Neckband vs earbuds: Which Is Better (in 2023)


We all love music. Period.

The craze for having a pleasurable music listening experience has increased rapidly. Today’s generation is obsessed with finding the best pair of headphones to have that immersing, out-of-the-world kind of listening experience.

While there are different types of headphones with all kinds of features and other high-tech stuff you have to choose from, one such choice is Neckband vs Earbuds.

In short, if you want to know the difference then:

Earbuds are also called “truly wireless earphones” as they are completely (truly) wireless.

Neckbands are not truly wireless, but rather partially wired earphones. They are worn around the neck or collar.

Now, let’s go deeper and find out the difference:

Neckband vs Earbuds

Neckband vs Earbuds: Design

As already mentioned, Earbuds are truly wireless earphones whereas Neckbands are partially wired earphones that are worn around the collar.

Woman wearing Neckband

Neckbands can be both in-ear and on-ear headphone types, the buds are always attached to wires. Unlike traditional wired earphones, Neckbands have small wires that do not get entangled. But the dangling wires may not be very convenient for physical exercises. Sometimes, the ear tips come with magnets so you can secure them together around your neck when you’re not using them.

They have inline button controls for music, calls, and assistant services.

woman wearing earbuds

The best part of Earbuds is the wire-free life. You have the freedom to move any way you like without any dangling, entangled wires interrupting you. Their design is pretty compact so they are much more portable in comparison.

They have smart-touch control for music, calls, and assistants.

Neckband vs Earbuds: Sound

Although the sound quality of both the devices depends on the model you choose, but for the sake of comparison, Neckband guarantees an immersive sound quality with decent bass because of the bigger-sized driver it uses. Earbuds use smaller-sized drivers so the audio quality is comparatively weaker.

Neckband vs Earbuds: Convenience

The biggest difference lies in convenience.

Earbuds offer freedom of movement, especially during physical exercises. You can groove to your favorite music without any wires interrupting your moment!

portable charging case

On top of that, they’re pretty easy to carry around due to their compact size. They also come with a portable case so you can listen to music on the go! However, the wireless feature and the compact size lead to a greater risk of losing or falling out.

Unlike Earbuds, Neckbands do not allow as much freedom of movement. However, you do not face as many restrictions with Neckbands as the traditional wired earphones.

neckband secured

Also, Neckbands do not have any “portable case” but they are lightweight so you can fit them in your bag without worrying about entangled wires. They also come with magnets on their ear tips to secure them around your neck so you don’t lose them easily.

You can listen to music for prolonged hours with Earbuds as not only do they offer 4-5 hours of listening time on a single charge, but they also come with a portable charging case that can last up to days!

On the other hand, Neckbands do offer 10-12 hours of listening time on a single charge but they do not come with any charging case so you gotta be near a socket every time they run out of battery.

Which is Better? Pros & Cons

Let us discuss the pros and cons of both devices so you can figure out which best suits your needs.



Our Top Picks

Now that we’ve sorted out the differences between Neckbands and Earbuds, here are our top picks that you can check out:

NeckbandsSony W1000XM2, Bose SoundSport, Skullcandy Smokin Bud2

EarbudsJabra Elite 3, Bose QuietComfort, Grado GT220, Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro


Are earbuds better than neckbands?

Yes, in terms of mobility, portability, and battery life. No, in terms of sound quality.

Are earbuds more comfortable than neckbands?

Earbuds are more convenient to carry around than neckbands but comfort really depends on the situations you use them in. For example, earbuds are more comfortable to use during physical exercises whereas neckbands are better suited for casual outdoor use as you won’t lose them easily.

Are neckbands better than headphones?

Neckbands are lightweight and much easier to carry around but headphones offer superior sound quality and a life-like listening experience.


On one hand, Neckbands are better if you want good sound quality at a pocket-friendly price. They also offer some freedom of movement and remain secured around your neck.

And Earbuds are far better in terms of portability and battery life. You can have a truly wireless life but it comes at a not-so-pocket-friendly price.

If you decide to go wireless, Earbuds are not your only option. There are wireless Earphones too. Wanna know the difference between Earbuds and Earphones? Read this article: Earphones vs Earbuds: Which is Better? – Beat Mentors