Vizio vs Samsung: Which Brand to Pick For Best 4k TVs This 2022?

Vizio and Samsung both have emerged to be global Television brands in the modern market. We can see numerous Vizio and Samsung TVs and both have great products. Having trouble deciding which one to pick for the best 4k TV? Don’t worry, we present a detailed Vizio vs Samsung guide to help you make a well-informed decision.

Vizio vs Samsung Which Brand to Pick For Best 4k TVs

Television is quite a heavy investment for a household. Normally, we invest in a good quality television so that we can enjoy watching for the next 5 or 6 years. Because televisions are bought for such long terms we should check all the features it provides, their quality, customer service, and pricing.

Market Statistics

At very first we should check the market statistics of a company i.e., how well it is performing in the market and why are other consumers buying its products. It is important to know what kind of company you are going to deal with before purchasing their products.

Samsung was established in 1938, and since then it has expanded itself into numerous industries across the world. It started producing home appliances in 1969. Over the years it has developed its display panels to be one of the best in the world and has captured a large market share around the globe. It has launched various Television and monitoring series for a large number of audience and has gathered great customer satisfaction reports. Samsung was the most popular and largest producer of Television in 2020 in USA.

Vizio was established in 2002 and has seen many ups and downs in the company. It produces Television sets and soundbars and is relatively a new competitor in the market. Since 2002, Vizio has developed various display technologies and has focused on budget-friendly Televisions rather than high-end televisions. Vizio is known to keep its prices competitive, which allows them to be the go-to option for most households. It was the second-largest producer of flat-screen Television in 2020 in USA.

Display Panel


The most important prospect of a television is the display panel. The technology used in the display panel determines the picture quality. The display needs to be selected properly for your own needs.

Samsung and Vizio both have significant display technologies used in their Televisions. Vizio televisions are manufactured by AmTran and Foxconn each of which acquire 23% and 8% stakes in the company respectively. Samsung on the other hand manufactures all its televisions in-house. Samsung’s R&D department is constantly working to find new technology which would be efficient and powerful. Vizio’s R&D department is not as successful as Samsung though.

While both companies have LED, LCD, OLED, and Quantum dot LED displays, Samsung has a newer and improved technology over the QLED technology which is Neo QLED. It can be seen Samsung is constantly making progress. Apart from television display panels, Samsung is the largest supplier of other kinds of display panels too. It produces gaming monitors, smartphones, and tablets and creates the most AMOLED panels in the market. Even, Apple buys display panels for its iPhones from Samsung as well. We all know Samsung smartphones are highly praised for their exceptional display quality.

So, Samsung seems to provide the best display panels, although you won’t find any noticeable difference but Samsung has more years of knowledge and experience and so it will be more able to fix minor bugs in display panels that might be missed out by Vizio.

Screen Size and Resolution


Before buying your new television you must see which sizes suit your needs. If your room is small then you should consider buying a smaller TV such as a 32″ or a 43″ television. See for the distance from your television and viewing angles. If you think your television won’t be placed far from you and when your whole family gathers to see TV, the people at the side cannot see properly you should see a television with a curved screen (as displayed in the below image) and small size. Look if you want to see normal FHD content or if you want a 4K television as per your needs.

curved samsung

Samsung and Vizio both provide a wide range of television sizes. Vizio even has a 24″ inch LED TV which is budget-friendly. Both companies offer FHD resolution to 4K resolution while Samsung also has an 8K television. The latter also sports a television with a 110-inch screen size which is huge for a household.

The most selling screen sizes are the 55-inch to 70-inch screen size segment and they are offered by both companies so there would be no problem for choosing your perfect screen size.

User Interface


This section does not contains much but is an important factor for a user to choose. You want your television to offer easy control and software that will contain all the traditional streaming apps. Both companies have quite nice user interfaces on their systems but Samsung’s UI is better because it uses Android TV for its television while Vizio uses its own UI and an additional SmartCast feature that lets you play content from your smartphone or tablet.

Vizio uses both Google Chromecast and Apple airplay while both are also included in Samsung’s televisions, Vizio stresses its customers to use SmartCast more than using other apps. Vizio’s UI does not contain all the apps and you cannot download additional apps because it has no app store. Most developers don’t particularly make apps for Vizio so it might be hard for you to use your favorite apps.


Pricing is an important factor for a consumer to buy a television. Television is a long-term investment and so you want your money to provide you with a good product that would last long. Vizio is always praised for competitive pricing, it is its main motive to conquer the budget-friendly category and outshine other companies there, and it has done it pretty well.

Whereas Samsung has kept very high pricing for their televisions even for the most basic ones. It produces some of the most costly Televisions in the market as well. But, Samsung has built customer trust over the years. People know if they buy a costly Samsung product it will stay alright for some years and this is why people don’t buy televisions from other companies.

The product that Vizio offers for a very low price, Samsung might offer the same product at double the cost. Because Samsung also has more service centers, more retail stores, and invests more in advertising and R&D, they have to keep a big price for their products.

Vizio vs Samsung – The Verdict

If you want a good television that will run smoothly for years, that will guarantee you a great viewing experience and you can spare a little extra for that product then definitely go for Samsung. It has remained the best Television brand for years and is currently the best. People have faith in the company and you can trust it too.

If you don’t have much amount to spare but also want a UHD television, go for Vizio. Vizio has sold televisions and soundbars for decades and it will surely deliver a good viewing experience. You might get unsatisfied with the user interface but that won’t be much of a problem when you are short on money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is a better quality TV – Vizio or Samsung?

Samsung provides better quality TVs than Vizio because it has remained the customer’s favorite for a long time and consistently produces good results in terms of sales and customer satisfaction.

How good are Vizio TVs?

Vizio TVs are very budget-friendly and they continue to target the low-end category. Vizio was the second largest manufacturer of flat-screen Televisions in 2020 in the USA.

Which has a better UI – Vizio or Samsung?

Samsung has better UI because it uses Android TV in its televisions whereas Vizio uses its own user interface which does not contain many apps, also, you will not be able to download apps because they don’t have an app store.

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