11 Best Headphones for Digital Piano

I have seen many people struggle during piano practice, especially while living in a family. Fabulous headphones can let them enjoy their digital piano practice session without disturbing others. But finding the right one is undoubtedly a difficult task.

11 Best Headphones for Digital Piano 2022

That’s why we have narrowed down the 11 Best headphones for a digital piano. Let’s dive into the article and choose the best headphones for yourself.

Things to remember before buying Best Headphones for Digital Piano

The key features to note before the purchase of best headphones for digital piano are:

Closed back or open back –

The headphones you choose must be either closed back or open back to give the users a more realistic audio experience. The open-back headphone allows the air to pass through the ear cups, cause resonance, and build up the low frequency, giving natural and clear sound.

Whereas the closed-back headphone completely seals the ear pad area, allowing only the sound to reach the user’s ear without any noise interruption. The closed-back headphones do not give a natural sound experience like open-back but ensure zero noise interruption.

Sound quality

The sound delivered by the headphones must be rich and have strong bass. The headphone must reproduce very low and very high frequencies giving an outstanding listening experience to the users.

For good sound quality, the headphone should have at least a 40 mm driver in them. The 40 mm driver is considered the best choice for the headphones.


The price must be less than $40 because it is expected to spend at most $40 on headphones for a digital piano. But there are further options for purchasing headphones above the price range of $40, and these headphones can have a price of about $100 or even more than that.

These expensive and best headphones have more features than the basic ones and are much more costly.

Sound isolation

It is good to have a feature to ensure deep sound effects while using the headphone with a digital piano. Sound isolation refers to isolating the users’ ears from the surrounding or outside sound waves.

So those headphones are the best, which have very tight fitting over the ears with thick padding in the ear cushion area of the headphone used for sealing the ear and headphone together and not allowing the air or outside sound to come into the ears.


The best headphones for digital piano must be comfortable as the user uses them mostly for practicing purposes for very long durations. If the headphones are comfortable to use, the user will be able to immerse in the music.

Also, if the headphone is not comfortable over the ear, it may cause severe ear pain and fatigue to the user. The comfort of headphones is also essential for helping the user get the best audio experience.

The user will only be able to use it if it is not causing any discomfort and soreness in the ears.

List of Best Headphones:

Below mentioned are a few of the best headphones that can be used with digital piano:

1. Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones MDR-ZX110

The Sony headphones are designed to maximize the user’s personal audio experience without compromising sound quality. This one of the best headphones has high performance and a built-in microphone that supports hands-free calling and different playback control operations.

It delivers rich, high-frequency response sound due to the presence of the 30 mm driver unit. It is portable due to its folding design and compact size. It has Tangle free cables, which ensure the high durability of the device. It has a 1.2m Y-type cable. The impedance offered by this headphone is 24 ohms. It is very light in weight.

It also has neodymium drivers, which provide punchy and rhythmic sound responses. The frequency range spanning this headphone is between 12 hertz to 22 kHz. It gives its users a deep and high-definition audio experience, making it suitable for use while playing a digital piano.


  • The built quality is very good
  • It is highly durable
  • It has cushioned ear pads giving a comfortable fit over the ears.
  • Have tangle-free cables resisting snags
  • The audio quality experience is quite impressive


  • It is portable 
  • Gives punchy and rhythmic sound effects
  • It is highly durable


  • No noise cancellation feature

2. OneOdio Wired Over Ear Headphones

If you want to immerse yourself in the music, this one’s our top choice. This headphone has a sleek, matte finish and is lightweight. It has potent bass and clear vocals, which gives deep sound effects. It is very comfortable and can be used over the ear for long hours of listening.

It has dual 30 mm neodymium driver units with a frequency response of 10 hertz to 27 kilohertz. And the maximum power offered by this headphone is 1000 mW. It has an extra long 6.5 feet of cord for convenient movement of the device.

It has high-quality sound and an integrated microphone. It has excellent bass and high-frequency treble giving clear vocals and lyrics.


  • Exceptionally high sound quality
  • Extra long audio cord cable
  • Soft cushion over the ear pads
  • It is very lightweight and portable


  • Very comfortable over-ear
  • It is affordable


  • Built material is a quite poor

3. Yamaha HPH-50B Compact Closed-Back Headphones

This headphone can have 90-degree rotating ear cups. It is specially made for music-related work. It has a circumaural design that gives excellent sound isolation even in a loud environment. It has a frequency response of 10 Hz to 23 kiloHertz. It has 40 mm drivers, which give detailed and powerful sound.

The ear cushions are so soft that they can be used for long hours. The base response is quite impressive. It has about 2 m cable length, using which the moment becomes easy and restriction free.


  • It is very lightweight and durable
  • It is very comfortable over the ears
  • It has 90-degree rotating ear cups
  • Has long cable allowing restriction-free movement


  • Give rich, detailed, powerful sound effects
  • The frequency responses are awesome.
  • Tangle-free cables make it convenient for the users to move it or attach it to any instrument port.


