Top 10 Best Planar Magnetic Headphones in 2023

Are you looking for the best planar magnetic headphones? Everyone loves to own those best pieces always. These modern-age headphones are pretty famous among people because of their benefits, and audiophile people love to adore them when possible. But casual headphone lovers may not know the benefits and details of these planar magnetic headphones. 

What is Planar Magnetic Headphones?

Dynamic driver and electrostatic headphones are combined to create planar headphones. The majority of these planar magnetic headphones employ a sheer diaphragm enclosed by two magnets that travels incredibly fast. These planar magnetic headphones can enable you always get past some of the constraints of standard dynamic driver headphones. Everything has boundaries, and it is undeniable that all things have their perks and drawbacks of some sort, and in no way has everything been perfected. However, you must identify by yourself if the shoe fits or not!

A planar magnetic headphone will demand surgical precision and high-end tools from its manufacturer. So, these headphones are superior and exclusive in every way as they require something unique. At the same time, in the manufacturing process, you will get another level of your listening experience. You will find the sound accurate, rich, distortion-free, and natural in any product you pick. Also, these planar magnetic headphones are more durable than any other dynamic driver. 

Well, now the question is, how will you find out the perfect fit for you?

Before randomly picking one from the market, it is always good to have gone through a few factors like price, brand value, pros and cons, tuning preference, and usage scenarios. These factors may vary from person to person. Only the best research work can make you understand what you need precisely. 

In this article, you will find detailed information about the buyer’s guide, making you the master of finding the best planar magnetic headphone. Also, the top 10 best planar magnetic headphones list will blow your mind away. 

Let’s get started with the informative words!

How to choose the best planar magnetic headphones in 2023

If you are determined to purchase the best planar magnetic headphones in 2023, you must learn how to choose the best one, so your money can not be wasted. When you follow these factors mentioned below, you can find the perfect match for you. Here you can check what we found while searching for one for me.


Another thing to consider is the best brand will give you a trustworthy product that goes for a long time. The best brand is always dedicated to providing the best value to its customers. As the brands do not want to lose their customers anyway, all brands go through the updated and high-end technologies to manufacture the best planar magnetic headphones. 


Before spending money on your dream planar magnetic headphone, make sure that the headphone provides the best quality so that your money will not go to be wasted. Price is not a brainer. You need to take care of this point as per your budget. If you want to spend less, lots of options are there. If you want to spend more, you will also get a lot of variants. If you are a diehard audiophile, it will be best to spend a maximum of $1000. However, you can pay more only if the planar magnetic headphone includes many features and specifications.

Audio quality

When it comes to audio quality, you need to think about it twice because you will always purchase the best planar magnetic headphone to get the best sound experience. Indeed, the frequency response is always higher and broader in any planar magnetic headphone. So, it is essential to go through various features like frequency response, sensitivity, impedance, and distortion. You will get a rich sound quality when the frequency response increases. 

The sensitivity indicates the max loudness of sure headphones. However, it is directly connected with the impedance. You should always go for higher sensitivity. Another one is the distortion rate which is by default 0.1%. In our top 10 best planar magnetic headphones list, all headphones have distortion-free sound quality.

Closed-back design and open-back design

This point is entirely dependent on you. What you like to own is essential. If you want to use the headphone outdoors, like in offices, at parties, in traffic, etc., you should go for the closed-back design. But if you like to utilize these headphones indoors, you can stick to open-back designs. All open-back designs provide the most natural sound, which is less bassy.

To know more about the difference between the two designs, check out this article: Open-back vs Closed-back Headphones: Which is Better in 2023

Comfortable or not

No need to say that comfort is one of the most desired features in any planar magnetic headphone. Usually, traditional dynamic drivers were heavy to carry. These planar magnetic headphones are more severe than the previous ones. The weight depends on weight (and weight distribution), headband padding, and earpads.

Everyone will prefer to choose lightweight headphones, but you need to think about those paddings and earpads. Usually, these two need to be thick and soft so that you can carry these with ease for a long time. The whole weight of these things should be distributed in the best kind. 


Any planar magnetic headphones are more durable than any other headphones on the market. The materials used in these headphones are pretty du, making the product perfect for the long run. The materials hinges connecting the headband with the earcups are also made of top-quality materials. These assure the quality and durability of these headphones.

Top 10 best planar magnetic headphones in 2023

You have learned what factors are essential when choosing the best planar magnetic headphones. Also, these options are suitable for the long run with comfortable design and the best sound quality. Here are the top 10 best planar magnetic headphones you can always go for.

1. Best Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones: Oppo PM-3

The first and best kind of planar magnetic headphone is the Oppo PM-3, which is quite popular among audiophiles. Oppo is one of the most famous brands producing the best audio equipment globally. This PM-3 is a portable and affordable headphone. This is quite rare because of the combination of good sound and lightweight. 

