Top 5 Best Westinghouse TVs Review in 2023

We have bought you the best Westinghouse TVs. These TVs feature the best technology Westinghouse has to offer in a pretty good price range. We usually select Westinghouse TVs over others because of their affordability. Westinghouse TVs usually operate on the Roku TV operating system which is very easy to use and also comes with a variety of apps to play with. On the other hand, there are also normal TVs that do not work on a smart TV framework. You can use a smart TV module to convert the TV to a smart TV.

Top 5 Best Westinghouse TVs Review in 2023

You might want to buy your next TV and you want affordability along with some features, in that case, Westinghouse TVs are a good choice for you and through this article, we will inform you what are the best TVs you can buy. Read the article till the end so that you can find the best Westinghouse TV for your match.

1. Westinghouse WR40FX42019

Westinghouse WR40FX42019

This is a smart TV with an FHD resolution which is 1080p. The screen size is 40 inches which is a decent size and the TV features a Roku TV operating system. Now, Roku TV is easy to navigate and very intuitive, you can find a variety of channels, from Netflix to Amazon Prime and all other basic channels along with Roku’s own application that offers up to 2000 different channels. The Westinghouse TV offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity along with voice command access.

The TV is compatible with Apple Airplay, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant-enabled devices which means you can access it with a smart speaker as well. Also, you can cast your pictures, videos, and music from your device to the TV using the Roku Mobile app or using Apple Airplay 2. The device features Dolby Audio support that provides clear audio, the TV speaker is something that we didn’t like much and so we recommend buying an extra speaker set or a soundbar.

2. Westinghouse WD24HB6101

Westinghouse WD24HB6101

This Westinghouse TV is a bit old with an inbuilt DVD reader. Now, you might not need the DVD reader anymore but the TV is a decent product. You get a 720p display which is crisp and clear and because this is a LED TV so there would be no problem with picture clarity. You don’t get any smart TV capability with this device which is a con but you get a USB input option where you can install a smart TV module. You also get a VGA cable which lets you use the television as a monitor by connecting to your CPU.

The TV is compact in size measuring just 24” which is very portable, also a 60Hz of display is installed. This Westinghouse TV has also got an HDMI input port along with an optical port too. The HDMI port is a normal port with no ARC or eARC support.

3. Westinghouse ‎WR70UX4200

Westinghouse ‎WR70UX4200

This Westinghouse TV is similar to the WR40FX42019 but has a bigger and better display. The display size is 70” which is massive as compared to the 40” television sets. The display resolution is 4K which is a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels. This size of pixels lets you watch videos in full clarity. The color reproduction of this display is awesome and we were impressed to see the amount of contrast it produced. Though the screen is a LED screen the display quality is worth noting.

You get all the modern features such as wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and support for voice control via smart speakers. You get the Roku Mobile through which you can control your device easily and also pictures, videos, and music files to your TV. There is support for Apple Airplay 2. And there is Dolby Audio support which enhances your audio experience with a compatible Dolby Audio-supported home theatre or soundbar.

4. Westinghouse WR75UX4200 / WR75UT4200

Westinghouse WR75UX4200  WR75UT4200

This is the best Westinghouse TV we suggest in this entire list. It is also the biggest display TV on this list. With a size of 75”, this TV is massive and the viewing experience is on the next level on this TV. The TV features a 4K Ultra HD display with a display resolution of 3840 X 2160 and this big screen brings videos to life. The color reproduction is great, the contrast ratios are awesome and because you get HDR10 support the High Dynamic shots are very immersive to watch.

You get Dolby Audio support and the speakers on this Westinghouse TV are really great compared to other TVs. You get support for Voice search and control with smart speakers from Apple, Amazon, and Google. The Roku Mobile app lets you cast video, pictures, and music files which can also be cast via the Apple Airplay 2. There is also support for wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi. You get a total of 4 HDMI 2.0 ports where 1 HDMI port supports ARC. 2 USB ports, 1 ethernet, optical, and 3.5mm audio ports are also available.  

5. Westinghouse WD32HX1201

Westinghouse WD32HX1201

Westinghouse has bought this TV in the market with the idea of affordability. Yes, this TV is very affordable considering its price and the features it has to offer. This is a 32” HD LED TV which is good for every place in your house. You can install this TV in your kitchen, in the drawing room on your working table, or even use it as a monitor. You can connect Video game consoles such as PS4 or PS4 and XBOX consoles with the HDMI cable. Also, this Westinghouse TV also has an added feature of parental control via its built-in V-chip. There is no support for wireless connectivity though.

You get 2 HDMI ports which are normal HDMI and don’t support HDMI eARC or ARC. There is a USB input, VGA port, audio port, RF port, and optical port. The color reproduction of the display is good with 16.7 million colors available.


Here we have the 5 best TVs that Westinghouse has to offer. We hope this article helped you and you can now make a decision on the next Westinghouse TV to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Westinghouse a good brand for TVs?

Yes, Westinghouse is a good brand for TVs as they make very affordable television sets with decent specifications and also provide the Roku TV operating system with a lot of connectivity options.

What is Westinghouse Roku TV?

Westinghouse has partnered with Roku TV to release the new Roku TV lineup where the TVs made by Westinghouse will be installed with the Roku operating system and also can be controlled with the Roku remote and Roku mobile app.

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