Why do my ears hurt while wearing headphones?

man wearing headpones

Headphones sure bought the revolution among the youngsters with recent developments in sound and quality. Headphones had the best positive impact on modern gaming and music. It gives you a personal experience of audio directly to your ears.

There’s no doubt that this electronic gadget has grown significantly over time among the people.

However, due to its Convenience overuse and misuse of these gadgets can be brutal to your ears and can bring lots of problems such as ear pain, so let’s learn more about this topic in this article. 

Why does ear pain arise?

A most common reason for ear pain from headphones is a poor fit. Wearing headphones that are too tight puts pressure on your head, ears, and outer ears or pinna. The pressure squeezes the ears and pinna which causes discomfort or pain.

Wearing too tight headphones also leads to skin rashes and skin bleeding. 

Some ears might be extra sensitive to the headphones materials in such cases the results can be more brutal. 

Another reason for ear pain is loud excess noise from the devices to your ears. A high volume rate especially anything more than 85 decibels can cause several effects such as temporary hearing loss. They can also develop ear pain, or your head feels noises such as humming, or ringing. 

Uncleaned headphones over some time can also cause adverse effects on your ears such as ear infections, ear pain, or developing more harmful bacterial infections which can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. 

headphones also make it harder for the ear to naturally clean out excessive ear wax which leads to bacterial infection, rashes, or hearing loss. 

How to avoid ear pain from headphone use? 

  • Keep a low volume, at least keep it at or lower than 60% of the maximum level. 
  • Make sure headphones fit perfectly on your ears and do not put any excess pressure on your ears.
  • Avoid wearing headphones for a longer period. Instead, take frequent breaks in between. 
  • Keep your ear clean and Hygienic by routinely ear check-ups including ear wax clean-up. 
  • Keep your headphones clean and do routine clean-ups to keep it hygienic.
  • Keep your device clean and hygienic with a soft and clean cloth. 

How to relieve ear pain after headphone use?

  • Remedies for ear pain have a range of options depending on the nature and extent of the problem. 
  • Adjust your headphones to reduce pressure on your ears and feel more comfortable.
  • Removing headphones for a longer period can help you minimize the hearing loss problem. 
  • Lower the volume to 60% or less, and wear them for an hour or less by taking more frequent breaks. 
  • Take a proper oral medication prescribed by the doctor for ear pain relief. 
  • Using over-the-counter ear drops which are specifically indicated for ear pain relief prescribed by a doctor. 

When to see a doctor? 

Although some remedies can be relieving for ear pain due to headphones, you need to seek professional help if the ear problem lasts more than a day.

Or if the infection or pain is more brutal. Professional doctors examine you and prescribe you the best medication or suggest you the best treatment. 


Why does my headphones give me a headache?

It happens because earphones and headphones emit radiation, yes earphones and headphones which you are using emit radiation, and being in radiation for a long time cause serious health problems including headache and other brain and ears related issue.

Why do my ears hurt when I listen to music?

If you are using headphones without “speaker cups” then the pain could be caused by the fact that the headphones themselves are pressing against your ears. Try a new pair of headphones that are shaped to fit better. 

Is it bad to wear headphones all the time?

It will be painful for a while, and it can affect your hearing. You don’t have to buy branded high prices headphones because they spend so much money on marketing and branding.

Final thoughts… 

Ear pain due to headphones is a common problem in recent times but it’s important to acknowledge it and take proper actions to prevent it from harming your ears. By taking proper actions or taking professional help. Make sure the headphones are in perfect fit, don’t overuse or misuse them and keep a low volume and take breaks in between and you’re ready to go. 

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