10 Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets in 2023

Be it you or me, most of us like to carry our headsets around. Music boosts our energy and makes us live in the moment. But earphones with wires get tangled, the headphones are bulky and the neck earphones also come with wire. To solve these issues, we have curated this list of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets in the market right now!

But, there is an easy solution as there are few headphones with retractable or foldable parts which makes them far easier to carry around. This would be a game changer for you. The easily retractable ear plugs could avoid any unnecessary tangles or the possibility of breaking.

10 Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets

1. LG Tone Ultra HBS 830

This is a headset with Bluetooth wireless technology that is used to connect with your device or source of music. The headset is Bluetooth and also allows freehand movement without the need to have to carry a device just to play music.

It is a stereo headset with extremely good quality audio to give you the perfect experience while you are walking out doing any work including studying. You can get these headphones for a price on Amazon and its website. It’s lightweight and made to listen on the go from anywhere else.

It also comes with an exceptionally good review from the customers at Amazon, which is why we call this one of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets.


  • The headset is noise canceling which means there is no outside noise interrupting your music session or your class or yoga sessions.
  • It is an advanced headset as it supports Google Assistant which lets you know the news, weather, or anything you want.
  • It has wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity technology.
  • It has in-ear placement.
  • It has a retractable cord that lets you handle this without getting the wires tangled so it makes it easier to travel with. The retractable earbuds also make the headphone a lot more comfortable.
  • It has built-in microphones which makes it easier to attend calls while you are in the gym or working out or walking or studying or in busy places. It has dual memes microphone to deliver voice clarity during conversations and make clear audio.
  • It has 380 hours of standby time, up to 15 hours of music playtime, and talk time of up to 13 hours. It takes only approximately up to two hours for charging fully.
  • It has a 210 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery.

Pros & Cons

  • Works with iPhone, Galaxy, and other androids.
  • It is universal to all Bluetooth phones and tabs.
  • No batteries are included.
  • The duration of the charge in the headphone may depend on the type of mobile it is connected to and the features which are on and also the operating temperature with many more we have this makes the working time of the headphone unstable in a few conditions.

2. LG Tone Style HBS SL5

This is another headset from LG. It is Bluetooth connectivity technology that lets you listen to music anywhere while doing anything you want without interruptions. You get full freedom of movement with the headset. It comes in black and white color and has an ear placement. Let us find out why this is one of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets.

The stereo sound production offers premium and immersive audio to its listeners. The users can get the best audio along with having a retractable card which makes it very easy to move and it’s extremely comfortable being lightweight.

It has a fast charging feature and comes with a powerful battery. Its sound quality along with its charging capability and looks makes it one of the best headsets on the list. It comes at an affordable price so you do not need to go over your budget.

The features below will make it clear why these headphones are one of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets.


  • It has retractable earbuds which can exchange when pulled gently and also retract when pulled again for easy storage during transportation and also kept in a bag or any area or simply hung around the neck.
  • It is crafted with special Meridian technology which provides high-performance audio experts and pioneers along with advanced audio solutions. The LG tone flex is meant to deliver balance sound along with having rich and clear tones.
  • The headset is very well built with multi-layer metal to provide a clearer and more balanced sound. It has a composite drive from inside the speaker units which produces clarity in all high and low ranges. The metal with its multilayer manages to create accurate travel and introduces rich and deep bass.
  • Even this headphone is equipped with dual microphones to pick up your voice very clearly and sharply and also deliver audio did the other person across the phone perfectly. Is perfectly workable even in noisy environments.
  • It has a lasting battery of eight hours of playtime which means a full working day.
  • And even if your charge is over you can easily charge it for 10 minutes to get three hours of playtime.
  • The neck band along with its retractable earbuds provides complete comfort and versatility.

Pros & Cons

  • It has a Meridian audio sound partnership.
  • It lacks Google Assistant built-in.
  • It lacks external speakers.
  • It lacks an external hi-fi DAC.
  • It has a standby time of only 18 days and a talk time of eight hours.

3. Bluetooth Headset 2022 Upgraded: Galirity

It is a noise-canceling headset with a set of stereo speakers which means it doesn’t matter the amount of crowd or the environment you are in you can always tap into your musical mood and immerse yourself totally into the experience without any interruptions from the outside.