  • Carries a bit boring design

4. Numark HF125 Ultra-Portable Professional DJ Headphones

This amazing and best headphone has powerful bass with about 50 mm speaker unit drivers and a neodymium magnet that delivers dynamic bass. The built material is quite comfortable over the ears.

The headband is adjustable, stretchable, and can be turned to the desired angle for the best fit. It does not have any adaptor, so it is adaptor free. Rather, it has a coiled cord that is 9.8 feet long and is completely detachable.


  • Has 90-degree swiveling earcups
  • Flexible headband
  • Gives quality music experience to the user
  • It supports noise isolation
  • It has a 50 mm speaker driver, which delivers dynamic bass


  • It is very comfortable over the ears
  • It has a highly stretchable and adjustable design


  • Has a bit higher price than other headphones

 5. LORELEI X8 Over-Ear Wired Headphones with Microphone

This headphone has an ultra-lightweight design. It gives superior comfort when placed over the ears. It can connect to anything, and it has a 6-foot wired cord that can be connected to any device or port since it has a single-sided cord that minimizes tangles.

It provides superior sound isolation. The built material used for manufacturing these headphones is quite comfortable over the ears. The headband is very much adjustable and stretchable.

This headphone is highly recommended for using with your digital piano.


  • It provides superior isolation
  • It has an ultra-lightweight design
  • It has a 6 feet long cord so that it can be easily 
  • connected to any device
  • It has excellent drivers installed in it
  • The headphones have adjustable headbands


  • It is very affordable
  • Has a very compact size and provides fatigue-free listening


  • The microphone is not up to the mark

6. KVIDIO Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear

KVIDIO is one of the best headphones for a digital piano. The headphone has immersive crystal sound due to the built-in 40 mm neodymium drivers. It covers your muff, which allows high-fidelity stereo sound quality that immerses the user in the music.

It has a very comfortable design, and the headband can be adjusted per the user’s head size. It has good battery life and it is user-friendly. It is highly compatible with a 3.5 mm jack audio cable.

For adjusting the headband, adjustable sliders are provided that are very helpful for adjusting the headphone over the head for a perfect fit. It provides superior comfort over the ear of the users. It is highly compatible and can be used with any digital instrument. It is a compact closed-back headphone.


  • It has a long battery life
  • It has a very convenient design
  • The year questions are made up of very soft material hands comfortable on the ear
  • It has deep bass
  • Give a very classy and premium sound experience to the user


  • The design of the headphone is quite sophisticated
  • It has high-fidelity stereo sound quality


  • Sound isolation is not supported

7. Roland RH-5 Quality Comfort-Fit Headphones

This headphone has noise isolation technology, and it is specially made for concert halls to make the users feel their favorite music more closely while watching it live. It provides high-quality reproduction of sound for the listener.

It has wide compatibility and a built-in microphone allowing hands-free control operation. It has an adjustable headband that can perfectly fit over the years and can be resized as per the user’s requirement.


  • It has strong bass giving deep sound effects
  • It supports noise isolation feature
  • It allows the reproduction of sound for the listener giving an echo effect
  • High-quality speaker driver 
  • It has a lightweight design


  • It is very comfortable over the ears
  • Has a very attractive design


  • The battery life is satisfactory

8. M-Audio HDH40 Over-Ear Studio Headphones

This headphone is equipped with 40 mm drivers for dynamic sound, which gives high performance. It has exceptional high bass value and impressive performance. It provides natural and balanced sound responses.

It has a very comfortable and lightweight design. It is compatible with all devices. It is portable and can be stored in a compact area. It is specially made for solo practice on a digital piano or electronic guitar drum.


  • It is a very budget-friendly device
  • Provides high-quality sound experience
  • It has powerful bass and crystal-clear highs
  • It has a closed-back design preventing surrounding noise from interrupting the user while listening


  • It is lightweight
  • It is considered ideal for any digital instrument like digital piano, drum, guitar


  • Has a bit boring look than other headphones

9. Audio Technica AUD ATH-AD1000X Audiophile Headphones

Audio Technica will never disappoint you. This headphone has 53 mm speaker unit drivers combined with a neodymium magnet to deliver dynamic bass. Single-side monitoring along with this allows 90-degree rotation of earcups.

It has a flexible and adjustable headband which allows a fatigue-free listening experience for the users even while using it for long hours. It is free of adaptors and has a 6.35 mm plug which is completely detachable.

The audio sensitivity offered by this best headphone is 102dB/mW, and the impedance is 40 ohms which lie under the recommended range.


  • It is very comfortable and provides a fatigue-free experience
  • Supports noise isolation
  • Allow 90-degree swiveling of ear cups
  • It has a mighty bass 
  • It has 53mm speaker unit drivers giving excellent immersive sound effects to the users.


