7 Best Headphones for People with Glasses (Reviewed & Compared)

Yesterday, I bought a new pair of headphones for myself. As a long-time glasses wearer, I am used to the challenges that come with wearing both headphones and glasses together. But these headphones were just way too uncomfortable.

7 Best Headphones For People With Glasses Reviewed Compared

So, I set out on a quest to find the best headphones for people with glasses, and here it is!

Things to consider before buying headphones for people with glasses

When you buy headphones, there is a list of standard features that you need to look for. But if you wear glasses, unfortunately, this list is much longer than a standard one. Let us go over a few things that you, as a glasses-wearing person, should keep in mind before buying headphones.


The headband of the headphones is what applies pressure on your head in order to provide stability, to keep the headphones on your head. For someone that wears glasses, this clamping force is a very important factor to consider.

If the clamping force is too much, the pressure applied on the arms of your glasses will be more than they can handle. This can result in the glasses getting bent out of shape or even breaking.

Alternatively, if the clamping force is too less, the headphones will not be stable enough, and will continuously slip off and cause a lot of disturbance to you. It will cause you to constantly readjust the headphones.

Make sure that the clamping force on your headphones is just right, or it will cause major problems for you later on.


The tightness of the earcups is another factor that you need to consider before buying headphones as a person who wears glasses. Since the earcups sit right above your ears, they will apply pressure on the arms of your glasses, and most likely keep them in place.

For this reason, you need to make sure that the ear cups are thick and made out of some kind of soft material. This will decrease the discomfort caused to you as you will not feel too much pressure applied to your head.

Wired or wireless

Another factor to consider while buying headphones as a person that wears glasses is whether you should buy wired or wireless headphones. While wired headphones are cheaper and have great sound quality, often considered better than that of wireless headphones, it does pose problems, nonetheless.

These problems come from the wires themselves. They may get tangled up in your glasses and cause annoyance. If you are looking to buy wired headphones specifically, make sure that the wires are positioned in such a way that prevents them from getting tangled up with your glasses.

Alternatively, if you take our advice, just go for wireless headphones. They are more expensive and have their own problems, but the hassle of wires is just so 2015!

Other things to consider

In addition to the special features mentioned above, make sure that you keep other factors in mind as well. These include the sound quality, price, and durability of the headphones. Moreover, make sure that the material of the headphones is soft and comfortable, and preferably moisture-proof to prevent rashes in the summer.

Lastly, if you are going for wireless headphones, make sure to keep in mind the Bluetooth version that the headphones use, in addition to the radius of the connectivity as well.

7 Best Headphones for People with Glasses

Now let us get to the good part. Here you will find the 7 best headphones for people with glasses!

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

These headphones combine stability and comfort to give you the best possible experience as a person who wears glasses. The headband and the earcups do not have a very high clamping force, but provide good stability, nonetheless. This is perfect for people that wear glasses.

The larger earcups provide extra comfort, and the earcups have the ability to rotate 90 degrees, in order to fit your ear and head shape the best.


  • Foldable for easy portability
  • V-shaped sound profile
  • Different-length wire cables
  • Great sound quality on account of 45mm drivers

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro – Best Closed-Back Headphones is an excellent choice for people that wear glasses. The adjustable headband of the headphones provides you with the ability to choose the best, most comfortable length for you. The headband is additionally comfortable for people that wear glasses.

The earcups of these headphones are cushioned to provide extra comfort and fit perfectly around the ears. These headphones do a great job at making sure that the wearer is comfortable so that you can use them for a long time, even with the added impediment of glasses.


  • Great sound isolation technology
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Durable
  • Comfortable

Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR

The headphones industry heard you, and they made these headphones specifically to ensure comfort for people who wear glasses. We tried them out, and we can say that they do their job very well, and more!

The headband of these headphones is adjustable, like the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones, for extra comfort. Further, the earcups are fitted with extra padding and provide the most comfortable listening experience, no matter how long your sessions are, with or without glasses.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Very stylish with a luxurious feel
  • Great for neutral sounds

Sennheiser HD 660 S

The Sennheiser HD 660 S headphones are equipped with all the features that make for the perfect and most comfortable experience for people that wear glasses. The clamping force is not too much and does not put excessive force on the arms of the glasses. Further, the earcups are extremely comfortable and fit snuggly around your ear.

