds.
  • May not fit all ear shapes and sizes, which can affect sound quality and comfort.

2. Beats Studio3

Made by the legend LeBron James himself, as a basketball player, these headphones should be at the top of your bucket list.

These wireless headphones come with pretty good Bluetooth technology. The sound quality is actually pretty impressive, equipped with a real-time audio calibration feature, for full HD sound quality. Further, the noise cancellation makes the sound quality even better.

These headphones have a great battery life, and sleek design, so you do not go out of style even when you are working out and having fun.


  • Active noise-cancellation technology reduces external distractions for a more immersive audio experience.
  • Long battery life of up to 22 hours.
  • Comfortable over-ear design with cushioned ear cups for extended wear.


  • Bulky design can make them less portable for on-the-go use.
  • Expensive compared to other options on the market.
  • Bass-heavy sound signature may not appeal to all users.

3. Powerbeats Pro

These are the second Beats device on this list, so you know they are going to be really good. These earbuds are extremely fashionable, and made out of high-grade material, ensuring long-lasting durability. They are also completely water and moisture-proof, which adds more to their durability, with the added benefit of no chance of rashes due to accumulated sweat.

These earbuds come with built-in ear hooks so that they do not fall off no matter how vigorously you move around. The Bluetooth technology is great, and they are compatible with any device you can think of. The sound quality is great as well, and you should definitely consider buying these if you are thinking of buying earbuds for basketball.


  • Ear hooks provide a secure and stable fit during physical activity.
  • Water-resistant design can withstand sweat and light rain.
  • Long battery life of up to 9 hours with an additional 24 hours with the charging case.


  • Bulky charging case can be inconvenient to carry around.
  • No noise-cancellation feature available.
  • Some users may find the bass-heavy sound signature overwhelming.

4. JBL Live 650 BT NC

These headphones deliver great in the comfort department, owing to their large earcups that are fitted with extra padding. The noise-cancellation technology makes these headphones a staple among famous basketball players such as Jayson Tatum and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The sound on these headphones is stellar, with crispness and a good bass so that every beat hits hard when you are pumped up with adrenaline. It has a great battery life of 20 hours and is foldable to ensure portability. So put them in your bag and go play a great game of basketball!


  • Active noise-cancellation technology for an immersive audio experience.
  • Lightweight and comfortable design with cushioned ear cups.
  • Long battery life of up to 30 hours.


  • Bass-heavy sound signature may not be suitable for all users.
  • Some users may find the controls on the ear cups difficult to use.
  • The build quality may feel a bit cheap compared to other options.

5. JLab Epic Air Sport

These earbuds are already fitted with ear hooks to prevent any chance of them falling off your ears. This result in added comfort for you as well. The most impressive feature of these earbuds, however, is the moisture-proof design. Not only that, but these earbuds are dirt-proof as well, and are going to last you a very long time no matter what kind of conditions you use them in to play basketball.

The Bluetooth connectivity and range are great, and you will not have to carry your phone around with you to make sure the Bluetooth works. These are, of course, fitted with noise-cancellation technology, to make them more attractive, and the sound quality, in itself, is something to commend.


  • Ear hooks provide a secure and stable fit 
  • Water-resistant design can withstand sweat and rain.
  • Long battery life of up to 10 hours with an additional 60 hours with the charging case.


  • The heavy charging case can be inconvenient to carry around.
  • Lack of noise-cancellation technology may not be suitable for noisy environments.
  • Sound quality may not be as clear as other options on the market.

6. Adidas Sport RPT-01

These wireless headphones come with knitted ear cup covers, to give you a cushiony, comfortable feel while playing, perfect for a bit of chilly weather. But do not worry, you can remove them if the weather is on the warmer side.

These headphones are extremely durable and are sure to last you years and years of endless basketball games. The best part is, these are completely sweatproof and waterproof, which adds to their durability and, of course, makes them perfect for working out. The sound quality of these headphones is great and you will notice a stronger tilt toward the bass while playing.


  • Durable and sweat-resistant design for intense physical activity.
  • Long battery life of up to 40 hours.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for extended wear.


  • Lack of noise-cancellation technology may not be suitable for noisy environments.
  • Some users may find the sound quality to be mediocre.
  • The on-ear controls may be difficult to use for some users.

7. Master & Dynamic MW65

These headphones are definitely as premium as it gets, made with expensive, high-quality materials, to ensure durability and comfort to the maximum. This also makes the headphones look extremely stylish, and expensive due to the leather covering on the headband.

These headphones have great sound quality and are also equipped with noise cancellation to make the quality even better. The battery life is amazing, guaranteeing a full 21 hours of use with a full charge. It also has a fast charging option just in case you are running late and need a quick charge to last you a while.


  • Premium design with high-quality materials for a luxurious feel.
  • Active noise-cancellation technology for an immersive audio experience.
  • Long battery life of up to 24 hours.


  • Expensive compared to other options on the market.
  • The over-ear design may be less portable than other options.
  • The sound signature may not be as bass-heavy as some users prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the official sponsor of the NBA currently?

The current sponsor of the NBA is Beats by Dre. These are, of course, great headphones and are used by many many professional basketball players. We have reviewed these headphones above, and they are an integral part of this list. if you want to show off your official NBA headphones and be in style, you should go for these for sure!

Is it better to play basketball with headphones or earbuds?

Whether you want to play with headphones or earbuds is honestly a question of personal choice. You should look into the features of both and make a decision.
Usually, headphones have a better sound quality and a better battery life. On the other hand, earbuds are usually more comfortable and portable. You should decide what factors you want to prioritize over others and make the best decision for yourself.

Are wired or wireless headphones or earbuds better for basketball?

Wireless. With wired headphones or earbuds, you will always have the added hassle of having carry your phone so you can connect it to the devices. Additionally, wires will continuously keep getting in the way of your sport and you will not be able to have a lot of fun if you are compelled to focus on wires instead.

Bottom Line

You should definitely wear headphones or earbuds and listen to music while playing basketball, it is great for you. But, before buying these headphones or earbuds, there’s a range of factors that you need to consider, to make the best choice for yourself. These include durability, stability, price, sound quality, comfort, and so on. You should also definitely consider the look of the headphones or earbuds you are going for, to make sure they supplement your personality.

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