It has Bluetooth wireless connectivity technology that lets you move freely without having any wires throughout your place and also does your work seamlessly without trouble. The form factor is in the ear. The retractable earbuds are present in the headset. This makes it very easy to carry with retractable earbuds and foldable neckbands.

This headset is perfect for porting or transportation and long journey as it comes with a perfect carrying case and with all the parts that it has it can turn itself into a very small headphone if you want it to. This comes at an extremely cheap price so buying it would be very easy even if you are on a very tough budget or you are a student with a bit of savings.

The design is another big part of the headset as it has a sleek design with good shine and polish along with having the combination look great. It comes in three different colors so you have the option to choose between three rather than going for one.

If you are still not convinced, here are some more features to make you understand why we call this one of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets.


  • It has wireless Bluetooth connectivity technology for free movement along with having in-ear placement.
  • The headset is extremely comfortable to wear and the 2022 upgraded Bluetooth headphone focuses mainly on comfort and sound by providing faster and stable signal transmissions along with clearer sound quality and lower power consumption.
  • The headset took its game one step forward by providing foldable link bands which means it allows you to put the neckband is the Bluetooth headset into your pocket is easily carried in a bag and moves through long distances without having it broken.
  • It is 16 hours of music time along with 18 hours of quality and 300 hours of standby time when fully charged. The full charge time is 3.5 hours. The headset delivers audio without any interruption and seamlessly with the help of its powerful rechargeable battery.
  • You can connect two devices simultaneously. Along with having multi-connection with two devices at the same time it also can switch between the two Bluetooth devices easily while staying connected to your phone.
  • It produces HD bass sound with the help of Bluetooth technology and CVC6.0 noise-canceling technology. It also has a built-in mic to produce stereo sound and super bass sound during calls to capture your voice crystal clear.
  • It has IPX5 sweatproof resistant writing. It has an internal nano-coating that protects the headphone from rain and lets you carry on with your workout and running or jogging even through rain seamlessly.
  • It also has skip/play/pause buttons on your headphone four hands-free and easy-to-use methods without needing to reach your phone.

Pros & Cons

  • It has water resistance.
  • It has 10-inch retractable work and also has a USB charging port.
  • Lacks Google Assistant.

4. AMORNO Foldable Bluetooth Headphone

This is another headset that has a foldable headband along with retractable earbuds. This headset also come under a very good budget. It comes in two colors and has Bluetooth connectivity technology which lets you move freely and seamlessly continue with your work. Let us find out more about why this is one of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets.

It also has an ergonomic design which makes it more comfortable than a few other headsets and makes it easy to work with. It comes along with the carrying case which provides you an easy transportation facility when you need to carry the headset along with you.

The design of the neckband also makes it lightweight and durable which makes it often unnoticeable when you’re wearing it. We also did not need to worry about the devices it is compatible with as it has a wide range of compatibility and you can connect anything to it via Bluetooth.

The features below will help you understand why we call this one of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets.


  • It connects with two devices at the same time. It supports iPhone, iPad, Samsung, or other Bluetooth devices and androids.
  • It is perfect for outdoor work and activities be a jogging running playing sports or anything as it is sweatproof and lightweight.
  • It is Bluetooth connectivity technology and in-ear placement.
  • It is auto-retractable earbuds that allow you to pull the earbuds to the length you want. The earbuds can be pulled up to 28 cm.
  • A special button for a recheck this present so that the earbuds get automatically retracted when you press the button making the headset easy to use.
  • It is foldable and lightweight given its economic design and you can fold it left or right.
  • It has 18 hours of talk time, 16 hours of music time, and 3.5 hours of full charging time. You get 300 hours of standby time so you do not need to worry about it getting out of charge easily. It has a 300M AH battery power.
  • It has an incoming call vibration reminder whenever you receive a call so that you don’t miss anything.
  • It is a high-five CSR Bluetooth 5.0 chipset with advanced noise canceling technology to block out all the external noise this provides you with super bass and sound along with having a high-quality experience with its stereo hi-fi sound quality.

Pros & Cons

  • It has batteries included.
  • It is sweatproof.
  • It has buttons for easy-to-use techniques on the neckband.
  • Lacks Google assistance.

