10 Best Transcription Headphones in 2023

10 Best Transcription Headphones

Transcription is used in many places for different kinds of works. And also this is not the easiest work to do and sometimes transcribing script can be hard because of the pronunciation of the speaker or many other technical issues. Understanding each word is specifically and significantly important in this work as missing one word or writing it incorrectly can change the whole meaning of a sentence and thus make the walk useless.

Transcription is listening to a video or audio recording and writing it down by each word. This is used mainly while subtitling, translating, and many more other such works where writing down from a significant voice is extremely necessary.

To achieve this work correctly you would need a pair of earplugs are headphones as most of the time the audio is too difficult to hear correctly directly.

Headphones amplify and emphasize each word just letting you hear it. It helped make your clients happier with your perfect work. The list for the magic is given below:

10 Best Transcription Headphones in 2023:

1. Apple AirPods

This is the second generation Airpod from Apple. It is a wireless pair of earbuds that gives you free movement without having any tangling wire problems with your music source. It has an extremely stable Bluetooth which flows signals uninterrupted with a minimal amount of lag leading to enjoying the essence of music or audio while you are listening to all audio-visual or audio.

This pair of earbuds works only for Apple. It has IOS Phone control and this is lightweight and is very comfortable to wear for long hours continuously. Its best part is that it has noise isolation which is very helpful when you are transcription using this headphone. It gives you so focused audio with clear voice and enhancement letting you recognize every word in any audio or video recording clearly for you to write it down correctly.

It’s also very easy to charge this gadget as it has a charging case where you simply plug it in, charge it up, and use it again the next morning.


  • It has quick access to Siri letting you command whenever you need to know about the weather news send a text to a friend and everything. It is hands-free as simply saying “hey Siri” will activate it without delay and inconvenience. There is no need to touch any button or stop your work.
  • It has wireless Bluetooth and NFC connections. It is wireless, effortless, and magical.
  • It has optical sensors and motion accelerometers that work together and controls the audio experience along with engaging the microphones for phone calls and Siri access. This enables AirPods to play as soon as they are near the ear and pause when they’re not you can easily play asking for what just by double tapping I’m listening to music.
  • It has the precise pickup of voice and words with the help of a speech-detecting accelerometer which easily recognizes when someone is speaking and works with a pair of beamforming microphones that filters out all external noises delivering or recording only your voice.
  • It can be easily charged by placing it in the charging case. An LED light is present which glows when the earbuds are charging.
  • It has 24 hours of battery life in the charging case, up to five hours of listening time on one charge, and due to the fast charging feature, it takes only 15 minutes of charge to provide three hours of playtime.
  • The apple AirPods connect instantly with iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Apple TV. The earbuds switch within each of them seamlessly.

Pro & Cons

2. Phiaton BT 120 NC

This is another headphone that is perfect for transcription work. It is a BT earphone with noise cancellation which lets it give you clear voice and audio delivery thus helping you make fewer to lesser mistakes while you’re transcribing.

It comes in two different forms one is Bluetooth and the other is wired. With Bluetooth, you can easily carry it anywhere without having the problem of tangling wires and also use it hands-free while writing or even listening to music while moving.

You can use the neckband as it is extremely lightweight and also you can carry it easily around your neck throughout the day without having much feeling of it. It is very easy to maintain because of his neckband format. Even though it is wired, it is retractable thus it can be easily folded and it’s as portable as the wireless one.


  • It has active noise cancellation that reduces up to 95 percent external interference with help of its technology and helps you hear the audio and the words being transcripted also during listening to music it gives you a feeling of immersion.
  • You can use these headphones for running jogging and even working out as it is sweat and water-resistant and thus do not get destroyed even when it comes to contact with rain.
  • It has many vibration notifications to alert you when a call is being received. It also vibrates to alert you during any kind of communication via phone. But it also does not disturb you from your work by giving unnecessary alerts and notifications.
  • It is a quick charge facility through which you can charge it for only 5 minutes to have one hour of battery life. It also has a total playtime of 8.5 hours after a single full charge which is the last to last you for your whole work day.
  • It has a memory flex-like band and comes with wireless music and calls.
  • It has next-generation Qualcomm aptX Bluetooth 4.2.

