Who Makes Insignia TVs: Everything You Need to Know About

I have been looking for new TVs to buy and came across the brand Insignia. At first, I was a little wary of the brand as it is relatively new, and I had not heard of it before.

Who Makes Insignia TVs Everything You need to Know about

So, I did some research to find out who makes Insignia TVs, as knowing the owner and parent company of a brand can be extremely helpful and help build trust toward the brand. All the answers to your questions are presented below!

Who makes Insignia TVs?

Insignia TVs are made by a well-known retail giant, Best Buy Co. Additionally, they sell various other gadgets including refrigerators, gaming systems, cameras, tablet attachments, and similar items. The Best Buy name is used abroad as well, with international offices in Mexico and Canada.

Although Insignia TVs are most commonly sold at its owner’s store, Best Buy, you can also buy this on Amazon and through Best Buy’s online storefronts. They come in various sizes and specifications, such as 4K HDR variants, large screens, compact screens, and many more.

Note, Best Buy is merely a retailer, not a manufacturer. So, the question is now: where are Insignia TVs made? The corporation, Best Buy, places orders with a number of companies, primarily Chinese, for gadgets, appliances, and accessories.

You may even find information about Insignia goods being produced by firms like Samsung, LG, or Toshiba can be found online. But that isn’t the case. Only a portion of the items, typically screens, may be supplied by these businesses.

Additionally, Toshiba sold its electronics division to Hisense in 2017, hence this firm no longer supplies any parts as Hisense is now in charge of this division.

Hisense, a Chinese company, is the main manufacturer of Insignia TVs. However, other Chinese businesses may also produce certain low-end Insignia TVs. Hisense is the manufacturer of all Insignia Fire TV Edition televisions. Essentially, these are Hisense TVs that are branded as Insignia TVs.

Are they worth it?

Now that you know who makes Insignia TVs, you must be wondering if spending your hard-earned money on Insignia TVs is even worth it.

The short answer is yes, Insignia TVs are actually a pretty good choice if you are on a budget. You are likely to get high-quality audio and video data from this brand, which will enrich your viewing experience.

They are made for clients who want to purchase a less expensive TV. The TVs have basic panels with an 8-bit color depth and 60 frames per second frame rate. Insignia TVs are also compatible with Amazon services, most importantly the Fire TV services, which is a plus point.

However, they are pretty average when compared to other well-known brands. You can find much better TVs from other brands. But, on a budget, Insignia TVs are a good choice, but you should not expect anything too special.

What is the warranty for Insignia TVs like?

Warranty is an important consideration while buying any TV. All Insignia televisions do indeed come with warranties. However, if you purchased a cheap TV and something went wrong, you are likely to just get the TV replaced as it’s less expensive than having it repaired.

TV repair firms have contracts with Best Buy, so you will not have to find an independent body to repair your TV. Additionally, a single-point call center will take your request and send the technician your way, for your ease and convenience. Larger, more expensive TVs can be fixed if there are enough spare components available.


Is Insignia TV an American company?

Insignia TVs are distributed by the retail giant, Best Buy, which technically makes it American. However, it is essential to note here that the answer to the question “who makes Insignia TVs” is actually manufactured in China. The specifics of the same are not disclosed, however, the high-end models are made by Hisense.

Is Insignia a Samsung TV?

Samsung TVs are not the same as Insignia TVs. Insignia TV is a different brand that Best Buy owns and sells. They employ the same memory module and follow the same model numbering pattern, which can be the cause of this confusion in many individuals. However, Insignia TVs are not produced at Samsung’s factories.

Bottom Line

Now that you know who makes Insignia TVs, and where they are manufactured, you get a better idea of what the brand looks like. Knowing this information will also help you determine whether you can trust the brand or not and whether you should spend your money on these TVs.

Insignia TVs are a good choice if you are looking to spend minimal amounts of money and just need a TV to watch videos on. Make an informed decision regarding what TV to buy!

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