How to Reset Samsung Soundbar (Step by Step Guide)

If you’re someone that loves premium sounds, there’s a good chance you might have purchased a Samsung Soundbar. They’re quite affordable, easy to set up, and provide immersive sounds for all your favorite movies or games.

How to reset Samsung Soundbar

However, you may face some issues every once in a while. For example, your soundbar may have trouble connecting to other devices, or it may just connect to a device and not work.

Thankfully, all of these issues can easily be resolved by resetting the Samsung soundbar. When your soundbar stops working, you may think of sending the product to a repair center, or getting a replacement if it’s under a warranty.

However, most of the issues that you run into only require resetting the soundbar – which is quite easy. Let’s get started.

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar

Samsung Soundbars can be reset in two kinds of ways; Soft Reset and Hard Reset. Depending on the kind of issue you’re facing, you’ll have to do either one of these resets or both. Hard resets will definitely help you get rid of the problems, but a soft reset is more desirable.

Here are the main differences between a soft reset and a hard reset of your Samsung soundbar.

  1. A soft reset works like an internal restart of the device. It keeps all of your configurations and does not delete your saved devices. All of the devices connected via Bluetooth won’t have to be reconnected.
  2. A hard reset is known as a factory reset. Doing this will reset your Samsung soundbar to its factory version – all of your configurations and connected devices will be wiped clean – it’ll be as good as new in terms of software.

Generally, hard resets are able to solve most of the issues provided that there’s nothing wrong with the hardware. On the other hand, soft resets are also capable of solving most of the issues with your soundbar, but they may not work sometimes.

People generally prefer a hard reset if they’re looking to solve an annoying issue, and others prefer a soft reset if they’re looking to keep their configurations saved. Always do a soft reset before going for a hard reset.

How To Soft Reset Samsung Soundbar?


Doing a soft reset on your Samsung Soundbars is actually quite easy. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Switch off your soundbars
  2. Unplug the main cord for two minutes
  3. Plug the power cord back in, and turn on the soundbars

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” is a commonly used phrase for a reason. While you may think that it won’t do a lot, it actually works like magic. Cutting off the power supply and letting it stay off clears the soundbars of any cache.

Additionally, when you turn it on, the soundbars will process information from the beginning, like a new start. People generally leave their soundbars turned on for weeks and months – always do a soft reset every once in a while.

How To Hard Reset Samsung Soundbar?

Keep in mind that a hard reset is your last resort, you should always try everything you can before doing one. Scroll past this part of the article to try other fixes that may work for you. If they haven’t, only then should you go for a hard reset.

  1. Turn on the soundbar through the remote/button
  2. Hold the power button either on the remote or soundbar until you see “INIT OK” on the display panel
  3. Wait for the soundbar to restart

“INIT OK” refers to “Initialization OK“, which means that the initialization process of the hard reset has begun, and your Samsung soundbar will be reset to default settings once it restarts.

Once your soundbar has restarted, you’ll have to treat it like it’s just come out of the packaging box. Because the hard reset deletes all of the saved settings, devices, configurations, etc. you will have to manually connect your devices, and then configure the settings all over again.

This also means that you may have to wait a while, as your soundbar may have to go through the firmware upgrades again as it will have been downgraded during the hard reset. On the bright side, your soundbar issues may already have been resolved.

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Common Issues With Samsung Soundbars

Samsung Soundbars have some common issues that you may run across over time. These generally only occur after a year or two, and you’re more likely to run into them if you keep them plugged in all the time.

While having issues with your soundbar can sound scary and frustrating, you generally do not need to worry if you’re facing issues such as –

  1. The soundbar won’t connect to the TV
  2. The soundbar won’t connect to the subwoofer and other Bluetooth devices
  3. The soundbar is connected, but there’s no audio coming out

If you’re facing any of these issues, a hard reset will suffice. However, not many people like hard resetting their Samsung soundbar, as they may have done their custom configurations. You can always try a soft reset. If the soft reset fails to fix the issue, try these additional fixes.

How To Fix Samsung Soundbar Issues


Here are some troubleshooting steps that you can follow to fix your Samsung Soundbar issues. Try all of the below steps in order. If none of these troubleshooting tips work, you may have to go for a hard reset after all.

  1. Disconnect and Reconnect your soundbar. Make sure none of the wires have been physically damaged or disconnected.
  2. Make sure that the soundbar is connected to the right source. If it is connected to the wrong source, you will not hear anything at all.
  3. If the source is not on, the soundbar won’t work. Make sure that the source is turned on.
  4. Make sure that your TV has been set up to use the Soundbar as its external speaker by default. Some TVs don’t automatically detect the soundbars, leaving you with no audio coming out.
  5. Disconnect your Bluetooth device and try reconnecting with a different device. You can use your phone to check if it works. If it works fine, then the issue may be Bluetooth-related, such as low connectivity issues.

Most soundbars these days can easily be fixed by a hard reset. Sometimes, even a soft reset does the trick. Before you go through with the reset, make sure that you have tried all of the steps above. Sometimes there’s no issue with the soundbar, it could just be a mistake on your part.

When Should You Hard Reset Your Samsung Soundbar?

You should hard reset your Samsung soundbar if the issues have not been resolved through other means. Resetting the soundbars can solve most of the issues that are software related, though they won’t solve any hardware-related issues.

For example, if the Bluetooth device that is connected to the soundbar is too far, then the soundbar won’t be functioning properly. You will face the same issue if there’s a highfrequency device disrupting the Bluetooth connection.

Only do a hard reset as your last resort, and if that doesn’t work, then you may have to look at the issue in a physical manner. Such as checking your surroundings for any high-frequency devices, disconnected wires, and checking the hardware.

Reasons why your Samsung Soundbar is malfunctioning

Your Samsung Soundbar might be malfunctioning for the following reasons:

  • Bluetooth signals might be blocked by objects
  • Bluetooth signals might be disturbed by high-frequency devices such as microwave
  • The Bluetooth transmitter might be damaged
  • The Samsung soundbar might be short-circuited and thus will not work
  • If your Samsung soundbar comes with a subwoofer then the subwoofer might not be pairing properly with the soundbar
  • The soundbar might not connect with the source device
  • The soundbar might connect but won’t play any sound

If you have been unable to fix these issues by trying everything, it may be time to get some professional help. Most Samsung Soundbars are covered by a warranty. Not to mention, a good Samsung Soundbar will last anywhere between 6 years to 16 years with ease.


In this article, we have mentioned both types of reset options that you can perform and also why your soundbar might be malfunctioning. We hope this article was helpful for you and you can easily resolve your problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my Samsung soundbar working?

Your Samsung Soundbar might not be working because of a variety of reasons – hardware malfunctions, wrong settings, issues in connectivity, etc.

How do I reset my Samsung soundbar without a remote?

You should press and hold the power on/off for a few seconds before the ‘INIT OK’ message displays on the soundbar screen.