Pro & Cons

3. Sony WH 1000XM4

This is a headphone with a matte finish and comes in three different colors. This headphone has Bluetooth connectivity technology which delivers you music uninterrupted and in premium quality. It comes with built-in Alexa which takes any kind of personal order you give it file carrying on with your work. You can ask for the weather, any news, or any kind of text via the help of Alexa. It also has a very powerful battery.

 It has a long battery life which gives you plenty of time for your work and also music and cinema afterward. You do not need to worry about the charge as it is a quick charging factor that charges it up quickly in case the headphone runs out of battery to provide you faster cure.

You do need to worry about the sound quality as it produces premium sound quality with the help of its large drivers and emits any kind of bad or broken sound. The headphones provide you with next-level music. You can expand your experience a lot due to the headphone’s different sound controls that are provided to you by the manufacturer.

The headphone also has special sensors in them to detect the environment you are in and work accordingly in reducing or increasing the environmental noise.


  • It is superior quality to precisely pick a voice with the help of combining 5 built-in microphones and advanced audio signal processing.
  • It has speak-to-chat technology which automatically pauses any kind of music so that you can talk about why are you on a call without interruptions or disturbance and conduct your conversation accordingly.
  • It has Amazon Alexa built-in which enables hands-free Voice Access to music, the Internet, and more at any time anywhere.
  • It has ambient sound control which efficiently cancels noise important ambient noise to keep you protected when you are in a crowded environment and make you feel safe around your surroundings. It helps when you are traveling or on the move.
  • You can have instant conversations very easily by placing your hand over the right ear cup with the help of quick attention mode which makes you let take calls very easily and fast.
  • The headphone upscales compressed digital music files help of a digital sound enhancement engine.
  • It is equipped with 40mm large drivers along with LCP liquid crystal polymer diaphragms which produce a full range of frequencies giving you premium sound quality.
  • It has wearing detection and pauses playback then the headphones are removed due to the presence of sensors and resume when they are put on again.
  • It is up to 30 hours of battery life with quick charging.
  • It has touch sensor controls which are used to play composed or skip tracks, control volume, and activate your Voice Assistant along with answering your calls.
  • It can seamlessly pair with multiple devices.
  • It comes with a carry case with cable.

Pro & Cons

4. ECS Wordmaster Headphone

It is an over-ear headphone with wired connectivity technology. It is best used by call centers and medical transcription users as this headphone is made for this purpose. It is a USB headset that’s the best sound quality to provide the best pronunciation and enhance sound quality to reduce mistakes as much as possible.

Using these headphones is pretty easy and also you can easily control volume and everything related to the headphone. Unfortunately, you cannot use these headphones for iPhone and Android as this is mainly for computers and laptops. It’s made with super comfortable earpads.


  • It has superior sound quality as it can turn low-quality or low-volume recordings into crystal clear high-quality files with dynamic sound reproduction.
  • The headphone is extremely comfortable as it is designed for maximum comfort how to reduce fatigue when used for extended periods during transcribing.
  • It is the best kind of volume control at your fingertips as it has a built-in inline volume control console. It increases volume with a Guarantee and it provides 300% increased clarity.
  • It is compatible with windows and mac computers.
  • It is easy to move right in this headset as it is 7 feet code for better mobility.

Pro & Cons

5. Audio Technica ATH M50X

This is a Professional Studio Monitor headphone. The headphone is a professional grade and critically acclaimed. It offers an excellent sort of sound isolation thus letting you concentrate on your work to great extent. The headphone is also good for a professional bassist. The headphone delivers each word in audio with high precision and clarity to help in the proper transcription of the audio.

It comes in six different colors with over-ear placement and wired and wireless technology. Wired and wireless models are two different models with different pricing and you might not get them in all colors except black. It is perfect Sonic performance and provides high-quality audio with no sound leak.