In the box of the Oppo PM-3, you will get a 3m-long cable with 3.5mm mini-jacks, a 1.2m-long audio cable with 3.5mm jacks, in-line controls, a built-in mic, a user manual, and the 1-year warranty details. 

The Oppo PM-3 is an over-ear closed-back headphone that is simple by look, but the sound system is impressive. There are a lot of aluminum parts in these headphones, which make the headphone exceptionally lightweight than any other headphones.

The joints connecting the earcups and the headband are made of metal. The whole weight of the headphone is evenly distributed so that you can always get a comfortable audio listening experience. The sound is natural, and the bass is also at a reasonable level. 

Also, you will get less outside noise due to the closed-back design. 

Key features of Oppo PM-3

  • 1.2m-long audio cable with 3.5mm jacks
  • in-line controls
  • built-in mic
  • 3.5mm mini-jacks on both sides

2. Best Planar Magnetic Headphones Under $150: HIFIMAN HE-400S

The Hifiman is one of the best brands in the audio equipment industry, which provides the best choice of the planar magnetic headphone, which is HE-400S. Also, it is considered one of the cheapest headphones among audiophiles. 

The box of the HE-400S will come up with headphones, a 1.5m (5ft) long Y-shaped cable with 2.5mm jacks, a regular 3.5mm jack, a ¼-inch adapter, a user manual, and a 1-year warranty. This headphone has no in-line controls and mic. The carrying case is not included; you can buy your own. 

The earcups may look bulky, but the sound quality is good. The headband is also durable to run for a long time without any disturbance. The earcup padding is smooth and soft, which helps you to get a comfortable listening experience during any calls or music playback. The bass is higher. You will hear a clear voice that is rich in quality. 

Key features of HE-400S

  • 12.3 ounces weight
  • A plastic headband that is super durable
  • Over-ear headphone
  • Open-back headphone

3. Audeze LCD-X Over-Ear | Open Back Headphones

If you want to own a cheap but elegant-looking planar magnetic headphone, you may choose this Audeze LCD-X headphone. You will get a world-class headphone design with the best possible sound system in your budget. This headphone is always a good option for those trying to find professional sound quality within a budget. 

You will get an 8ft-long Y-shaped cable, a user manual, a 3-year warranty on drivers, and a 1-year warranty on other parts in the box. You will also get a carrying case. The headphone is a bit heavy, but the overall comfort is quite good. You will get a soft and smoother experience while using these headphones.

Key features of Audeze LCD-X Over-Ear headphone

  • Open-back headphone
  • Soft earcup with thick paddings
  • Professional-grade sound quality

4. Best Planar Magnetic Headphones Under $700: ÆON Flow

AEON headphones have been quite a famous planar magnetic headphone for a long time because of their best sound quality. You can get significantly cheaper headphones with AEON, which also have the best design and audio clarity. In the box of the AEON, you will find a carrying case, a 2m-long audio cable with 4-pin connectors for the earcups, a 3.5mm jack on the other end of the cable, a user manual, and a 2-year warranty. 

The appearance of this headphone is so modern that anyone will love it. The headband is made of metal bodies. Another exciting thing is you will get a leather head strap instead of a headband. AEON Flow is durable and comfortable for your ears. When you put it on your ears, you can find the best ergonomic design, makings the listening experience better than any other option.

Key features of AEON Flow

  • 14Ω impedance
  • 94dB sensitivity
  • The lower midrange is solid and punchy

5. Best Planar Magnetic Headphones Under $200: HIFIMAN HE-400I

The cheapest, as well as a quality product, is the HifiMan HE-400l. Choosing this one means choosing the quality sound of planar magnetic headphones without spending a lot of bucks. This is an open-back headphone. The whole design is a perfect combination of modern and old looks. The headband is made of a metal frame and a fake leather strap. No traditional padding is there. The headband is also durable. 

This HifiMan HE-400l comes with comfort. The weight is evenly dispersed, so you can not feel a heavy weight on your head. The best thing is the audio performance. The crystal clear sound is so unique. The vocals are good. Instrumental music is rich and clear. 

The bass is controlled, and midrange reproduction is flawless. You will get the best music from these headphones without using an amplifier. 

Key features of HIFIMAN HE-400I

  • 35Ω impedance
  • 93dB sensitivity
  • Durable body of plastic and metal

6. Best Planar Magnetic Headphones Under $300: Monolith M1060

Another affordable planar magnetic headphone is the Monolith M1060. In terms of design, you can expect a sleek design with a comfortable audio experience. The headphone is open back, so there is little chance of less noise cancellation. You will find wooden or veneer details along the rim of the earcup. It gives a luxurious touch to the headphone. 

The earpads are so soft and comfortable that you can put on the headphones for a long time. The bass is the most crucial feature of this Monolith M1060. You can get a natural sound with headphones. The midrange is also balanced enough. All vocals are clear and centered. 

