How to fix broken Bluetooth headphones?

Bluetooth headphones are vulnerable to breaking and cracking. We will tell you how to fix broken Bluetooth headphones easily. There are various kinds of headphones on the market, some are durable while most are fragile.

Imagine you bought a headphone and after using it for months, it snapped from the middle or the sound is not coming properly, you try to claim your warranty but the company does not cover such damages. It will be very heartbreaking in such cases.

We will be covering most of the cases of broken Bluetooth headphones and also their fixes.


Broken headband of the headphones

If you have accidentally broken the headband of your headphones, fixing it will not be very difficult. There are spare headbands in the market of different sizes. These are plastic headbands available for headphones(find it here). You can either buy these headbands or superglue the broken headband to fix your broken Bluetooth headphones.


Change your broken headband

Changing your headband will be expensive as compared to simply gluing the broken pieces together. But you will get a product as good as new.

Buy the headbands as per the design of your headphones. Every headphone model has a different headband design. Search for the headband of your model if it’s available in the market. Keep in hand extra audio wires if needed.


Steps to alter the headband:

Warning: These are general steps to change the broken headband of any headphone. Proceed with caution and check your headphones assembly manual before unscrewing it.

  • Open the head cushion of your headphones. It would stick to your headband with glue.
  • After opening the cushion, unscrew the screws at the two junctions of the headband and the earpieces.
  • Slowly take out the wire from the broken headband.
  • Take your new headband and insert the wire in it.
  • If you have somehow torn the wire don’t worry attach the torn ends and solder it.
  • If your new headbands are bigger and the wire is shorter as compared to the headband, cut the wire from the middle and add an extra audio wire to increase the length. Solder the torn ends.
  • Screw at both junctions of the headband and earpieces and your headphones is all okay

Apply Superglue to the Broken Area

This solution is easy to follow but your broken headphones may lose its attractive appearance. You will need superglue and some baking soda. The baking soda is just for making the bond tighter. It will add extra rigidity to the bond.


Steps to apply superglue and glue the broken ends of the headband:

  • Open the cushion of the broken headband properly if it is there.
  • Check if any wire is broken in the area where the headband has cracked or snapped out.
  • If the wire is torn then solder the two torn ends of the wire.
  • Now, apply the super-glue at the broken ends and add a small amount of baking soda. Note: The baking soda will speed up the reaction and the bond will form faster than normal. Be sure to attach both ends as quickly as possible.
  • Hold the two broken parts for nearly 30 seconds and then check if it is joined. Don’t apply too much force to check it as it will be a subtle bond.
  • If you observe that the bond can keep the two parts in place add 2 more layers of super-glue and soda slowly.
  • Keep the headband as it is for an hour.
  • Now fix the cushion in place and your broken Bluetooth headphones are fixed.

Fix Broken Bluetooth Headphones Drivers

You might find your speaker not producing the expected output or when you are shaking your headphones the driver inside the earpiece will bump inside and make noise. Don’t worry we have got the solution.

Warning: Unscrewing your headphones will void its warranty. Contact your manufacturer and proceed with caution.


In both, cases follow the below steps:

  • Open the ear cushions properly. Follow your headphones manual to know how to open them.
  • After you successfully opened the cushions, you will see screws below the cushion area.
  • Unscrew them and open the plastic shield.
  • You will see the driver or speaker.

If the driver has broken or blown out and in case you want to change it, buy a specific driver for your headphones. Drivers are generally of 40 mm diameters in most headphones. If you don’t get the specific drivers you may listen to different audio output on either side of your headphones so either buy a specific driver or change both the drivers.

Follow the below steps for changing your drivers:

  • After you have followed the above steps and opened the earpiece. Slowly detach the two positive and negative wires from the drivers. Gently pulling them will detach the wire.
  • Take the new drivers and a soldering machine.
  • Solder the positive and negative wires properly in the driver and place it in its socket or you have to screw it in place.
  • Check if the driver is working properly.

