How to find lost Bluetooth headphones that are turned off? (complete guide)

Bluetooth devices are becoming the mainstream devices nowadays. But, how can you find lost Bluetooth headphones that are turned off? Turned-off Bluetooth headphones are difficult to find because they won’t respond to any communication.

Don’t worry we are going to tell you all the ways you can try to find your lost Bluetooth headphones and also what precautions you can take so that you don’t lose your Bluetooth headphones next time.

How to find lost Bluetooth headphones that are turned off

Tips to find lost Bluetooth headphones that are Turned Off

Here are some tips you can implement so that you can find your lost Bluetooth headphones. These tips can also be followed one after the other in the order written, or you can jump to any of the tips you can find suitable for your situation.

Don’t panic and stay positive

The very foremost thing you need to understand is panicking will not help you in finding your lost Bluetooth headphones. Stop panicking and keep yourself calm. It will obviously be very difficult for you to be calm if your lost headphones were expensive. In that case, convince yourself that you will find your headphones for sure. Stay positive and you will surely find your lost Bluetooth headphones with a little effort.

Check the places that are potentially hazardous for your headphones

Start with places you think are the most hazardous places for your headphones. Places such as your garden, near your pet house, in the kitchen, in the washroom or any other place that you think will cause damage to your headphones. Sit tight and make a list of those places. Check out those places where you think your Bluetooth headphones may get damaged due to water, dust, heat, or any animal.

Retrace the places you have visited earlier

Chalk out the places you have visited with our headphones the last time you wore them. This is why we asked you to keep calm so that you can remember the moment before you lost your headphone when you last wore them. Now slowly trace all the places you can remember and try to find them there. Don’t rush, slowly check everywhere and cross out the places you have completed searching.

Check the places where you usually keep your headphones

Find your headphones in the places that you keep the most. Try to remember these places and go there. For example, I often keep my headphones on the study table when I am done using them. I also have certain other places where I am sure I can find my headphones lurking there if I cannot find them on my table. You probably also have such places, search those places and there’s a big chance you’re gonna find them there.

If your headphones are small you might find them in very tight places, under or behind something. If the headphones are quite big you can eliminate small places from your list because it will be of no use to find your big Bluetooth headphones in those tight places.

Ask for help

Go to people in your house for help. It might be that you kept your headphone in some place you usually don’t keep and your housemates have found them. They have kept it safely with them to return to you later. Ask them for the lost Bluetooth headphones and see if they know where it is.

They might have also taken your headphones for listening to music and have forgotten to return them. Ask them if they still have it. You can also ask for help. Tell them to help you find lost Bluetooth headphones in the same way as above and now you will have a greater chance of finding your headphones.

If you have a housemaid working, ask him/her if they have seen your headphones. Ask them to sweep every corner of your house to find your beloved headphones.

Reorder your things

Keeping your work area or home organized decreases the chances of your things getting lost. But if you’ve already lost your headphones somewhere in the mess, first tidy up your room. If it’s there, you will definitely find it once you clean up the mess. This is an easy process and reordering will also ensure that everything you want will be in a perfect place and you don’t have to keep finding them every time you need them.

These are all the tips you can try to find lost Bluetooth headphones if they are turned off. Now, if you have found your headphones that is awesome! Otherwise, you may have to look for a new pair.

Check out our Best Headphones page to look for a new pair of headphones that suits your needs.

Precautions to take in case you lose your Bluetooth Headphones Again

Tying bright ribbons around your headphones

Not everyone will like this solution but it can help you a lot when you lose your headphones. Bluetooth headphones usually come in deep colors. Deep and matte colors get easily mixed with everyday items and they are very difficult to sort out among them. They are also not visible in dark areas of your room because of their matte color they won’t reflect much light.

To spot them you can do one thing, which is tie bright-colored ribbons or a piece of cloth around. Make sure these ribbons are bright-colored so you can easily spot them among other items.

You can also buy limited-colored headphones that are sold in specific numbers. These headphones are brighter than any other normal headphones. You can also add some bright colors to your headphones that look good and will also serve the purpose.

Device Trackers

Apple Airtags

If you are in the apple ecosystem then apple airtags are your best friend when you need to keep track of small items. Just attach the airtag with anything and you are good to go. When that thing goes missing open your “Find My” app and you can easily track down your thing if you are in the Bluetooth range which means the lost object and you are in the range of 15ft to 30ft. Now this can be easily tied to your Bluetooth headphones and when they get lost you can find them pretty quickly.