Key features of Monolith M1060

  • Impedance is 50Ω
  • The sensitivity is 93dB
  • Wooden rim
  • Superior bass range 

7. Best Overall: Audeze LCD-3

One of the most expensive and best planar magnetic headphones is the Audeze LCD 3. This Audeze LCD 3 is much more sophisticated than any other design, quality, and sound choice. The package includes a carrying case, two audio cables, 4-pin connectors, ¼-in to 3.5mm adapter, a user manual, and a 3-year warranty.

This is an open-back headphone that comes with the best sound quality. The headband and the ear cups are metal, making the headphones quite durable. The weight is evenly distributed so that it can not produce a load on your head. 

The audio quality is the best thing you will get here. The vocals, instruments, etc., are so clear and rich in quality. 

Key features of Audeze LCD-3

  • 110Ω impedance
  • 102dB sensitivity
  • Durable body with evenly distributed weight
  • high-definition lossless audio

8. Best OPPO Headphones: OPPO PM-1

The Oppo PM series are one-of-a-kind headphones that are durable and sturdy with better sound quality. The headphone is quite elegant in terms of looks. The headband, joints, and ear cups are made of aluminum. You can also extend the headband or rotate the earcups.

The sound quality is the greatest thing about this headphone. The paddings and headband are soft. The bass response is extended. The weight is nearly 13.9oz. 

Key features of OPPO PM-1

  • 32Ω impedance
  • 102dB sensitivity
  • 13.9oz weight
  • Durable aluminum body
  • Soft paddings
  • Rotating earcups

9. Hifiman HE-560 Full-Size Planar Magnetic Headphones

HE-560 is another affordable option for planar magnetic headphone lovers. You will be amazed by its exceptional sonic performance. The earcups are made of plastic, but they are also durable and soft. The suspension band helps to distribute the weight evenly. 

Key features of Hifiman HE-560

  • 40Ω impedance
  • 90dB sensitivity
  • Superior sound quality
  • Soft earcups

10. Best HIFIMAN Headphones: HIFIMAN HE1000 V2

Here is our last pick, which is HIFIMAN HE1000 V2. It is the priciest one with the best sound quality and other factors. In the box, you will find a wooden box, a 1.5m-long cable with a 3.5mm jack, a 3m-long cable with a ¼-inch jack, a 3m-long 4-pin XLR cable, a user manual, and a 3-year warranty.

This HIFIMAN HE1000 V2 is the most durable one. The whole body is made of stainless steel, and the earcups are made of metal alloy. The entire design is planned ergonomically, which makes the headphone superior in every aspect. The weight of 14.08oz is evenly distributed, so you can not feel that. 

The bass is extended, which provides a superb listening experience. The lower midrange is impactful, whereas the upper midrange is quite dynamic.

Key features of HIFIMAN HE-1000 V2

  • 35Ω impedance
  • 90dB sensitivity
  • Asymmetric earpads to match the contours of the face and angle
  • Durable body
  • Evenly distributed weight 

Key features you have to check before buying the best planar magnetic headphones in 2023

Purpose of use

Before making the purchase, first, be sure what the purpose of having planar magnetic headphones will be. You can use it for casual listening, or else you can use it for professional things. Based on your purposes, you can go for the type and budget of planar magnetic headphones.

Wired or wireless

Wired or wireless are other things to consider. Though there are a few wireless options, you can get a lot of wired options. 

Sound quality

Sound quality is the most crucial factor you need to check before buying. If you spend a lot of money, but the sound quality is not so tempting, your listening experience will be worse. 


Also, the build quality is essential, like sound quality. Before buying, always check the materials of ear cups, cable quality, headband quality, joints, hinges, buttons, etc.

Bass response 

Those who are audiophiles are hunting for good bass, which can make the music experience far better. When choosing the one for you, make sure you have looked at the bass level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are planar magnetic headphones good for mixing?

Yes, planar magnetic headphones are suitable for any professional audio mixing. The audio quality is superior, with extended bass and a less noise leaking system.

Do planar magnetic headphones sound better?

Planar magnetic headphones are superior in quality, making the headphones sound the best. Also, modern technology is continuously helping them to upgrade those headphones. 

Can I use planar magnetic headphones for outdoor use?

Lots of planar magnetic headphones come with an open-back design. If the design is open-back, it may create issues during outdoor use. But if you can get the closed-back headphones, you can easily use them outdoors because there will be no audio leakage.

Why are planar headphones so expensive?

The signature magnetic field is the only reason those headphones are more expensive than any other options in the headphone industry. 

Bottom Line

So, here is our list of the top 10 planar magnetic headphones that will be your best listening partner. Still, before buying one for you, check all details and prices for your convenience, so you do not need to face any hassle. Be in contact with us to get more such information soon.

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