  • It is a professional monitor headphone with critically acclaimed Sonic performance praised by top engineers for best sounds.
  • It delivers play-a sound with exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range, with deep, accurate bass response. It can be used for studio, life, DJ, and personal use.
  • It offers excellent sound isolation provided the circumaural design controls the sound and protects it from interruptions in music sessions in loud environments.
  • It is 90 degrees swiveling ear cups for easy use. It comes with one-ear monitoring and collapsibility for easy traveling and portability.
  • It provides a comfortable fit for hours and given its great earpad and headband material.
  • It offers excellent sound isolation and prevents any sound leak due to circumaural design which contours around the ears.

Pro & Cons

6. Audio Technica ATH M70X

It is a closed-back, dynamic professional studio monitor with over-ear placement and wired connectivity technology. It comes in black. It is ideal for studio and professional use. It can be used for transcription for its premium quality audio.

 It has excellent quality of sound and sound isolation thus providing you with the best environment wherever and whenever you are listening to music and also for work. The headphone can be easily used in a crowded place as they can suppress everything going environment and ambient noise. It has an extremely high-powered battery that supports it throughout your work day and makes sure to not cause interruptions due to charge.

This headphone can not only be used for transcription work but was mainly made for mixing and DJing. This headphone can also be used while studying in overcrowded places as it has an active noise cancellation feature.


  • It has a closed-back design along with 3 detachable cables. It has a fully flat design which makes it more portable and makes it easier to use in the studio.
  • The headphone is built to last with the help of a ruggedly constructed body with key metal components which ensures lasting performance.
  • The headphone is tuned for mixing and mastering and most critical listening tasks. It is balanced to reproduce extreme low and high frequencies and give you the best clarity of voice and audio.
  • It has 45mm large-aperture drivers combined with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils.
  • The headphone maintains a perfect balance with its extended response accuracy to produce extremely low and high frequencies.
  • It provides excellent sound isolation in loud environments with the help of circumaural design.
  • It has 90 degrees swiveling ear cups for easy one-ear monitoring.
  • It is made of professional-grade ear pads and a headband that provides excellent durability and comfort. You can also detach it for easy replacement whenever you need to.

Pro & Cons

7. Bose QuietComfort 35 II

This is an over-ear headphone that comes in three colors: black, silver, and blue. Also, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity technology this letting you move anywhere and everywhere while listening to music at all times. It is also much more portable due to the lack of any kind of wires. It has a 3.5mm Jack and charging cable along with a backup audio cable. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

This is a renowned noise-canceling headphone and clears away any kind of distractions near you even in a loud environment and the focus is on helping you do your work of transcription which extreme precision.

The device also comes with built-in Amazon Alexa which you already know is very helpful when present in a gadget. You could do multiple things with the help of built-in Alexa like knowing the weather, and the news, texting a friend is even offering to listen to the choice of your song all of a sudden.


  • The headphone has an action button on its ear cup that labels some world-class noise cancellation according to need within high, low, or off. With this, you can adjust the noise canceling labels to focus totally on your work or listen to your surrounding partially whenever you need to.
  • You can press and access, Alexa, wherever you want, and listen to music, or podcast without the need of processing your phone.
  • It comes along with the multifunction button which helps you access your phone’s default virtual assistant Siri or Google Assistant.
  • It is installed with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which has a play time of 20 hours after a single full charge. It can also be used in wired mode and in that case the playtime goes up to 40 hours.
  • It has both Bluetooth and NFC pairing which helps pair the headphone to your device very easily and quickly.
  • The headphone has a noise-rejecting dual microphone system which gives clear phone calls and helps in precise voice pickup.
  • It has Bose connect app which helps you adjust the levels of noise cancellation, enable music sharing, and manage Bluetooth connections via phone.
  • It is sweat and water-resistant.

Pro & Cons

8. Philips Stereo Headphone

This is a stereo headphone with a chin-style stereo headset. It has a very simple design but gives you fabulous audio clarity. This is specially used for transcription and designed to serve the purpose of giving you clear and enhanced audio quality for the best transcription effects and to make your work easier. The headphone optimizes high audio quality and ensures that a reliable connection is present letting you work constantly without any interruption. It fits your ears perfectly and also is very comfortable.

