Sennheiser Game Zero vs Game One- buying guide 2023

The Sennheiser Game Zero and the Game one are both gaming headphones from the audio giant Sennheiser which makes professional audio equipment and is introducing itself in the gaming headphones sphere. Both headphones have some pretty good and distinguishing features. In this Sennheiser Game Zero vs Game One, buying guide let us discuss all the points that differentiate these headphones and which will be best for you.

Sennheiser Game Zero vs Game One- buying guide 2023


Sennheiser Game Zero and the Game one

The Sennheiser Game Zero and the Game One look pretty much the same when seen from far but when you glance closely there are some features that are very different. Both headphones are over-the-ear headphones and have a non-removable mic attached to them. The Game Zero has a closed-back design and the earcups are pretty big. They cover your ear completely and will provide a good level of isolation from ambient sound. The ear cushions are made of vinyl and can shred out after some time. The cushion is soft and will not put pressure around your ears but will also sit tightly on your head.

The Sennheiser Game One has an open-back design something most gamers don’t prefer. The open-back design leads to more noise from the outside world enter in your ears when you are gaming or listening to music. They also lead to audio leakage because of which you miss out on some sound quality, more on that later. The earcup size is similar to the Sennheiser Game Zero and the ear cushions on this headphone are a little different. They are spongy and rather softer, but these can also wear out after some time. They grip around your ears tightly and will certainly not fall from your head.

headband of Sennheiser Game one

The headband on both headphones is the same and will not provide any strain on your head. They sit perfectly. The headphones are made of plastic though and have red accents on them to make them gamer friendly. They don’t feel premium on your head and look somewhat similar to normal headphones. The Sennheiser Game One comes in a black finish and a White finish. The White finish looks decent and we didn’t like it.

Both headphones have a non-removable microphone which is very disturbing when you are not using them. We didn’t prefer them during our outdoor sessions but that is an individual perspective. Both the Sennheiser Game Zero and Sennheiser Game One also have a volume knob on the right for changing the volume level. This was handy though and the knob wasn’t noticeable from far. It also has notches for gripping and a slight circular dent for easy scrolling.

The Sennheiser Game Zero also has a foldable design. You can fold the earcups inward and conveniently store them in a carry case provided by Sennheiser itself. The case makes the headphones portable and there is also space in the carry case for the 3-meter-long cable. This carry case is not provided with the Sennheiser Game One, which is also a non-foldable headphone. Game One is difficult to carry.

The Game One and Game Zero are both 0.6 pounds, which is lightweight when a gaming headphone is considered. The hinges in both headphones are not tight. You can feel this after some time. Especially the hinges on the Game Zero are flimsy because of its rotatable design. We also thought of checking their durability by falling them on the ground but we were skeptical about the hinges. The hinges on Game One seem rather promising than those of Game Zero.

In terms of design, both look pretty the same despite the Game Zero being a foldable headphone easier for portability but also very less durable at the hinges. Game one is non-portable but has a solid design.


cable on both headphones

Both the headphones have a 3-meter-long cable for audio transmission. The cable is pretty good but the usual problem of breaking in the junction of the cable and audio jack is there. The cable makes the headphones a little heavier because of their length. Moreover, you get a split cable. Both the split ends are TRS connectors, one is for sound and the other is for the microphone. This is helpful for plugging your headphones into a desktop.

However, systems that offer only one audio output will at a time play sound or record audio. If you have a similar system, you need a TRRS female-to-male convertor. You can also use the same convertor for your console or smartphone. If you buy the Sennheiser Game Zero you will get two detachable cables at no extra cost. For Game one, you have to buy an extra cable TRRS cable. Both headphones have detachable cables.

You don’t get any kind of wireless connection in these headphones because of the gaming preference. The cables work fine and don’t show any signs of audio lag. There is no music control such as the next track or previous track on the headphones. For this purpose, you have to use the source device.

