Why do pro gamers wear two headphones?

Why do pro gamers wear two headphones
Why do pro gamers wear two headphones

Game Lovers! If you watch professional games you will notice one thing gamers wearing two headphones at the same time and even sometimes they wear third headphones on their neck. But why is that?

Are they listening to the coaching staff or referee?😀

The answer is No🙄

You will be surprised by the fact that they are used for the purpose as inner headphones will help in hearing in-game sounds by helping them in communicating well with their team members whereas the outer earphones help in noise reduction from outside and prevent listening from outside staff.

Whereas the third headset or headphones are there for sponsorships. I know you are still thinking, But don’t worry I will show you in detail.

Why Pro gamers wear Two headphones:

  1. Massive Noises at Mass events
  2. Strictly by the rulebook
  3. Improves communication
  4. Enhance productivity
  5. Better sound quality
  6. Better results

Let’s discuss in detail why Pro Gamers wear two headphones🙂

1.) Massive Noises at Mass events

In a multiplayer game, there is always a lot of noise around there and you will observe that Gamers wear two headphones this is because inner headphones are there to hear the actual sound of the game like the sound of the feet of enemies or their cars or weapon’s sound.

And outer headphones are therefore eliminating the sounds of spectators, commentators, etc. so that is one of the reasons why their wear two headphones. As multiplayer games involve so much noise & it becomes next to impossible for a gamer to focus on their game.

2.) Strictly by the rulebook ( Not allowed to take advantage)

You will be amazed to know that it is in the rulebooks of the Professional games that you need to wear two headphones and the reason behind this is that in multiplayer games, commentators describe every detail of the individuals in the game their strategy, their powers, their weaknesses, so that viewers enjoyed that.

If a player failed to or intentionally breaks the rule of not wearing Two headphones in the game then the game will be abandoned or his team will be disqualified.

This is because In professional games unfair advantage taken over opposition is not allowed.

3.) Improves Communication with Team members

Wearing two headphones will certainly help in better communication. Games like animal crossing, Call of duty, Counterstrike, Dead by daylight, Destiny, etc includes lots of noise. so as a team, it becomes near impossible for an individual to listen to his team’s voice so here wearing two headphones will give an added advantage.

4.) Enhance productivity

An increase in productivity will always be there because having two headphones at the same time will provide you with a noise cancelation feature which ultimately helps in stay focused on the games and removes distractions from outside.

5.) Better sound quality

There are so many reasons Why gamers wear two headphones and one of these is that it facilitates better sound quality. As inner headphones help gamers to focus on the game as they can easily coordinate with a team with better sound quality

And outer headphones eliminate the sound of spectators, commentators, etc.

6.) Better results

As a gamer, you need better communication with your team, better sound quality & focus on the game. Wearing two headphones fulfill all those features for the gamer which ultimately helps in achieving better results as a gamer.

7.) In-game sounds

The white pair of headphones( inner headphones) helps in hearing the footsteps, sound of weapons, shots, etc. Fair to say, These headphones are very important without this players can’t communicate or play effectively.

The second pair( outer headphones) helps in eliminate the outside noise and helps the players to focus just on the game and not on the crowd. It works differently by eliminating the notice.

So both work as a team as one is focusing on In-game sounds and another one is focusing on reducing outside noises.

Do Gamers wear Two headphones at home?

No, it is not that comfortable to wear two headphones for a long time because the weight of them will make your head feel sore, and that can make you not want to use them. Also, gamers usually want to hear what’s going on around them in order to play the game better.

At home is not an official place especially when they aren’t playing professional games and also it is not covered by large spectators. So, In short, It is not compulsory to wear two headphones when they aren’t playing officially.


Is it necessary to wear two headphones in-game?

Yes, It’s necessary to wear two headphones because it is in the rule books of the game that you have to wear two headphones because you aren’t allowed to unfair advantage by listening to all the views from commentators about the opposition.

Which headphones do pro gamers use?

They use different types of Headphones and we have found most of them used Blackshark, Logitech G635, Arctis 7P, Creative SXFI, and HyperX.and Asus ROG.

Do pro gamers use headphones with a mic?

Typically yes, especially if they are streaming. Most pro gamers will use a headset that has both a microphone and earbuds/headphones. This is because the headphones act as sound-canceling technology.
It allows them to keep their ears open for teammates to communicate with while they play in loud environments with background noise such as fans or other players.

Is it better to have a separate mic and headphones?

Having a separate mic and headphones for gaming makes the most sense. When communicating with teammates or opponents, communication is key. With a USB microphone, you can properly position the microphone so that it records your voice clearly while having your headphones close to your ears will ensure you hear any alerts given on the battlefield.


Because one ear can’t handle all the sounds! The game is full of small audio cues that make a big difference in gaming performance. Being able to hear both enemy footsteps and music makes it easy for professional gamers to get more kills. Additionally, it is also in the rule books of the game which I mentioned above.

I hope I Covered all the things which you need to know😉

Happy Reading🥰