7 Best Silent Disco Headphones

best silent disco headphones

Party freak, are we? How often do you like to party? Once, twice, maybe thrice a week but don’t your neighbors get pissed at you for partying loud so often? While you should not drink so often, you should not stop partying either! Yes, you can still dance to loud music and not disturb your neighbors. How?

Here comes the Silent Disco Headphones which lets you party till late at night with your friends all the while maintaining silence in your surroundings (to an outsider, you may seem like a crazy person dancing to no music, it works that great!).

Everyone can just put on these headphones which are connected to a transmitter and listen to the same music at a time and dance along to the rhythms.

Now let’s get into the list of best Silent Disco headphones and find the exact headphones bundle you need.

7 Best Silent Disco Headphones:


AYVVPII headphones

These are rechargeable wireless silent disco headphones. These can be used for long hours and by many people since they come in bunches perfect for a party with at least 10 people in it.

The placement of these headphones is over-ear and has RF or wired connectivity technology. The people using it can enjoy it up to 500 meters distance from the transmitter with flashing lights that can glow and blow the party up.

They are simply the most “party-able” headphones and come at an affordable price which is what makes them the perfect bundle. All the headphones in this bundle can be recharged and used whenever wanted without the fear of getting exhausted with their high-power battery. The rest of the magic is created by the LED lights present in it.


  • It has LED lights that pulse through the crowd and offers the most entertaining environment for the partiers. It can light up even a dark room.
  • It can take up to three different audio streams and let DJs play against each other which allows it to play music for all generations and allow your guests to choose the type of song they want to tune in.
  • The LED flashes with the beat of the music and also it has LED AYVPII light in the center of the headphone cover which shows which channel the headphones are listening to.
  • It provides sonorous sound quality with the help of advanced 40 mm speakers to provide a well-balanced high-definition sound. This can elevate the experience of the listening mass to a different level.
  • The package contains 10 headphones along with USB charge cable bundles and a transmitter that transmits up to a 500-meter range.
  • The company also accepts customized logos and if you want you can contact them.
  • It has a stylish look to it along with having a metal material for the transmitter with a stable signal for the headphones along with fixed construction for storage.
  • This has a 600 mAh rechargeable li-ion battery along with built-in headphones and transmitter.

Pros & Cons

2. Silent Sound System Starter Package

This headphone package has nine headphones with one transmitter. This headphone is best for family home movies where the whole family can put on a headphone to their ear and watch a movie together at night without disturbing the other family member who is asleep.

It has an over-ear, ear placement along with RF connectivity technology. It comes in blue and from the brand silent surround system. These headphones are of high quality and are for “silent disco”.


  • The headphones come with a convenient, lockable case to pack and move around easily.
  • It has inline volume and channel controls along with three color-coded audio channels as the set support up to 3 transmitters.
  • As it supports 3 transmitters, you can even connect your iPhone to a second transmitter or mobile transmitter to add challenge.
  • Each audio source needs a different transmitter.
  • The transmitter provided with the package is a silent surround system transmitter.
  • It supports a 3.5 mm cable.

Pros & Cons

3. Factory Sell Silent

factory sell silent headphones

The Factory Sell Silent Disco LED headphones with a complete system.

This is a headphone with a big package which is 20 headphones along with three transmitters which comes with a price that is worth giving. The ear placement for this headphone is over-ear. And it has the wireless form of connectivity technology.

These headphones are for fairly big parties. They also add glamour to your party with the LED light which emits through the headphone with its premium sound quality.


  • It transmits LED light flashes vibing with the music rhythm.
  • It can be used for family movies, meetings, educational purposes with a large number of students, broadcasting, tourism, and so on without disturbing the surrounding environment when public.
  • These are portable wireless headphones that help and transport to long distances even with the weight of 20 headphones and three transmitters.
  • It comes with a set of 16 charge systems which perfectly fit 20 pieces of headphones as the headphones are rechargeable.
  • It can receive a signal through the walls of MC links with the help of a transmitter that supports up to 500 meters of distance.

Pros & Cons

4. Hamilton Buhl

This bundle comes in 2 forms: kit and kit alone. The headphones have an over-ear placement. There are accompanied by RF connectivity technology.

KIT: It has an excellent operating time of 35 hours (12 to 14 hours to fully charge). Also comes with FM wireless transitions for up to 100 feet which can be very helpful when parting with a large crowd as it does not allow any interference or obstacle to come along.

KIT ALONE: This comes with wireless connectivity technology in black color along with having an ear form factor. This is a bundle of six headphones with one transmitter which supports multi-frequency. The multi-frequency feature helps you to change to different channels of audio without any delay or hardships.


