How to fix Bluetooth Headphones cutting out? (Full Guide)

Wireless Technology has been around for years, every IoT device nowadays is driven by wireless technology. Bluetooth, which was introduced in 1998 has developed a lot since then, but we still face both annoying and frustrating issues. Bluetooth Headphones are used by everyone and we all face this one common problem – Bluetooth Headphones cutting out or stuttering.

How to fix Bluetooth Headphones cutting out

Audio lagging or stuttering is a common issue with our Bluetooth headphones, and most of the time the problem is easy to troubleshoot and configure. In this guide, we will tell you all the possible problems that might be leading the audio in your Bluetooth Headphones to stutter, with all the common fixes that you can try out.

Common Problems of Bluetooth Headphones cutting out


There are various reasons for audio stuttering and we have added most of them in our article. Well, some of the problems can be caused due to software problems and some can be due to hardware issues. Also, sometimes the source device causes the problem, and sometimes the receiver. Some of the issues can be resolved by common fixes while some need specific steps. The problem-specific mistakes are mentioned in the article along with some common fixes.

The source is the device from which the audio is transmitted. It can be your mobile phone or PC or TV or something with which the Bluetooth Headphone is connected.

Getting far from the source

Bluetooth is a short-range connection technology, which means most Bluetooth Headphones have a maximum range of 10 meters. Check if your device is not within the range of the headphones.

You can check your device specifications for how much range it supports. With newer Bluetooth versions the range has increased but it is advisable to stay within the 10 meters range. Also, check if your source device supports a longer range, the problem can be from both devices. Keep the two devices close to avoid such problems.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth frequency interference


This is one of the most common problems one encounters. Bluetooth uses 2.402GHz – 2.48GHz frequency while Wi-Fi uses 2.4GHz or 5.0Ghz frequency. If your device is connected with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi while using your Bluetooth headset, both devices’ frequencies interfere with each other which causes disturbance in both signals.

In such a situation, using 5.0GHz Wi-Fi is the solution. If your router is dual band then it will support 5.0GHz frequency.

Slow internet connection

If you are listening to music from any online source, such as Spotify, YouTube, or any other application, check your internet connection. If you have a slow internet connection then it is most likely the cause of Bluetooth Headphones cutting out.

Ask your ISP about the slow internet connection or wait for the speed to become normal. Online sources try to load the audio files simultaneously while you are listening to the music so, at slow internet speed, it will load a small part of the audio and start buffering.

More than one Bluetooth device connected to the source


Newer Mobile phones and devices support Bluetooth version 5.0 or above and therefore support more than one Bluetooth device to connect with the source device. But connecting with more than one device is not advisable.

If your phone is connected to a smartwatch or a smart band along with your headset, the signal from both devices can cause interference and it is suggested to only connect one device at a time. Try disconnecting other Bluetooth devices and then re-connect only the headphones.

Note: Don’t try connecting multiple Bluetooth audio devices with one source at one time it will not play audio on multiple devices simultaneously and will result in audio stuttering

If you have any Bluetooth device connected earlier with your smartphone, the device will automatically try to reconnect with your smartphone when you switch it on the next time. Sometimes, if you have accidentally turned on any Bluetooth device, it might be trying to connect with your phone which will cause an audio stutter.

Low battery on headphones

Check if your headphones have run out of charge. Many Bluetooth Headphones nowadays make a beep sound when they are on low battery. Charge your headphone and try listening again, it might solve the problem of your Bluetooth headphones cutting out.

Signal Mismatch

Sometimes, your source device might be sending a surround sound signal to your Bluetooth headphones, and your headphone cannot support it, which is why they cannot cope up with the type of signal from the source. This will cause audio stuttering issues. Try changing your sampling rate from your source device and check for any improvements.

Audio enhancement features


Some apps provide audio enhancement features, if you are using such apps try to stop that application and see if the problem is resolved. It can also happen that this app is already installed on your device but you haven’t run it, but still, it is running in the background when any audio playback occurs.

Uninstall such an application or force stop it to solve the problem. You can also disable any audio enhancement setting and try listening to your headphones.

Problem in the source

It can also happen that the source is causing this issue. To check, disconnect your headphone and reconnect any other headphones, if the problem pursues, then the problem is with the source. Try troubleshooting to know the problem.

App-specific Problem

The problem of Bluetooth headphones cutting out can also occur in only some specific apps. The app might use a different audio generator technology that is diminishing the sound quality and increasing the stuttering issue.

In that case, open the in-app settings and try to tweak some features. If the app does not allow such settings then you have to change your headphone or stop using that application.

Multiple Bluetooth devices in a room


Today every device is wireless and uses Bluetooth technology or NFC for connection. If you have multiple Bluetooth or NFC devices in a room – such as a Bluetooth security camera, Alexa or similar Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth or NFC supported television, etc., then this can also cause audio stutters.

Try switching off all the devices or go out of the room with your headphones only and then listen to music, it might resolve the issue.

Multiple obstacles in the room

If your room is filled with too much furniture then they can act as obstacles for the signal. Metal, concrete, and furniture can be obstacles that can reduce the power of the frequency of signal. Move out of the room and try listening again, it might solve your problem of Bluetooth Headphones cutting out.

Lack of latest software

Check if your Bluetooth Headphone manufacturer has released any updates. Try updating your device to the latest software so that it can keep up with all the new technology in the market.

Problem with your internal speakers in the headphone


If you have accidentally spilled water in your headphones or too much dust has entered into the speaker then it can cause your speakers to become faulty. If also you have listened to any music at high volume, your speakers might have been damaged or blown out. In such a case, it will not work fine and will cause audio stutters.

Multiple audio drivers in your PC

Sometimes, your Personal Computer might have multiple audio drivers which can cause the problem of Bluetooth headphones cutting out. Multiple drivers can cause conflicts in your PC to signal out audio. Try disabling any drivers one by one and observing the change.

Common Solutions everyone can try

These are some common solutions you can try if you are not able to figure out which problem has occurred with your headphones. All the solutions are standard and in most cases solve the problem of Bluetooth headphones cutting out:

  • Try staying near your source device.
  • Connect to a 5.0GHz Wi-Fi or your mobile internet.
  • Disconnect all other Bluetooth devices and only keep your headphones connected.
  • Connect to a faster internet connection.
  • Charge your headphones regularly.
  • Change the audio sampling rate in your source device.
  • Disable any audio enhancement feature.
  • Check for any problem in the source device.
  • Try listening to audio in any other application.
  • Switch off all other Bluetooth or NFC devices in your room.
  • Remove some furniture or move to a different room.
  • Check and update your Bluetooth headphones to their latest version.
  • Check for water spillage, dust, corrosion, or faulty speakers in your headphone.
  • Disable certain audio drivers in your PC and try listening to your headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my Bluetooth headphones keep cutting in and out?

Some common issues:
1. Getting far from the source device
2. Connecting multiple Bluetooth devices
3. Connecting to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi

How do you fix a stuttering Bluetooth headset

Some common fixes:
1. Keep your headphones charged
2. Connect to a faster internet connection.
3. Disable any audio enhancement feature.

Why do my headphones cut out randomly

If your headphones are cutting out randomly, it is because of signal mismatch, slow internet connection, multiple Bluetooth devices, etc.


We hope this guide has solved your issue regarding your Bluetooth headphones cutting out. All these problems commonly occur and all solutions are given here. If you were unable to figure out your problem and cannot find the solution try reaching a customer care center or a hardware store to repair your headphones.