Jabra 410 vs 510- Which one is best?

The Jabra 410 and the Jabra 510 are one of the most appreciated speakerphones in the market today. They both are perfect for your business meetings and family meetings over the phone and you will love to have them as a companion. But which one is the best?

Jabra 410 vs 510- which one is best?

In this Jabra 410 vs 510 comparison, we have pointed out all the differences and similarities between the devices so that you can make an informed decision.

Technical Specifications

FeaturesJabra 410Jabra 510
ConnectivityUSBUSB, Bluetooth
Battery life15 hours
Charging time2 hours
Weight4.6 ounces6.1 ounces
Bluetooth version4.2
Bluetooth range 55 meter
Jabra 410 vs Jabra 510

Jabra 410

Jabra 410

The Jabra 410 is a speaker phone made for video conferencing with a group of people. The speaker phone was launched in 2012 and is still a very favored product for many people. People doing small business meetings on google meet or skype or if you are having a family conversation, this speakerphone is your go-to choice.

Design and controls

the buttons on the jabra speak 410

The speakerphone is circular-shaped with a grille on the top. The device is compact and easy to take around anywhere. It is very lightweight at around 4.6 ounces. The speakerphone comes in a black finish and looks premium to hold. It gives a very good impression while holding a group conference. There are rubber pads underneath the device for holding it in place and preventing it from sliding.

Underneath the grille, you have the speaker itself. Around the grille, there is a plastic covering on the edge that holds 5 sensitive touch buttons. The buttons include call answer and end buttons on the bottom, volume up and down on either side and a mute button on the top. The buttons are easy to touch and press and can be spotted from far.


USB cable on jabra speak 410

The Jabra 410 has a 3-meter-long integrated USB cable on the bottom of the device. You can attach this cable to any device you want. The device is totally wired and has no wireless facilities. The speakerphone is a very easy plug-and-play device. Just plug the USB into any device and you can use its features.

Microphone call quality

The Microphone call quality is just awesome. The speakerphone is mainly for calling therefore it has the best mic reception we have seen in any speakerphone. It has 360° mic coverage and it is far better than the speaker option on your phone. You won’t have to hold it against your mouth for delivering your voice. You just keep it on the table and talk to it from the same room. The microphone can catch your voice from afar.

We used the speakerphone in a noisy environment and found that the microphone does not completely delete the noises but it quite efficiently extracts the voices. There was a problem when people around or near you who are not intended to talk in the conference call were also recorded because of the far field mic.

The speaker output is not as great for music listening. There is a considerable lack of bass and low frequencies but it can be expected that the speaker has a good mid and high-frequency output. As voices are captured in mid frequencies you will listen to it very clearly.

Jabra 510

Jabra 510

The Jabra 510 is an upgrade over the Jabra 410 and was released a year later. This speakerphone has significant improvements over its predecessor. It has an added feature of Bluetooth which makes it so much more useful. You don’t have to hassle around with the USB cable, though it is provided you won’t use it most of the time. The structure is the same as of Jabra 410.  

Design and controls

the button on the jabra speak 510

The Jabra 510 looks and feels the same as the Jabra 410. It has a higher weight measuring around 6.1 ounces. This is because of the included battery. The grille is of the same quality and also the plastic. You also get the integrated USB cable with this device. This speakerphone also comes in a black finish which looks modern and sleek. There are rubber pads underneath the device.

The buttons on the Jabra 510 are as follows – the call answer and end button on the bottom, volume up and down on either side, on top of which are the Bluetooth and battery buttons, and at the very top you get the mute button. These are touch-sensitive buttons so you don’t have to press just touch them and it will work.


USB cable on jabra 410

In terms of connectivity, the device has an integrated USB cable which is around 3 meters long. Along with this wired option, you also get the Bluetooth option. There is Bluetooth version 4.2 on the device which gives you around 55 meters of range from the source device.

Now, the wireless option is very handy and gives you more portability rather than the wired option. You can easily connect it to your phone and just forget about the OTG cable which is used for connecting USB to your smartphone. If you have an iPhone, you can connect the device with Bluetooth rather than looking out for a USB-to-lightning convertor.

Also, you can sometimes prefer USB over Bluetooth when you are connecting the device to your PC. USB sometimes is a better option because not all desktops have Bluetooth built-in. It is up to you which one you prefer and it can’t be denied that wireless is a very convenient option for many.

Battery Life

The Battery is excellent on this device. You get 15 hours of charge from this device and you can charge it for around 2 hours to get full power. Remember the 15 hours of charge is applicable only when you limit the volume to 50%.

The Jabra 410 has no wireless option so you don’t have to depend on charging it over periods of time but the Jabra 510 needs charging. It contains a CR2 rechargeable battery and it will last long according to reviews.

Microphone call quality

The microphone quality is similar to Jabra 410. The mic gives an adequate amount of distance covered in a room. It has 360° reception and will deliver your voice crisp and clear to the other side. The noise removal software on the background works nicely to remove any noise and only record your voice. But, remember it will not remove the voices of persons from far because it has a far-field microphone and can definitely not understand who is speaking on the phone and who is not.

The speaker quality is suitable only for calling and not for listening primarily to music. You can listen to music but it won’t come out that great.

Jabra 410 vs 510 – The Verdict

SpecificationsJabra 410Jabra 510
Design and Control
Microphone call quality
Jabra 410 vs 510

These speakerphones have a lot in common but the major difference is wireless and wired connectivity. We think that the wireless option is the best because you get all the advantages of the wired Jabra 410 and also the added benefit of wireless connectivity in the Jabra 510.

So, we recommend the Jabra 510.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Jabra Speak 410 and 510?

The main difference is the wired connectivity in Jabra Speak 410 and the wireless connectivity in the Jabra Speak 510

Does Jabra Speak 410 work with teams?

The Jabra 410 can be easily used with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. It is optimized for seamless integration with Microsoft Teams.

Does Jabra 410 have a battery?

No, the Jabra 410 does not has a battery because it cannot operate wirelessly.