If the driver has just snapped out of its socket and is bumping inside the earpiece when you shake your headphones,

Follow these steps to fix it:

  • After you have followed the above steps and opened the earpiece. Place the driver in the socket.
  • If you observe that the driver was attached with a screw to the earpiece and the screw port has broken or snapped then you have to glue the speaker on the back and stick it in the earpiece.

After you have changed the driver or fixed it inside the earpiece, screw the plastic shield properly and put back the ear cushions. Your broken Bluetooth headphones are as good as new again.

Battery or Microphone issue

If you are facing issues with your battery such as it is not lasting longer or it is not charging at all then you have to change it.

Also, you might observe a microphone in which case it won’t record sounds. Get a 3.7 V lithium polymer battery from a hardware store or online market. You can also buy the microphone from the same place.

If you don’t know which mic or battery to buy, simply after unscrewing the headphones take your battery or mic to any hardware store, and buy the exact same product. These are general products and won’t generally differ from company to company but being careful is better so check for any specific parts of your headphones.

Warning: Unscrewing your headphones will void its warranty. Contact your manufacturer and proceed with caution.

In both cases follow the below steps:

  • Open the ear cushion properly. If you find it difficult to open check the headphone manual.
  • Unscrew the plastic shield below the ear cushion, which will expose the internal parts of your headset. Note: Either the left or right earpiece will contain the Bluetooth IC along with the battery, microphone, and driver.
  • If you want to change the battery then detach the wires from the IC properly and take out the battery from its socket. Now connect the new battery’s wire to the IC with the help of a soldering iron and place it into the socket.
  • If you want to change the microphone then detach the faulty microphone’s wires from the IC carefully and pull it out of the earpiece. Solder the new microphone’s wire in the IC and place it inside the socket.
  • Check if the components are working fine.
  • Now, screw the plastic shield in place and place the ear cushion.

Problem with the headphones PCB

There might be a problem with the PCB of your broken headphones. The PCB might have short-circuited because of water spillage on them. Changing a Printed Circuit board needs very fine hands for the job. An amateur cannot do this work so we suggest you look for an engineer who would repair your headphones. Experts have all the products required to check the device and experience operating on the device carefully and effectively.


If you want to proceed on your own then buy a PCB for headphones from a hardware store or from the online market

Follow the below steps:

  • Open the ear cushions with the help of the manual given with your headphones.
  • Unscrew the plastic shield so that the internal components are exposed.
  • Take a photograph of the PCB before pulling it out so that you can connect the wires correctly to the new PCB.
  • Slowly pull and open all the wires attached to the PCB.
  • Now take the new PCB and a soldering iron and solder all the wires at the exact places with the help of the photograph.
  • Finally, place the internal components in their places and screw the plastic shield.
  • Apply the ear cushion at the end.

Durable headphones for you

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Sony MDR1000X


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This headphone has a plastic tough headband. It offers 30 hours of battery life with USB-C fast charging. These are cheaper than the other headphones on the list and also offer AAC and AptX support. The headphones also feature Bluetooth 5.0.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bluetooth headphones be repaired?

Bluetooth headphones are repairable in most cases. Changing the driver, microphone, battery, headband and the PCB itself is possible if you can get the components.

How to fix headphones when only one works?

If only one side of the headphone is working then there are possibly two causes.
1. The source is playing audio in stereo mode and the audio balancing is not done correctly.
2. The driver on one side has become faulty.
Simply changing the faulty drivers with a new one can solve your problem.

How do you fix broken headphones?

You can change the headband of the broken headphone easily with a new one just by unscrewing both the junctions of the headband and earpieces and screwing the new one in place. Just make sure you manage the wires carefully while changing the headband. You can also use super-glue and baking soda to fix the broken headband.

How do you fix wireless headphones without sound?

No sound coming out of wireless headphones can be because of faulty drivers or a faulty PCB. Faulty drivers are a more obvious cause than a faulty PCB. Just open your earpieces and change the drivers and your broken Bluetooth headphones are fixed.


We have listed all the possibilities for your broken headphones and the fixes. If you have gone through the article but you can’t open the headphones on your own don’t hesitate to take them to the shop. Many amateurs cannot operate on electronic devices confidently. These small parts are very fine and should be handled carefully.

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