5. BEARTWO Upgraded

This is yet another version that comes up at a very cheap price but with good features. You could give this as a gift or even use it for yourself. It is a foldable wireless neckband headset with retractable earbuds. That means even this headphone is transportable.

It comes with stereo headsets that reduce any outside noise and also give you immense pleasure while you’re listening to music and provide you with better quality calls and clarity of voice when on a phone call. But wait, there is more to why we call this one of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets.

This one is best for use when you are out for a workout or running or driving or any kind of outdoor activity as it is perfectly made for the reason. Also, it is Bluetooth 4.1 and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity technology that’s giving you a wide range of connecting devices.

The features below will show you why we call this one of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets.


  • It is 4.1 and 5.0 connectivity technology with an in-ear form factor. It comes in three different colors.
  • It has foldable neckband with retractable earbuds.
  • It is a good battery life with 18 hours of talk time, and 16 hours of music time which lasts through your travel or sports and even work day.
  • You can connect 2 devices with it simultaneously.
  • It is sweatproof and lightweight.
  • It is vibrations and voice prompts for voice calls. They vibrate independently when incoming calls are coming even in noisy environments for you do not miss a call and you can simply pick up a call by double clicking a button.
  • It has the latest Bluetooth technology along with CVC noise cancellation and a built-in microphone for stereo sound production. It has a super bass sound which makes calls clearer and easier.

Pros & Cons

  • The headphones support Siri.
  • It has fewer to fewer buttons for easier use.

6. AVANTREE Torus Wearables

This is a premium quality headset with Bluetooth 5.0, PTX HD, and low latency. This has many features to it along with hands-free and ears-free quality. It works well with all kinds of Bluetooth devices and transmitters and also tablets. You could use it for TV, music, movies, PC, or laptop along with in conjunction with other mobile devices.

This is a headphone with extreme features and also is a bit expensive. However, there is good reason why this has been included in the list of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets.


  • You can simply put the headset on your shoulder and listen to music.
  • It has an independent DSP and two speakers that produce theatre-quality surround sound.
  • It has Qualcomm aptx HD audio to deliver high-definition audio transmission which preserves sound data throughout the audio.
  • It has limited to no lip syncing delay due to its aptX low latency technology which allows for reducing Bluetooth delay and delivering high-quality sound in perfect synchronization.
  • It is a long work range then put together with the transmitter the Torus allows you to roam around the house freely.
  • This is a standby time of 260 hours and a playtime of 16 hours.

Pros & Cons

  • You can easily switch to built-in retractable earbuds while you’re taking a private phone call.
  • It just passes through technology.
  • It produces high-quality 3D sounds.
  • The headphone is not recommended for high-impact and vigorous sports activities.
  • It also cannot be used in moist environments thus canceling many spots where headphone is used by people.
  • The battery life is quite unstable as it may vary through the styles, settings, and operating system along with the kind of device it is connected to.

7. EXFIT BCS 700

It is a wireless Bluetooth headset in the neckband style along with retractable earbuds that feel comfortable using easy portability when you travel across. You can easily auto-answer calls with the help of this headset when you pull the earbuds.

All the features in it make it extremely easy to use and it is also a budget-friendly headset. It comes in three different colors and fantastic slick body design with silver color ends.

The features below are an ode to why this is one of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets.


  • It is an older adjustable wire management system that does the simple pull to retract and use the earbuds. You can easily accept calls by pulling out the earbuds and then cutting the call by pulling it once again.
  • You can listen to ambient noise by the audio transparency mode and function.
  • It is compatible with AI voice assistance: Siri and Google Assistant.
  • It is vibration on or off mode and alerts you by vibrating when the Bluetooth is connected or disconnected and even when you are on a call.
  • It has how to call answer function via pulling the earbuds.
  • It is EQ sound mode to choose between three sound presets normal, bass, and treble.
  • It has IPX4 weather resistant and provides resistance against sweat and splash.

Pros & Cons

  • It supports both Siri and Google assistance.
  • You can easily set an alarm or play music and know the weather by commanding via the headphone to Google Assistant or Siri.
  • The manufacturer denies depending on ambient mode for surrounding sound as it might not be up to the mark and may lead to accidents.

