7 Best Headphones for Thru-Hiking

I have recently started to like thru-hiking quite a bit. While it is amazing to listen to nature for long periods of time, I find myself wanting to listen to some music as well. However, there are so many things to consider, so finding the best headphones for thru-hiking is actually quite difficult.

Do not worry, you will not have to do all the work yourself. After extensive research, I have come up with this list of the 7 best headphones for thru-hiking. I hope that you will find your favorite headphones for thru-hiking on this list!

7 Best Headphones for Thru-Hiking

These headphones are all a mix of all the features that you would want in the best headphones for thru-hiking. Make sure to know your specific requirements before delving into this list so that you make an informed decision. Let us get started.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit 2100

The BackBeat Fit 2100 has 13.5mm dynamic transducers and is made to look like a conventional headset. The soft, flexible band wraps around the top of the ear and connects around the back of the head for a pleasant and secure fit. The comfy ear tips fit into hikers’ ears. These are definitely one of the best headphones for thru-hiking, keep reading to find out why.

With the Always Aware ear tips, hikers can listen to music and hear their environment at the same time because they are made to let in ambient sound. Although these earphones won’t provide studio-quality sound, you will be able to hear your surroundings to help keep you alert. The headphone’s reflective surface for better visibility in low light is another safety feature that is useful for roadside training (but not necessary on the trails).

The BackBeat Fit 2100 has an IP57 classification, making it sweat- and rain-resistant and capable of enduring some really tough hikes. With Bluetooth 5.0, these wireless earbuds pair quickly and securely. They also feature a 7-hour battery life. With a 15-minute charge thanks to the quick charge technology, you can get up to an additional hour of battery life or listening time. You can also answer calls and navigate via music with on-ear controls without slowing down your hike.


  • Waterproof and sweatproof design for outdoor use
  • Comfortable and secure fit for active use
  • Long battery life of up to 7 hours


  • Sound quality is decent but not exceptional
  • Controls can be difficult to operate while wearing gloves
  • Some users report issues with connectivity and durability over time

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The Bose 35 II is the ideal headphones if you want to combine style, wireless convenience, and noise-canceling capabilities. The headphones feature Google Assistant and are an upgraded version of the Bose 35. As one of the best headphones for thru-hiking, this product delivers on quality very well.

Is noise cancellation required, or even a good thing when thru-hiking? The answer actually is based on the circumstances and your particular preferences. For instance, the wind can be extremely loud in the highlands, therefore noise cancellation could be desirable. Again, this is a matter of personal opinion, but some people might feel more at ease knowing that they are not totally isolated from the noise of the outside world.

For hikers who are genuinely searching for a high-quality headset, these are the ones I would suggest. I’d recommend this headset for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the high caliber of the music and noise cancellation. This headphone’s construction and general durability are both rather outstanding thanks to the sturdy materials employed in its manufacture. Many expensive headphones are designed for use in recording studios and are not actually intended for usage outside of such settings. Nevertheless, in both circumstances, the Bose QuietComfort delivers a fantastic performance!


  • Excellent noise cancellation for a more immersive listening experience
  • Comfortable over-ear design with soft ear cushions
  • Long battery life of up to 20 hours


  • Most users say it’s expensive
  • May not be as durable for outdoor use
  • Many reports are issued based on connectivity

Beats Powerbeats High Performance

The Beats Powerbeats High Performance are wireless earphones that connect through a cable using Class 1 Bluetooth and an Apple H1 chip. The secure-fit ear hooks are meant to be simply adjustable, feature a variety of ear tip alternatives, and stay in place even on the heaviest thru-hikes. With a full charge, the Powerbeats High Performance offers an astounding 15 hours of listening time. When the battery is low during a hike, an optional Fast Fuel 5-minute charge can add an hour.

The High-Performance Powerbeats are not completely waterproof due to their IPX4 designation. As long as you don’t drop them in a puddle, this product can easily resist sweat and rain. Do not worry, there is a reason we call these the best headphones for thru-hiking, it has multiple other features as well.

The bass in these earphones is amplified in the trademark Beats style. Depending on your preferences, that could be a good or terrible thing. Voice assistants like Siri, volume controls, play/pause, skip, accept/end calls, and more.

These are the headphones on this list that block out the most outside sound. They do a good job of reducing outside noise even if they aren’t noise-canceling. If necessary, they can be worn a little looser to allow outside sound to enter the ear canal.


  • Sweat and water-resistant design for outdoor use
  • Secure and comfortable ear hooks 
  • Excellent sound quality with good bass


  • Many reported issues with battery life
  • Comfortability issues are also being reported
  • Not durable compared to other devices available in the market

Jaybird Vista 2

The Jaybird Vista 2 wireless headphones are the solution if you’re seeking for the most robust and well-functioning headphones to make your hiking excursions even better! This set of headphones features dependable Bluetooth connectivity for increased mobility and simplicity of usage. A highly desired feature is active noise cancellation. These earbuds help you focus by preventing outside noise from interfering with your music.

Additionally, the 6mm milled drivers and EQ presets allow for a customized and excellent audio experience. These headphones are great for outdoor excursions. For your continued alertness and awareness, they provide enhanced safety features including surround sense. By picking up on background noise, the wind-guard technology-equipped microphones let you keep aware of any changes in your environment.

Military-grade protection (MIL-STD 810G) on the Jaybird Vista 2 ensures long-lasting performance. Shock, freezing, and impact resistance are all included in this. They are also sweatproof, waterproof, and dustproof thanks to their IP68 classification. All of this makes them ideal for outdoor activities like strenuous trekking and hiking as well as rough use. A very outstanding 24 hours of battery life can be achieved. With 16 more hours of battery life in the charging case, you can listen to content nonstop for 8 hours.

