How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works?

How to fix bluetooth earbuds when only one side works?
How to fix Bluetooth earbuds when only one side works?

Listening to songs from one earbud and another one not working is definitely not a good situation to be in. So what do you do in this situation Do you buy it again or leave this like this. However, I have a better solution for you people because I will cover How to fix Bluetooth Earbuds when only one side works.

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So What Causes one Bluetooth earbud not to work?

Having an issue with one earbud not working is a very common issue you can face, So here is the list below that can cause one earbud not working.

  1. Poor quality
  2. Water damage
  3. The earbuds are not clean
  4. Exposed to direct heat
  5. Not placed in charging set
  6. Fallen from height
  7. Charging cable breaks

Ways to fix Wireless Bluetooth earbuds with only one side working

If your wireless earbuds have one side that’s not working, it could be an easy fix. Try these six solutions instead of having to buy a new pair of headphones.

1.) Try another pair of earbuds

Try another pair of earbuds
Try another pair of earbuds

If you’re facing a problem of earbuds not working from one side then you can borrow earbuds from your friend and check on your device whether it is working or not, if it is not working then the problem is with the device means there is a problem in connectivity related to Bluetooth and if it is working then the issue is in your earbuds.

2.) Connect with another device

Try another device
Try another device

It is quite related to the first point, I mentioned above. However, some people can’t have the luxury of having extra pair of earbuds with themselves. So to check earbuds what you can do is, check this on another phone, laptop or tablet. Okay? and if still is not working then it’s having a problem with the device & the vice-versa

3.) Restart the device

An old method but still it’s a most productive one. Sometimes the problem is with a software update so if you restart or reboot then the problem can be solved. I also tried this method and it worked for me. so you can also try that method for sure.

4.) Reset the earbuds

If you don’t get the solution by restarting the device then you can try resetting the earbuds. You can do this by deleting the history status of a connecting device in Bluetooth settings. Make sure you don’t do a formality of toggling Bluetooth settings by turning them on & off.

You must give it a try to reset the earbuds.

5.) Broken wire

Another reason, a more practical one is a broken wire. Sometimes it happens that wire is broken inside the earbuds. so what you can do is If you are electronically sound then you can easily fix that problem but if you’re not then take it to the professionals they will definitely solve your problem for sure.

6. Clean the earbuds

Clean the earbuds
Clean the earbuds

There is a possibility that one of your earbuds isn’t working just because your earbuds are not clean enough & which causes the volume of one earbud to become low because the dirt particles go to that place. Moreover, we have to consider very small things like ear wax. Ear wax accumulates on that buds and that generally causes the problem.

Note: Make sure you wash with micro fibre cloth or cotton-based ear cleaner which is easily available in Pharmacist or General store

7.) Check the audio settings

Sometimes you have to change the audio settings to solve the problem of One Bluetooth earbud not working. It’s always a good idea to check the audio settings on your device to make sure the sound isn’t accidentally muted.

This generally happens in two ways

  1. Mono option settings on
  2. Mismatch in audio(Left/Right)

It generally happens when the Mono settings are enabled. It keeps the same audio in both earbuds and sometimes causes the problem is a mismatch.

So let’s know how to disable mono settings on android & iPhone.

How to disable the Mono setting on Android

  1. Click on settings and then go to Accessibility on your android phone settingsClick on accessibility
  2. After click on accessibility then go to hearing enhancements on your android phoneHearing enhancements
  3. Then find Mono audio and disable the Mono audio settings in the android phoneDisable Mono audio

How to disable Mono settings on iPhone

  1. Go to the settings & then find the accessibility in your iPhone phone settingsGo to the settings & then find the accessibility in your iPhone phone settings
  2. Then search the Audio/visual on the hearing section on your iPhone settingsThen search the Audio/visual on the hearing section on your iPhone settings
  3. After going to audio/visual settings, find the mono audio settings in your iPhone and turn off that Turn off the Mono audio

I hope you find these tips useful for more clarification watch this video step by step🔥🔥

How to fix wireless Bluetooth earbuds when only one side works

How to take care of your wireless Bluetooth earbuds

We love our wireless earbuds and hate it when they have issues. Whether they are not charging, not working or just not sounding right, we have found some really simple tips that can save you time and money by avoiding costly repairs.

  1. Keep your earbuds in the case when not in use
  2. Don’t overcharge the earbuds
  3. Keep earbuds away from water
  4. Keep earbuds away from direct heat for a long time
  5. Clean your earbuds frequently


Why do Bluetooth earbuds always break on one side Why do they stop working after some time?

Because of the placement of the wires and the strain on them with prolonged use. The wires break at the weakest point to prevent your earbuds from overstretching and causing a failure in the sound chip which is usually in the cable.

Which are the best Bluetooth earbuds available in the market?

In my opinion, I find Sony WF-1000XM4, Sennheiser CX Plus, OnePlus Buds Pro, Apple AirPods 3 & Jabra Elite 85, etc are the best in the market in terms of quality.

How do you fix inside earbuds?

To fix the inside earbuds, you may need to clean them. Cleaning the inside of the earbuds with a little alcohol or water-based cleaner helps get rid of debris and bacteria that could be causing issues.


This can sometimes be the result of a poor connection between your device and earbud, but it could also be the result of a hardware problem. One side not working can be an indication that one earbud is damaged. Before taking them apart, try turning on and off the power button for both parts.

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