How to wear earbuds with wings?

The wings on earbuds are extremely helpful to keep your earphones secure to your ear. But to wear them is more complicated a task than it should be!

How to wear earbuds with wings

Have you ever tried to wear earbuds with wings? Have you felt like an absolute dummy while doing so? Do not worry, we have the perfect guide for you.

What are earbud wings?

Earbud wings, quite similar to earbud hooks, are accessories for your earbuds that go inside your earlobe in order to help them fit better. They are especially helpful because earbuds are usually made in a one size fits all fashion. However, owing to the multiple different types of ear shapes, and other factors, many people have trouble having earbuds fit them perfectly.


Everyone’s ears are different, so much so that ear shapes are more versatile than fingerprints. Some ears are larger than normal, and some are smaller. If your ears are larger, the earbud may feel too loose to fit and will most likely fall out. On the other hand, if your ears are smaller than usual, the earbuds will feel too tight and uncomfortable, or may not even fit inside your ear.

It is possible for your ears to be closer to your jaw than normal, so much so that the earbuds may not stay on for a long period of time. Basically, through daily movements such as yawning, chewing, and so on, your earbuds may hit your jaw, go loose, and possibly fall off.

This is not the end of it. Factors such as earwax buildup can cause a number of problems as well. The coating of earwax in your earlobe, and an abundance of it, can easily make the surface too slippers for the earbuds to stay tight. This can lead to a situation where your earbuds may fall off if there is too much movement, and you may just end up losing them.

Ear pain

Other times, even if your earbuds fit well, they might not be secure enough. While jogging or running, the momentum and movement in our body and easily cause earbuds to fall down or go loose, even if they fit you particularly well. An added layer of protection is never a bad thing, better safe than sorry!

Even if they don’t particularly fall off, the looseness of your earbuds is a problem in itself. The distance between the eardrum and the earbud can drastically affect the quality of the sound. The sound may be muffled, and you won’t get your money’s worth because you won’t make the most out of the sound quality.

Due to these problems, accessories such as earbud wings and hooks are helpful in order to attach the earbuds to your ear more securely. They help your earbuds hold on to the ear to prevent them from falling off or getting too loose.

The need for good-fitting earphones

Ill-fitting earphones can cause immense discomfort to your ears. They can apply increased pressure on your earlobe. Considering that your ears are one of the most sensitive organs in your body, the pressure can be extremely discomforting. It can cause irritation and itching, or soreness, that may eventually lead to earaches.

Prolonged earaches can be very harmful to your ears over time.

Further, if your earbuds are loose on your ears, and do not fit snuggly, they can leave air pockets. These air pockets can result in a passageway for external sounds to enter your ears, causing a disturbance. Earbuds that fit snuggly over your ear do not lead to air pockets, resulting in great noise cancellation.

Ill-fitting earphones, as mentioned above, do not give you the best experience, sound-wise. Earphones that fit you perfectly amplify the bass, leading to better sound quality and a great experience overall.

In a nutshell, if your earbuds do not fit you perfectly, you are missing out on quite a lot. Get your money’s worth and make sure your earbuds fit perfectly!

How to wear earbuds with wings?

Use these easy steps to learn how to wear earbuds with wings quickly.

Step 1

First, you should determine which earbud goes on which ear. Yes, we know, this may seem obvious to some people, but it is a crucial step nonetheless. You’ll be surprised at how many people get it wrong, which, by the way, is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s more common than you think.

With almost all earbuds nowadays, the ear that they are supposed to go on is marked. You will probably find symbols like ‘L’ and ‘R’ on your earbuds, signifying which ear they go on. Evidently, ‘L’ stands for Left, and ‘R’ sands for Right, so make sure you’ve got the right earbuds on the right ears.


Step 2

Place your earphones in your ears. Make sure they are put in properly and are not causing you any discomfort before attaching the wings. Also, keep in mind that attaching and securing the earbuds with wings will probably make them tighter, so even a slight discomfort will be amplified. Hence, you should be completely comfortable with the positioning of your earbuds.

Step 3

Make sure the wings are attached to your earbuds. Next, take the wings and place them over the curves of your ears. This will help secure the earbuds to your ear.

Alternatively, you can follow the process backward, putting the plastic or rubber hook over your ears before placing the earbuds in your ears. Many people find this method easier, as compared to the other way around. You should try both and adopt the one that works best for you.