They also offer a quick charge feature that takes only five minutes and gives you an additional hour of battery life. This means that the battery will not unexpectedly run out in the middle of your hike. I hope you see why we call these the best headphones for thru-hiking now!


  • IP68 waterproof and sweatproof rating 
  • Ear Tip Sizes are perfect for every type of user
  • Good sound quality


  • Battery life is mentioned as 8 hours but lasts only for 3-4 hours
  • The price doesn’t justify the quality it offers
  • Many users are unable to connect easily

Letsfit Bluetooth Headphones

Letsfit has a high-performance rate because of several extras in its design. It is packed with a variety of functions to improve workouts, hiking, and other sweating activities. This is especially amazing when you consider the cost; the item is actually far less expensive than we had anticipated. These would undoubtedly be an excellent choice for you if you are alright with the fact that they are not completely wireless (the two earbuds are connected by a cable).

They can be stored in a compact case that will fit in your pocket quite easily, and the hi-tech nano-coating ensured water and sweat resistance, so the headphones are not damaged by a high-intensity hike. Just because they are headphones for when you have a budget, does not mean that they are not one of the best headphones for thru-hiking.


  • Affordable price point
  • Sweatproof design
  • Mainly known for its Good battery life of up to 10 hours


  • The design is not appropriate for all users
  • Lack of Compatibility
  • Some people hear some buzzing sound

Anker Soundcore P3

The lightweight Hiking trips are perfect for using Anker Soundcore P3 wireless earphones! The small case is quite useful because it is small enough to fit in your pocket. This style gives your earbuds a stylish appearance while keeping them safe. Five alternative colors—black, coral red, navy blue, oat white, and sky blue—are offered for the earphones.

You’ll have a wide range of options to choose from. You’ll be happy to know that these earphones offer a special BassUp setting if you like bass. Real-time bass amplification is achieved by enabling this setting in the app! They are excellent for outdoor use because of the ambient sound mode.

The incredible battery life of these earbuds is 7 hours when used without the charging case and nearly 35 hours when using it. They are thus perfect for hiking excursions. You won’t need to be concerned about them passing away while you’re traveling. They also have an IPX5 rating, indicating that they can withstand water. Considering that earphones with comparable functionality can cost significantly more, these genuine wireless earbuds are a fantastic alternative!

Additionally, they provide you the option to customize your listening experience by going to the Soundcore App and modifying the EQ to your tastes. All in all, these headphones have multiple features that make them one of the best headphones for thru-hiking.


  • Mainly known for its affordability
  • Customizable EQ settings making it user-friendly
  • Perfect design made keeping in mind the needs of every user


  • Do not have a good battery life
  • Low accessibility
  • People faced issues after using it for 6 months only

Sennheiser CX Sport

The CX Sport earphones from Sennheiser sound fantastic, fit comfortably, and pair with our devices wirelessly via Bluetooth. Sennheiser’s exclusive transducers, used exclusively in the CX Sport, produce balanced, clear sound with dramatic bass capability. With an ear adapter set (4 sizes) and an ear fin adapter set, the stability and comfort of the fit may be altered to accommodate any hiker’s ears (3 sizes). For the purpose of preventing the cord from tangling on anything while on the hike, a cable clip is included.

The Sennheiser CX Sport’s IPX4 classification indicates that it is not completely waterproof. But it won’t have any problems with mild rain or sweaty hikes. But wait, there is more to why we call these the best headphones for thru-hiking.

They are a wonderful option for shorter day walks because of their 6-hour battery life on a full charge. An additional hour of battery life can be obtained with a quick 10-minute charge. Hikers may instantly change the volume, skip music, answer/end calls, and turn on voice control with the 3-button control panel.


  • Sweat and splash-resistant design 
  • High-Quality Sound 
  • Do not have any comfortability issue


  • Battery life is very short.
  • Lack of isolation
  • Not suitable for professionals


What factors do I keep in mind while buying the best headphones for thru-hiking?

Whether you are buying the best headphones for thru-hiking, or just hiking in general, you need to make sure that they are sweat and dust-proof. This is because hiking can get intense and you are likely to sweat a lot. Further, you should make sure that your headphones are comfortable and have a long battery life, so they do not interrupt your hiking session. The best headphones for thru-hiking also, of course, have great sound and build quality.

Are noise-canceling headphones good for thru-hiking?

The answer to this question depends on multiple factors. If the wind is too loud and you are thru-hiking at high altitudes, noise canceling can be a great and desirable quality in the best headphones for thru-hiking. However, some people prefer to be aware of their surroundings, which is a good thing when you are thru-hiking in nature.
Hence, if you prefer the former, go for noise-canceling headphones!

How do I test if my headphones are good enough for thru-hiking?

If you have an old pair of headphones that you would like to take while thru-hiking but are unsure of whether they will be good, you can try out this small test.
Simply go for a short run wearing those headphones. If they are comfortable, do not slip and fall, and have a long-lasting battery life, then yes! You can definitely take them the next time you go thru-hiking.

Summing Up

Going thru-hiking is a lot of fun, and listening to music can make it significantly more interesting. For this reason, finding the best headphones for thru-hiking is highly recommended by a lot of people. Make sure that your headphones are comfortable, and fulfill all other requirements you may have while thru-hiking.

It is important to note that waterproofing is a very important quality for the best headphones for thru-hiking. This is because thru-hiking is a very intensive activity, and you are likely to sweat a lot. Hopefully, you find your best headphones for thru-hiking soon!

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