The sound quality of these headphones is tremendous and will provide an extremely immersive listening experience. While these headphones do cost a bit much, they definitely are worth the extra money.


  • Replaceable cables
  • Great sound quality
  • Open back headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones are perfect for people that wear glasses. They provide comfort, in addition to great sound quality, and a mix of other features that makes these headphones great for everyone.

These headphones come with ear cups that are extra padded to ensure the best level of comfort. The headband’s force is also ideal for people that wear glasses. They do not cause much discomfort even after you wear them for longer than usual, making them perfect for professional environments as well.

Additional features include a great battery life, of up to 24 hours with a full charge. Another impressive feature is that these headphones can be used for about 3 hours with only a 15-minute charge!


  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Active EQ Components
  • Portable- comes with their own case
  • Noise cancelation
  • Closed back for noise isolation

Sony WH-1000XM4

While these headphones are on the more expensive side, they are one hundred percent worth their price. These headphones are the best noise-canceling headphones on the market right now and combined with the comfort they provide, they are perfect for people that wear glasses as well.

The headband on these headphones is not too tight and provides a comfortable listening experience. The ear cups are equipped with extra padding to keep the arms of your glasses in place and ensure comfort regardless of specs.

While they might not be as stylish as some of the other headphones on this list, there is no question that quality-wise, these are the best. The sound quality is absolutely stellar, and these headphones have an impressive battery life to top it off.


  • Foldable for extra portability
  • Sony Headphones Connect Companion App
  • Stellar sound quality with a balanced sound profile
  • Stylish, and comes in many different colors
  • Great Noise cancellation

AKG Pro Audio K371

The AKG Pro Audio K371 headphones are great for people that wear glasses and provide comfort in pursuance of the same. The adjustable headband helps you make sure that the headphones fit your head perfectly every time. The earcups on these headphones are big in order to fit your ears snuggly.

The earcups are also made of soft and cushiony material so as to keep your glasses in place and not cause any discomfort while doing so. Another impressive feature of these headphones is that they are also fit for professional use and are budget-friendly all the same!

These headphones are designed to be durable and moisture-proof so that the sweetness in warm weather does not cause skin irritation.


  • Great at noise isolation, close backed
  • Foldable for extra portability
  • Excellent neutral sound quality

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are earphones or headphones better for people with glasses?

Some people may think that the hassle of finding good headphones that go with your glasses comfortably is just not worth it. On some level, for some people, that may be true. Since the earphones do not touch your glasses, it is much easier to wear any kind you like.
But it is commonly known that headphones are much superior in terms of sound quality and noise cancellation. Just because you wear glasses, you should not have to sacrifice the great sound quality that headphones provide.

How to wear glasses comfortably with headphones?

If you already have a pair of headphones that unfortunately cause discomfort with glasses, but you do not want to spend money on a new pair, here are some tips for you.
Stretch the headband of the headphones so that the clamping force is reduced. Alternatively, you can opt to buy glasses that have thin frames, so they will not dig into your skull. Make sure that you put on the glasses before the headphones. Additionally, make sure that the over-ear headphones encapsulate your entire ear.

Are bone-conduction headphones a good choice if you wear glasses?

Yes, bone conduction headphones, as the name suggests, conduct the sound through your bones, rather than sitting atop your ear. Because of this, the amount of discomfort caused to you will be significantly reduced as the headphones will not be clamping down on your glasses.
You may have to sacrifice the sound quality a little bit, but besides that, bone-conduction headphones are great for you. You can even pick the order you wear them in. you can put the glasses on first, and then the headphones, or vice versa if you like.

Bottom Line

As a person that wears glasses, you will have to walk the extra mile to make sure that the headphones you buy are compatible with your glasses, and do not cause any discomfort to you. Some of the factors you need to consider are the headband, the earcups, the material, whether the headphones are wired or wireless, etc. In addition to this, of course, you have to make sure that the headphones fall within your budget, have a good sound quality, are durable, and so on.

We hope you make the right decision for your ears and have a great listening experience regardless of wearing glasses!

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