  • The kit alone has six wireless listening headphones with one transmitter.
  • The whole system can be easily switched between four frequencies as per the need of the user simultaneously.
  • It is infrared wireless communication technology.
  • The package includes a W900 multi-wireless transmitter which transmits high-quality audio up to 300 feet range via FM signals to W901 series headphones, a W901 multi-wireless multi-channel headphone, an AC card for use with turns me down headphone charging, a six-way cable for wireless headphone charging.

Pros & Cons

5. Avantree Quartet

This would be the best silent headphones set you can get to have a movie night with your family or a small group of friends as it has only four headphones to it.

The number of headphones bought can be increased to 100 pieces. The multiple wireless headphones can be joined to a single transmitter. The HD sound quality of the headphones provides you with non-interfered music and sound and has no lights for TV watching.


  • It has an over-ear form factor and 2.4 G RF wireless connectivity.
  • It can be used for TV watching, outdoor movies, silent disco parties, and hearing assistance in church.
  • It allows multiple headphone connections, you just want an audio source with minimum lip sync delay.
  • Though it comes with only four headphones you can always purchase additional ones as the single transmitter supports up to 100 headphones.
  • Every headphone has its volume control though connected to the same transmitter.
  • It supports audio output through an OPT, AUX, or RCA jack – TV, projector, Stereo AV Receiver, mixer board, Blu-ray player, and many more.
  • Setup of this headphone is very easy as you just have to plug the transmitter then switch on the PCM/stereo mode in your audio source and then play by turning on your headphone and transmitters.
  • It is an ergonomic design with an extended long range of 328 feet or 100 meters outdoor and 30 meters indoor.
  • It has two EQ modes: a balanced sound mode and a clear voice mode.

Pros & Cons

6. Sound Off GLO 2

This is a huge bundle of headphones with silent disco system equipment that provides immersive sound and includes an RF transmitter. It’s the best when used in clubs with a large number of people in it.

It can be used in dark due to the presence of LED light inside it to spice up things and vibe along with the DJ like never before!

Night-long partying won’t be a problem anymore as it has long battery life. The whole crowd can listen to different kinds of music even in the same room.

The package that comes in is equipped with electronics to meet all your requirements related to audio including transmitter, charges, storage totes headphones, and everything you need to get started.


  • It has a long life battery of 12 hours.
  • It is noise-isolating radio frequency headphones.
  • The transmitters can broadcast up to 300 yards.
  • Introduce immersive sound without interference.
  • Users can choose up to three different channels and listen to different channels even if using many headphones at the same time.
  • It is made of comfortable leatherette along with an adjustable headband and LED channel indicator lights in six different colors which include blue, green, red, cyan, champagne, and Violet.
  • It has RF and NFC wireless connectivity technology based on the ear.
  • The package comes with 1 bolt 2 transmitters, 3 GLO 2 Squid multi-unit charges, 1 power strip, 1 ST45 storage tote, and 45GLO 2 headphones.

Pros & Cons

7. Party Headphones Silent Disco Bundles

This is a silent disco bundle with long battery life and 10 headphones for 10 users along with a transmitter.

The most attractive thing about this set is that it has a long transmission distance of 1500 feet. Be it for parties, for churches, any event, or even for a conference this can be used anywhere without facing any problems over a large area.


  • It can sync with up to three channels with multicolor LED red green blue for each channel.
  • It has 12 hours of battery life when used at full volume after a single full charge.
  • Includes short 200-meter and long 500-meter modes for crowd control, according to the size of the crowd.
  • These headphones are comfortable with a soft pushing design which helps in extended wearing.
  • These are over-ear headphones with wireless connectivity technology and without cable.
  • It has only 1% sound distortion

Pros & Cons

Things to look for before buying headphones for silent Disco:

  • The number of the transmitter that connects to the headphones.
  • The number of headphones that connects to each transmitter.
  • The number of frequencies the transmitter supports.
  • Wired or wireless.
  • The number of channels it supports.
  • The sound quality.
  • If the volume of each headphone can be controlled individually.
  • If it is noise isolating or noise cancelling.


What are silent Disco Headphones?

These are wireless headphones used instead of loudspeakers during gatherings to let the surrounding be noise free. This helps lessen the noise pollution.

What are the things needed for a silent disco?

It needs 1 – 3 transmitters, a music source for each of the transmitters, electricity, and a bundle of headphones.

Are silent disco headphones as fun as loud music from speakers?

Yes, it is. Rather it is more fun as no interference occurs and the music becomes more immersive.


Using silent disco headphones is best for partying as it not only reduces noise pollution but also lets the listener get fully immersed in the music.

You could go for Avantree if you want to buy a disco headphone set just for your family and close-knit friends. They are of premium quality and can be a bit costly. If you have a really large crowd you can easily go for a party bundle. It depends on the number of people you have in the crowd as that will decide the number of headphones and transmitters you need.

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