It has an open acoustic system along with a serious system that provides you with the best audio quality would expect from a transcription headphone. The headphone is compatible with all Phillips desktop dictation and transcription system, Phillips pocket memo meeting recorders, and Phillips pocket memo digital voice recorder. This product is lead-free and doesn’t cause any harm to your health.


  • It is lightweight which soft ear cushions that provide wearing comfort.
  • It has a 14mm speaker driver that optimizes high audio quality.
  • It has a gold-plated plug that ensures an ultra-reliable connection to produce better audio.
  • It has a neodymium magnet that produces a strong magnetic field to achieve greater sensitivity and better overall sound quality.
  •  It has a 3-meter or 10 feet cable which gives you the freedom to move around while working.

Pro & Cons

9. M12 Earbuds

This is a pair of Bluetooth earbuds with a wireless charging case. It has in-ear placement and USB-C charging cables. Even though it has a small size, the bass that it produces is penetrating. This pair is extremely comfortable to use for a longer period as it has highly sensitive diaphragm 6mm PU dynamic drivers and high-quality silicone earcups.

Charging this headphone is pretty easy as it can be charged in wireless or wired form. The headphone comes with an inbuilt microphone to pick up your voice with precision for calls and delivers the sound with super clarity. You can use this headphone for transcription as it has deep bass and delivers all audio clearly and help you write down all words correctly.


  • It has quick wireless charging with the help of a charging case. The charging case is to be bought differently as it is not provided within the package. You can always use a USB C cable if you do not have a charging case as the headphone supports wired charging too without any problem.
  • The headphone has fast charging features as in with just 10 minutes of charge you can have one hour of playtime.
  • You can also charge the headphone by placing the wireless charging case on a smartphone that has the reverse wireless charging technology.
  • The headphone has an advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chip and it’s compatible with all mainstream Bluetooth devices and connects quickly. The Bluetooth supports up to 49 feet range.
  • It has an ergonomic design and fits perfectly in your ears with its concept earcaps and different type of earcap sizes.
  • It has an IPX8 waterproof rating which means that you can use it for sports, gym, jogging, and even in rain.

Pro & Cons

10. ECS Wordsleuth

This is an under-chin in-ear audio transcription headphones coming along with noise cancellation to provide you with the best audio quality for your work. It has wired connectivity technology and is extremely comfortable for daily use. It comes with three pairs of replacement ear tips in case you face a problem. The earbuds are made up of silicone and the whole set has inline volume control for easy use.


  • It has a versatile connection it’s a 3.5mm right angle Jack connection for mono and studio fix. You can use it with the pedal Dictaphone for the best outcomes in your work.
  • It has superior quality speakers for dictating audio files through built-in mono and stereo switch in this transcription you folks. You have full adjustment of volume control at your fingertips.
  • This headphone is designed for optimal comfort.
  • It isolates external noise.
  • It is a professional transcription headphone with 10 feet of braided cord for easy moving.

Pro & Cons

Note: Not all headphones here are compatible with Android or iPhone. You need to look for the specification before buying one of these.

Things to look for before buying a headphone for transcription.

  • If it is comfortable for longer use.
  • The drivers.
  • If it has inline volume control.
  • The frequencies on which the headphone can work perfectly.
  • If it is wireless or wired.


Should I get earbuds for transcription?

This might not be the best option as while transcription you need to use it for long periods. Be sure about the material used to make it in case you want to buy a pair.

Is noise canceling necessary while transcribing?

You can use it if something around you is disturbing you or getting in the way of clear transcription.

What are audio transcription headphones?

These headphones are tuned to enhance each word and frequency range of recorded speech to help transcribers listen to every word with clarity.


There are a few headphones on the list which are dedicated to transcription only. But the others can be used fairly for every task though all the headphones work very well for transcription too. The Sony headphones are the best though more pricey than other headphones.

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