13 Best Songs to Test Your Speakers Quality

When it comes to checking the sound quality of your favorite speaker, you need to play a signal; in simple words, you need to play one of the best songs to test your speaker, and then you can understand whether your speaker is providing the best quality of sound or not. At a glance, we always choose our favorite playlist to check the sound quality, bass control, stereo spectrum, stereo image, specific frequencies, instrument separation, voice understanding, etc.

13 Best Songs to Test Your Speakers’ Sound Quality and Range

You will probably have your favorite playlist that can be used to test all kinds of factors of your speaker’s audio performance. But let us ask you one thing, will it harm you if you add a few more tracks to your playlist to check the audio performance?

As we have previously checked a few songs that are best for checking the speaker’s sound quality, we can guide you in this field. We have put together a list of 13 best songs that are very helpful in testing each and every aspect of your speaker’s performance. This is obviously by no means a wholesome list, but we tried to gather around a few songs.

Let’s check out these songs right away!

How can you test speaker quality?

First, play your favorite song when you need to check or test your speaker’s quality. It will be helpful for you if you can have the best playlist. But wait a while. What do you need to check when testing the speaker’s quality and audio performance?

A good speaker is only worth buying when it makes you satisfied after listening to your favorite playlist. When you are playing your favorite playlist, make sure to check a few factors we are going to mention below.

  • Treble means the tone of higher frequencies or higher pitch ranges from 6 kHz to 20 kHz. Treble is known as the counterpart of the bass sound. 
  • Bass: bass is the tones of low frequency or lower pitch. It ranges from 16 to 256 Hz. 
  • Frequency range: frequency range is how wide a choice of sound can reproduce. 
  • Surround sound: surround sound is a technique where the fidelity and depth of sound reproduction are enriched. The enriched fidelity goes through the multiple audio channels from the speaker to the listener.
  • Overall tonal balance: tonal balance refers to energy distribution across audible frequencies. Simply put, it balances bass, midrange, and treble. 
  • Dynamic range: Dynamic range means the ratio between the minimum and maximum peak output where no distortion is present. This factor helps determine a speaker’s ability to reproduce loud, high-impact audio effortlessly. Dynamic range is gauged in decibels. 
  • Midrange quality: The midrange frequencies usually range between 300Hz and 5,000Hz. 

Here you will get all the songs that are best to test your speaker’s sound quality and range. Check it out!

13 Best Songs to Test Your Speakers’ Sound Quality and Range

1. Radiohead – the national anthem

If you are hunting for the best song to check your speaker’s sound quality, nothing can beat the vibe of The National Anthem by Radiohead. It is a dense, multi-tiered wedding cake of a song. The whole music is a perfect balance between organization and attack.

Why to choose?

  • The National Anthem by Radiohead is the best song for testing the whole tonal balance of the speaker.
  • The whole cacophony will be so clear only if the speaker can differentiate between the acoustic and electronic tones.
  • Also, if the speaker can balance between organization and attack, as well as dynamism and poise, then rest assured your speaker is absolutely perfect.

2. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Turn Your Lights Down Low

Bob Marley was the first singer ever who bring reggae to a worldwide audience. But with Island Records, the traditionally rough-and-ready genre by Bob Marley became more accessible. When you want to check your speaker, turn on Turn Your Lights Down Low.

Why to choose?

  • It is a soothing and spacious recording where you can understand that every musical instrument has its area to showcase the sound.
  • When you check your speaker with this music, it will determine each player’s position on the stage.
  • The intensity of the music will have a pure impact on the speaker.
  • This song is perfect for using space as an instrument only if your speaker is capable of differentiating between the intensity and instrumental up-downs. 

3. The Chemical Brothers – Das Spiegel

Every sound is perfect to distinguish. To test the attack and decay of your speaker, the best one is Das Spiegel by the Chemical Brothers.

Why to choose?

  • You will find the strummed guitar, which is complemented by blown melodica.
  • The song is equipped with the four-square boom-bap of the drum pattern, hisses, and squeaks.
  • When you will tune in to this music, you can check the bass of your speaker properly. So, your speaker is perfect only if it is able to create a clear bass.
  • Also, make sure that the speaker can differentiate between drum patterns and other instrumental tones. 

4. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb

Here is our another pick for checking the treble response of your new speaker.

Why to Choose?