  • The drivers installed in the headphone are very strong and specially used with digital guitar and piano
  • Has a 3.5 mm or 6.35 audio jack giving an immersive sound experience
  • Gives a fatigue-free audio-listening experience


  •  A bit more costly price than other headphones

10. Pollini Bluetooth Headphones Wireless

This headphone allows a swivel mechanism for the air cups to be rotated up to 90 degrees. It enables a perfect fit over the user’s ear. It is compact, fashionable, and comes in about two colors black and white. It has a gold-plated stereo plug and about 2 m of cable for a convenient, comfortable connection.

It also has a very pleasing design. It is a compact closed-back headphone that provides a high-grade professional sound quality music experience to the user. It has balanced bass and trouble, which satisfies the listener, and it is specially used while playing back recorded media while using digital instruments.


  • It is highly durable
  • It has 2 meters long cable that allows easy connection with musical instruments
  • Has a standard stereo plug of about 6.3 mm
  • It is a compact close-back Headphone
  • It is very comfortable over the ears due to the presence of soft foam ear pads


  • Has Swivel free mechanism making it much more portable
  • Provide professional-grade sound quality


  • The built material used for manufacturing is not up to the mark

11. Philips SHP6000 Hi-Fi Stereo Over Ear Headphones

This headphone provides an evident sound experience to the users. It was a powerful bass giving acoustic precision enhancing the speaker’s sensitivity giving sound clarity and shock feelings. It has noise-isolating microphones, which are Omni directional and obliterate the surrounding noise. It has effortless volume controls.

It provides superior comfort over the year of the users. It is highly compatible and can be used with any digital instrument. It has high-definition 40 mm drivers and delivers exceptionally high and clear sound to the users. It has rich bass and crisp kids.

It has ultra-soft ear questions, which provide a fatigue-free music experience, and it can also be worn for very long hours. These best headphones for digital piano has a very bright, beautiful, mesmerizing color. It has a friendly inline microphone for performing various operations and control using the headphone.


  • It has high durability
  • It has Punchy and rich bass
  • It has a very premium look
  • It supports noise-cancellation features
  • It gives effortless volume controls to the users’


  • Has noise-isolating microphones
  • Provide high-fidelity sound experience to the users’


  • Provides satisfactory sound isolation.

Comparison Table:

HeadphoneDurableSound isolation
Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear HeadphonesIt is durableYes, it has sound isolation feature
OneOdio Wired Over Ear Headphones High durabilityNo does not have this feature
Yamaha HPH-50B Compact Closed-Back HeadphonesGood durabilitySatisfactory sound isolation
Numark HF125 | Ultra-Portable Professional DJ HeadphonesDurability of this headphone is longNo does not have this feature
KVIDIO Bluetooth HeadphonesHigh durabilitySatisfactory sound isolation
Roland RH-5 Quality Comfort-Fit HeadphonesIt is durableYes, it has sound isolation feature
LORELEI X8 Over-Ear Wired Headphones Impressive durability Satisfactory sound isolation
M-Audio HDH40 – Over Ear Studio Headphones Good durabilityNo does not have this feature
Philips SHP6000/10 Hi-Fi Stereo Over Ear Headphones Satisfactory durabilityYes, it has sound isolation feature
pollini Bluetooth Headphones High durabilitySatisfactory sound isolation
Audio Technica AUD ATHAD1000X Audiophile ATH-AD1000X Open-Air Dynamic Headphones It is durableYes has sound isolation feature


Why is it recommended to use headphones on a digital piano?

It is recommended to have the best headphones on a digital piano because while playing it at any time of day or night, it does not disturb anyone; only the user can practice or listen to the music conveniently without disturbing nearby people.

What kind of headphones is preferred with a digital piano?

Mostly wired headphones are preferred with digital pianos because they are always connected to the digital piano and hence work appropriately unless and until they are detached from the digital piano.

What is the most critical feature while buying the best headphones for digital piano?

The most important feature is to have encouraging and natural sound-producing headphones when it has to be used with a digital piano.

What must be the appropriate value of impedance and frequency response of headphones for digital piano?

The headphones for digital piano must have an impedance more significant than 30 ohms and should offer a frequency response between 12 Hz to any value above 25kHz.


Thus while purchasing the best headphones, especially for digital pianos or any other digital instruments, it is recommended to check the above-mentioned features to get a realistic sound feeling. Closed or open-back features should be there in the headphones if they have to be used with the digital piano.

The impedance of the headphones must have a value above 30 ohms. Along with this, they must be made up of premium quality material. The headphones should provide a high-fidelity stereo sound experience to their users, and they must have a decent solid bass with excellent sound clarity and a wide frequency range.

The headphones are always expected to be durable, and it is good to have a sound isolation feature in the headphones if they are used with a digital piano. Therefore, all these headphones mentioned above are the best headphones for use with a digital piano.

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