8. ARMONO Foldable Wireless

This is another headset from AMORNO which is foldable and has retractable earbuds. It is a wireless headset with 4.1 Bluetooth technology and comes in two different colors. There is more to why we call this one of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets.

You can use it for jogging, gymming, and other outdoor activities as it is sweatproof and specially made for sports. You can also definitely attend calls by it very easily without involving your hands and while doing your work added support to school via its retractable earbuds.


  • It is foldable and extremely lightweight.
  • It is auto retractable earbuds with one button control.
  • It has wide compatibility and supports iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and other devices and connects to two devices simultaneously.
  • It is 10 hours of music time, 12 hours of talk time, and 180 hours of standby time after a single full charge.
  • It is an ergonomic neckband designed to fit and reduce the pressure around your ear.
  • It is sweatproof.
  • It is hands-free calling with the help of the wireless neckband design and retractable earbuds.
  • It has a Hi-fi stereo sound.

Pros & Cons

  • It is a built-in microphone.
  • It lacks Google or any voice assistance.

9. LG HBS 1120 Tone Premium

It is a phone from LG with wireless Bluetooth and retractable earphones with a stereo sound effect for a premium quality experience with music and audio from anywhere and everywhere. It has an in-ear placement.

It also cuts down background noise during phone calls which captures your voice with clarity and preciseness. It also has an easy-to-use switch-on button for use. You can easily get it from the website.

Here is why we call this one of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets.


  • It has to stand by time of 14 days, music play time up to 13 hours, and talk time after 12 hours. It has a 220 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery.
  • It is Google assistance which lets you call, play music, or know about the weather. It also has a direct button with a “push to talk” service for this matter.
  • It is built-in dual means microphones to answer phone calls with clarity.
  • It produces a stereo effect to immerse you into the music experience.
  • It is advanced quad-layer speaker technology that has been placed in it for balanced audio and the least distortion.

Pros & Cons

  • Works with all Bluetooth devices.
  • It has voice assistance.
  • The duration of the charge in the headphone may depend on the type of mobile it is connected which makes the battery quite unstable.

10. BCS A1

It is well built and has strong durability. The silicon material of the headband makes it skin friendly and is a good headset for working from home. It also supports greatly during video conference calls. It has Bluetooth connectivity technology and has in-ear placement.

But wait, there is more to why we call this one of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets.

It has very durable with its bendable, flexible, and malleable design which can be stored easily in your pocket or anywhere you want it to be. It has shaped memory alloy material to remember its original shape.

The neckband is made up of soft silicone material to maximize the comfort of your neck. And also the charging part is very good with its fast charging capability. The features below will help you understand better as to why we call this one of the Best Retractable Bluetooth Headsets.


  • It is a fast charging feature.
  • It is flexible due to its shape memory alloy material and silicon material.
  • It is Google Assistant and is compatible with apple Siri too.
  • It is vibration on and off, mic mute and EQ sounds mode of normal, bus, and treble.
  • It has IP X4 weather resistance and provides resistance from sweat and splash.
  • It is low energy consumption chiplets and retractable earbuds.
  • It produces HD voice and has a playtime of 10 hours.

Pros & Cons

  • The headphone is very easy to pack in during traveling and can fit in many places.
  • It has great battery life.
  • It does not come with a charger adapter.
  • The earpiece might be a bit loose.

Things to look for before buying a retractable headphone:

  • If the neckband is foldable.
  • If it accepts calls.
  • If it is a button or pull system for accepting calls.
  • If it has vibration mode.
  • If it has noise cancellation mode.
  • If it is comfortable to wear and easy to carry along with.
  • The durability of the product.


Why should I buy a retractable headset?

Retractable headsets are easy to use as well as easy to travel with. The wires are tangle-free thus saving your time and you can make use of them hassle-free.

Which retractable headsets are best?

This list presents the best retractable headsets out of all. However, if you take my advice, LG could be better than the lot.

Should the headset I am buying have a mic?

Yes, it should have a mic most definitely. Having a mic makes it easier to attend a call. Also having vibration mode on will alert you when you’re getting a phone call.


In the list, you have got headsets of various price ranges. All of these headsets are pretty good and can be easily gifted to a friend are used by yourself. A few of the headsets have Google assistants and some of them do not. I would advise you to look for the features you need in the headphone along with having a retractable earbud or a foldable neckband before you buy one.

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