  • Now, check the treble response of your speakers with this incredible song.Your speaker will be the best one if it has a well-balanced treble response.
  • Also, the lower and upper notes will be clear if the speaker has a good sound range.

5. ALT-J – 3WW

When you want to test the bass quality of your speaker, you should go for rap or hip-hop because these kinds of music are ideal.

Why to Choose?

  • The deep bass of this music will give instant magnetism when you will go for the sound test of your speaker. Such one song is 3WW by ALT-J.
  • This song will help you understand whether your speaker can create a separate room for bass and amplification.
  • Also, the bass quality of the speaker can be checked with the music.

6. Max Roach – Lonesome Lover

To test your speaker’s treble quality, drummer Max Roach is here with his impeccable hi-hat and ride cymbal playing.

Why to Choose?

  • You can find the best combination of treble through which you can check the speakers properly. This music will help to check the treble of your speaker.
  • Wailing, keening, and striding playing are some best parts that will clear out the treble.
  • If the speaker is good enough, then it will be able to differentiate between higher and lower frequencies simultaneously. 

7. Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor

This song is very effective in testing the tonal balance of your speakers. You can check whether your speakers are capable of providing a soothing and clear sound or not.

Why to Choose?

  • “Ready for the floor” is a good song with various distortions.
  • Your speaker will be the best one only if the speaker can smoothen out all those distortions in the song. So, check this point very seriously. 

8. Thundercat – Uh Uh

One of the essential albums is by the popular Thundercat (Stephen Bruner), done with Drunk in 2017.

Why to Choose?

  • If you want to test your speaker’s bass extension as well as tonal variations, then one of the best choices is Uh Uh by Thunder Cat.
  • Apart from bass quality and tonal variations, if your speaker is able to test the decay and attack at once, then your speaker is good to pick up.
  • We should mention that the best speaker will make you understand the variation in each and every note tonality and the proper intensity will be checked if the speaker is good. 

9. Toto – Rosanna

This is your best choice if you want to check the overall speaker’s quality and range. The song Rosanna is packed with small details.

Why to Choose?

  • You need to check if your speaker is able to pick up all those small details in the song.
  • Also, the speaker should pick every single detail with its instrumental tone. If the speaker is able to do so, then the speaker is absolutely perfect.

10. Gregory Porter – Holding On

This music is perfect for checking your car’s speaker and sound quality. The speaker will make you listen to a rich sound along with the double bass.

Why to Choose?

  • If you can feel the huge bass, your speaker is good for cars.
  • Also, the tonal purity and short drum break of the music should be felt through the speaker while you are driving on a road.
  • Another thing you need to check is your speaker has to differentiate between instrumental strands and vocal elements.

11. Lorde – Royals

Another masterpiece is here which is exactly perfect for checking your speaker’s quality and range. The song is filled with depth.

Why to Choose?

  • If your speaker can sense a decaying resonance, then your speaker is perfect for listening to different music.
  • Also, your subwoofer will be the best one if it can make you feel the electronic bass of the music.
  • The whole audio system should play the music so loud. If the music is loud and the first chorus is clear enough, then the sound system or the speaker is absolutely good.

12. John Williams –  A Life in Music (Star Wars Theme)

No doubt it is one of the best pieces by the legend. The whole song is a masterpiece!

Why to Choose?

  • Here in this song, you can test the high intensity along with low intensity sometimes.
  • Both of these are merged so properly that will help determine the intensity of your speaker.

13. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Here is our last pick which is the masterpiece of all time.

Why to Choose?

  • The music includes a lot of layers of vocals along with guitars.
  • The dynamics keep changing which will help you to understand whether the speaker can go up and down with the layers or vocals.
  • It will be easier also if the speaker can differentiate each and every vocal at the right time.

You can also try out this music to test your speakers. Watch this video:


Mention some pieces of music that are packed with higher bass.

Here is the music that is packed with higher bass.
1. Super Bounce – Duckwrth
2. Starboy – The Weeknd
3. What’s the Use? – Mac Miller
4. Fly Away – Flatbush Zombies
5. Of Reality – Palingenesis
6. New Born – Muse

What features are important for speakers?

Well, any speaker should include a few factors. Those are clarity, detailing, depth of sound, bass boost, range, imaging, treble, tonal balance, frequency range, etc. 

Final Thoughts

So, here is our pick for the 13 best songs to test your speakers’ sound quality and range. There are other songs too that can help you test the speaker’s sound quality or range but these, according to us, does the job perfectly.

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