Why Do My AirPods Keep Cutting Out? (Best Solution To Fix It)

I’ve had the AirPods for a few months now, and they’re great. But recently, I’ve noticed that they keep cutting out. It’s not just once or twice – it has happened a few times every day for about two weeks now. This issue can be frustrating while listening to music but can it be fixed? Of course!

Why do my airpods keep cutting out best solution to fix

AirPods Keep Cutting Out? Reasons Behind It

Many AirPods users have reported the cutting out issue from the device for no reason however Apple had acknowledge the issue and released a patch note regarding it as well as a long forum on the ways to fix the issue which you can check here.


Signal Interference – Your AirPods are susceptible to interference from nearby Bluetooth devices. Close proximity to radio waves like wifi and many more.

Hardware issues – If your AirPods were damaged by water, or you accidentally dropped it from a height it might have damaged the internals of the AirPods which is causing the signal issue.

Sensor Issues – Sometimes too much advancement in simple tech products can be disastrous same is in the case of the AirPods from the day when they were coming with proximity sensors for Ear Detection and this may also cause cutouts if your device is damaged because the detection isn’t accurate, while you’re wearing it.

Firmware Issue – We have talked about this in most of our posts related to AirPods because most of the issues are caused due to incompatible firmware versions either it is AirPods or iPhones.

So, as a rule of thumb keep your AirPods and iPhone updated as new updates fix old bugs and give you a seamless experience.

Here are the Best Solutions to Fix it

If you are having issues with you AirPods then one of the best thing to do is reset them this usually fix most of the problems.

  • Check your phone or tablet – If something is blocking the signal from reaching your AirPods then they won’t respond properly when charged up enough. This can also happen when there’s too much interference between devices that aren’t optimally tuned for each other.
  • If your AirPods are cutting out -When you’re listening to music, try opening the Control Center (swipe up from the bottom of your screen) and remove the device from the pairing list by opening Bluetooth>Device>(I)> scroll down> Forget the Device. And try to pair your device again it may fix the problem.

Reset AirPods

Resetting the Airpods may fix the issue whether it may be a software problem or some bug issue inside the Airpods to fix the issue follow the steps:

  • Press and hold the button on the back of the case until you see the LED flash white.
  • Keep holding the button until you see the LED flash amber.
  • Once your status light changes from amber to white, your device is reset and restarted. Now pair your device up and you’re ready to use it out.

The Most Common Reason

The most common cause why your AirPods keep disconnecting and cutting out is that they are just not charged up enough. I know it seems obvious but sometimes we forget to charge them up.

And to keep an eye on your battery percentage for both your iPhone and AirPods you can try to do:

  1. Hold the home screen until the screen goes backward and icons start to shake.
  2. Open the widget page by clicking on the + icon in the left corner.
  3. Search for the Battery widget and select the “ADD WIDGET” icon.
  4. Now you can check and monitor your device as well as AirPods and other peripherals’ battery life.

Make Sure Your Charging Case Works Correctly

Make sure your charging case works correctly.


First, ensure that the charging case is fully charged. If it isn’t, unplug it and plug it back in until a green light appears on the front of it If this doesn’t fix your problem, try restarting your AirPods by pressing and holding both sides of their case until they turn off completely.

Then let them sit for about an hour before attempting again. If you still have problems after doing all of these steps, we recommend contacting AppleCare for assistance with troubleshooting options such as resetting or replacing them altogether if necessary!

Also, do check apple forums for quick redressals and updates.

Clean Up Your AirPods or Ear Tips

Clean up the ear tips with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol and let them dry thoroughly. Do not use any liquid or solvent to clean your AirPods, as this can damage their charging port and may cause them not to work properly in the future. You can use Cotton swabs to remove dust, gunk and ear wax which may be interfering with audio output of the device.

  • Make sure you’re using the correct products.
  • Keep your cleaning tools soft and smooth.
  • Start by removing AirPods from their case.
  • Remove any earwax buildup.
  • Clean the outside of the AirPods case.
  • Wipe down the grill.
  • Put the AirPods back in their case.
  • Takeaway: Airpods have been cleaned safely!

Another Solutions to fix Airpod’s cutting-out problem.

There are few ways which you can try to check and fix out the problem which may include:

  1. A new firmware update for Airpods.
  2. Using a 3rd party app called “PodWrangler”.
  3. Turning off auto-ear detection.
  4. Resetting the device.
  5. If your AirPods are water damaged while showering you can check the fix here.

In this case, try turning off Bluetooth on your device and then turn it back on again after 20 minutes or so of no action from either device (iPhone).

Turning off auto-ear detection

As, we talked about it earlier newer Airpods and AirPods pro comes with ear detection where they use proximity sensor to detect whether you have removed the device or not to play and pause music and sometimes this feature causes issue.

If your AirPods has obtained any kind of damage due to mishandling it may cause sensors to go sideways which causes irregular connection issues to fix follow the steps as follow:

Also, you can try to do Settings > Bluetooth > Airpods > open its settings> Turn off auto ear detection as well as Turn off ANC and set the mic to Automatic.

Try Connecting Them to a Different Device

Try connecting your AirPods to a different device. If your AirPods doesn’t connect to the intended device (say, iPhone) but are connecting fine to your other devices, then there may be an issue with that device and not the AirPods themselves.

If the Above Solutions Don’t Work

If none of these solutions work for you then it’s time to contact Apple support again. You can do this by opening up the AirPods app, tapping on “Settings” and scrolling down until you see a button that says “Support.” Click on that and follow the prompts to chat with an Apple employee about your problem.


Also, check for your apple coverage whether they are in warranty or expired.

Does Applecare+ covers the disconnection issue?

This question don’t have a straight answer right now as apple care+ does cover accidental damage as well as electronic issue but, if your device is mishandeled due to human error it may not be covered by this. So once contact Apple support for clarifications.


We hope you were able to fix the Airpods keeps cutting out issue with our fixes if the issues are still making mad then you can also consider a visit to the service center.

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