Step 4

You are ready to use your earbuds in the most optimal way possible! Walk out with your chin up and show off your newly found skill to everyone around.


Things to consider while buying wings for your earbuds

If your earbuds do not already come with wings, you will have to buy them separately. However, wings for your earbuds are not the cheapest accessory on the market, so you have to consider a wide array of factors before making a decision to buy them.

Some people may actually consider buying new earbuds that fit them better rather than buying wings. We hope this sheds a little light on how important it is to make sure that your earbud wings are perfect for you, and enrich your experience drastically.


Your first consideration should be the material that these wings are made out of. Silicone and rubber, or a mix of both of them, is the best material for a number of reasons.

Wings are usually supposed to be stretched over your ear, and flexible enough to fit different ear shapes. Materials such as plastic are not very flexible and may break while stretching. Flexibility is one of the most sought-after qualities in earbud wings.

The material also matters when you look at comfort. Silicone is extremely comfortable when it sits over you ear, as opposed to plastic, which may feel heavy and stiff. Make sure that the material you choose is comfortable enough so that you can use it for a long period of time.

Hence, go for a material that you know will be flexible enough and to your liking.


It is imperative to make sure that the ear wings you go for are comfortable. You may require them for activities such as working out or jogging, for which you will need to wear earbuds for a long time. If your earbuds feel too tight on your ear due to the wings, it can lead to discomfort, which will get irritating after a point of time.

Further, in extreme cases, earbud wings can cause skin irritation and rashes, if they do not suit you. Your skin can end up getting chaffed and cause a wound. The need to make sure that the earbud wings are comfortable for you is immense, clearly.


If your earbud wings are unable to do the one job you bought them for, i.e., provide stability to your earbuds, they are of absolutely no use. In fact, it will be money down the drain because of the fact that they will just add to the problem further.

Especially for activities such as working out and jogging, stability is key when looking for earbud wings. Make sure they fit perfectly and don’t slip or fall off.

Also, if the earbud wings are not stable, they will rub on your ear a lot, which can cause the skin irritation talked about above. Stability is a very important factor when looking for earbud wings.


Earbuds wings are considerably expensive, so you do not want them breaking on you after only a few weeks. Make sure that they are strong enough to endure sweat and extreme movement, so you can get the best value for your money.

Paying a little bit extra for good quality earphones will be much more economically viable in the long run, as opposed to buying new earbud wings every few months owing to their bad quality.

Additional concerns

If you are using earbuds with wings, your earbuds will be more secure on your ears, and inevitably tighter. This also means that your earbuds will be more effective at noise cancellation. Due to this reason, you should keep in mind some additional things to ensure your safety.

Do not wear earphones at a high volume on busy streets, or while crossing roads. If you are wearing earbuds regardless, make sure that they are set to a moderate volume wherein you are able to hear the background sounds well.

Make sure that you, in no circumstance, wear earbuds with wings while driving. Ideally, wearing earbuds while driving is a huge safety hazard. You should definitely steer clear (pun intended!) of driving while wearing earbuds.


How expensive are earbud wings?

The price depends on a number of things, especially whether you are buying earbuds with wings attached or you are buying the wings separately.
If you are looking to find good quality earbuds with wings attached, they are usually in the range of 150-250$. You can find average earbuds at 50-100$ as well. However, if you are looking to buy wings separately, they would usually come out to be around 10-30$. A good suggestion for earbud wings for your AirPods can be found here.

Can I wear earbuds with wings if I have piercings?

Yes, definitely. You can wear earbuds with wings if you have piercings, just make sure that the wings do not fall directly over your piercings. If the earbud wings are right above your piercings, they may be the cause of extreme discomfort owing to the tightness and pressure of the wings.
To avoid a worse situation wherein the wings get stuck in the piercing and while untangling them, you pull them causing it to bleed, it is advisable to make sure that the piercings are kept away from the wings.

What are ear hooks?

Earbud hooks are quite like earbud wings in the sense that they are accessories to earbuds that help provide more stability. They are usually suitable for wired earphone or earpods, but not suitable for AirPods. For the latter, use ear wings instead.

Summing Up

Now you know how to wear your earbuds with wings. You are now well equipped to flash your newly found skills in public, or just go for a workout without your earbuds falling off loose. It’s a utopian world now, isn’t it?

You also know what earbuds with wings or separate wings to buy to suit your need the best. Consider the price, quality, and other things that have been mentioned above and make the best possible decision that suits you and your style.

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