Sound Quality

The sound quality on both headphones is very different. The Sennheiser Game Zero has a closed-back design which provides good level isolation. The comfy earpads don’t leak sound and therefore provide a good amount of thumping effects. We listened to music on the Sennheiser Game Zero and they sounded pretty low though the bass, mid, and highs were balanced equally. The Game Zero has a 35 mm driver which is small compared to other headsets in this category. A bigger driver would have been better.

The driver of a headphone produces sound, the bigger the driver the more power it will require and the more bass it will generate. The Sennheiser Game Zero’s drivers are not that big for its size for which sounds are diminishing in volume. The Game One has a 40 mm driver, unlike the Game Zero. The 40 mm driver produces better bass but you will not be able to feel that thumping effect.

The Game One is an open-back headphone, which does not provide isolation to your ears. For this purpose, you will not have much good bass. The mids are also not much good while listening to music while the highs were okay. The vocals in all the songs felt very dull and unclear and there was no bass, the instruments were fine though. These are gaming headphones so judging them with music is not preferable. We decided to play games while wearing these headphones and the results were very different.

The Game Zero works well with any kind of game. You get an adequate level of dialogue clarity but the background music can feel dumb. The best thing about the headphone is that it creates a 3D effect or spatial sound. When playing games, especially shooting or Battle Royale you can sense enemies around you, and just listening to the sound you will feel where around you the action is happening. Because Sennheiser creates professional headphones they know how to tune a headphone to a particular need.

The Game One on the other hand gives you more 3D space because of its open-back design. The person close to you will be easily able to listen to sound and also if they talk you will hear them. This creates a problem if you are in a noisy environment but otherwise, they are good to use. Battle Royale games sound awesome in these headphones and we were addicted to them while these games.

You can use EQ software to bump up the bass when listening to music and this will certainly change your experience. There are many Equalizers software nowadays.


boom mic on Game One

The microphone on both headphones record audio pretty nicely. The Sennheiser Game Zero and the Sennheiser Game One both have a boom mic attached to them which is non-removable. The mics are rotatable and have a knob attached to them. When you turn the mic upwards, they turn off automatically which is a nice feature to have. You can turn it down and the mic will activate automatically. There is also rubber padding in the middle that lets you adjust their distance from your mouth.

Like any other Sennheiser headsets, these mics also catch sound easily however they are placed from your mouth. We tested the mics on both the Sennheiser Game Zero and the Sennheiser Game One and we noticed that some background noise was still there. Though Sennheiser advertises these headsets with a noise-canceling microphone and it also cancels noise up to some extent but more cancellation was expected.

Sennheiser Game Zero vs Game One – Verdict

The Sennheiser Game Zero has a closed-back design, a small driver, two audio cables, and a carrying cable included within the packaging. The Game has an open-back design, and a bigger driver but no extra audio cable and no carrying case. The Game Zero also sports a foldable and portable design which is absent in the Game One.

If you have no problems with the open-back design then you can go with Game One which does an impressive job of providing better audio output while playing games.

If you want an isolated headphone with a closed-back foldable design, an extra audio cable, and a carrying case you can go with the Sennheiser Game Zero.

We recommend the Sennheiser Game Zero because of the extra things provided in the package at a lesser cost than the Sennheiser Game One.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sennheiser Game Zero Good?

The Sennheiser Game Zero is an impressive pair of headphones when considering gaming. The headphones provide 3D sound or spatial sound and the ear cushions are comfortable to wear. You get a foldable design that is easily portable.

Is the Sennheiser Game One Good?

The Sennheiser Game One has a 40mm driver that provides nice sound while gaming, it is better at producing 3D sound than the Game Zero. But, you don’t get a foldable design, extra pair of audio cables, and a carrying case with the Game One, unlike the Game Zero.

Does Sennheiser Game One have surround sound?

The Sennheiser Game One provides a surround sound effect when you are playing video games of shooting or battle royale genre. You can easily mark enemies around you by just listening to their actions.