Remember these are not GPS trackers so, don’t expect them to give you the exact location of your lost headphones from anywhere in the world. These are just proximity sensors so they would help you to find your lost object within a very small range.

Tile mate and Tile pro

Both trackers from Tile are nice alternatives to the apple airtag. Of course, if you are not an apple user these trackers are best for you. These will help you find Lost Bluetooth headphones easily if they are within the range of 200ft for Tile mate and 400ft for Tile pro. This is the only difference between Tile mate and Tile pro, for which reason Tile mate is cheaper as compared to Tile pro. When you are in the range as written above with your lost Bluetooth headphones you can ring the device tracker to let you know its location.

These are trackers are compatible with both android and iOS and come with a replaceable battery of one year. They support the Tile companion app for easy tracking. But you need to subscribe for premium or premium protection for more additional utilities.

Chipolo One

This is the best item tracker of all. With 120db of loudness, this is the loudest tracker of all. With this level of loudness, you can easily track your lost Bluetooth headphones in noisy environments. Moreover, you get a battery backup of 2 years with user-replaceable batteries. This tracker supports Android and iOS as well as Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa as well. It is IPX5-rated and you don’t even need to subscribe to any premium policy for additional features. You simply get all the features out of the box. This tracker is also available in 6 different colors unlike any other. This is the best tracker so far for finding lost Bluetooth headphones.

Skullcandy’s built-in tracking headphones

Skullcandy in association with Tile has bought earbuds with a built-in Tile tracking feature. These headphones can even be tracked when they are turned off. You can track them when they are in close range just like Tile’s standalone trackers. When they are far away the Tile app from other phones can show you the last known location of the lost Bluetooth headphones. Skullcandy has released 4 earbuds with this feature. These are all true Wireless Earbuds.

Model NameCheck Price
Skullcandy Push UltraAmazon
Skullcandy Indy ANC FuelAmazon
Skullcandy Indy EvoAmazon
Skullcandy Sesh EvoAmazon

Headphones with ergonomic design

Headphones that have ergonomic design ensure that they won’t fall out your ears easily. In a busy subway or in a crowded metro you can walk without worrying about your headphones. You can also keep those headphones on when you are running or jogging. These are some of the ergonomic headphones we think will fit you best. Though all the headphones can vary individually in terms of comfort but these are some of the best in the market.

Bose QuietComfort 45

Bose’s QuietComfort series is no doubt the best Bluetooth headphones in terms of ergonomics, lightweight, and comfortable. The name suggests it though. The QC45 is a step forward to the QuietComfort series. You get ANC with these headphones which you can turn on or off anytime. With 24 hours of battery backup and 3 hours of charge in just 15 minutes, these are the best comfortable headphones in our recommendation. Don’t worry about lost Bluetooth headphones anymore as these will never fall from your head easily.

Bose 700

These headphones are also from Bose and are comfortable for your ears. The headband is flexible and the earcups are well-made to fit your ears. These headphones come with 11 levels of Active Noise cancellation and 20 hours of audio playback on a single charge. You can listen to your last song on Spotify with one tap or discover new songs while tapping and holding the right earcup, but these features are only available on iOS devices as of now.


This headphone is Sennheiser’s best offering in the range of comfortable headphones. You get the legendary Sennheiser audio technology with an unmatched level of comfort. These headphones are though cheaper as compared to other Sennheiser models but are on par with the best in the industry. You get 30 hours of audio playback and touchpad audio controls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find my lost Bluetooth headphones on Android?

You can find your lost Bluetooth headphones that are turned off by pairing them with physical tracking devices like Tile’s tracking devices which you can then find with your android device.

How can I find my stolen Bluetooth headphones?

It is very difficult to find stolen headphones but if you had Bluetooth headphones with an in-built tracking system or you can attach physical trackers like Tile mate or other Tile tracking devices then you can find your headphones through the Tile app. The app will show you the last known location of your lost Bluetooth headphones once they are detected by the Tile app on other smartphones and you can get to that area.

How do you track earbuds?

If your earbuds had built-in tracking technology then you can track them even if they are turned off. But if your headphones had only a tracking system which you can use if they are paired then it will be quite difficult to find them. In that case, try all the tips we have stated above.


We have stated all the tips you would require to find your lost Bluetooth headphones which are turned off. And we have also written down the precautions you can take to make sure you don’t lose your headphones next time onwards. If you are facing problems such as Bluetooth headphones not charging or Bluetooth headphones you can refer to our top articles.

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