Why Do Drummers Wear Headphones During Concerts?

Why do drummers wear headphones during concerts

If you have ever been to concerts, you have seen the drummers rocking in the background. But have you noticed the drummers wearing headphones?

You probably thought “what are they listening to?” or “are the headphones for advertisement purposes?” So without further ado, we’re gonna discuss Why Drummers wear Headphones during concerts?

Why do drummers wear headphones during concerts

  1. Drumming with a click
  2. Coordination with other musicians
  3. Protection of ears
  4. Adjusting the sound frequency
  5. Recording drumming sessions
  6. Practice silently

Now let us discuss this in detail.

1. Drumming with a Click

Click track
Click track

There is an option in music which is called Click track. It is also called a metronome that clicks to mark the time at which a musician should play. In some cases, a drummer will have one headphone with a click track in it, while the other headphone is silent so that they can hear properly other instruments and maintain tempo.

2. Coordination with Other Musicians

Music band

Fair to say, the point itself justifies that drummers wear headphones so that they can coordinate with other musicians easily.

We all know drums are a key part of the rhythm section and their role is to provide the beat for the music. Drums provide energy behind songs and many drummers have their “signature style” that makes them stand out.

Since many songs have complex drum patterns, wearing headphones during a concert allows drummers to hear themselves so they can synchronize their playing with other drummers, guitarists, flute, or keyboard players.

3. Protection of Ears

Protection of ears

Drummers wear headphones during concerts to protect their ears from the loud sound of cymbals, drums, and other instruments. They can turn up the volume on their headphones so they don’t have to hear the external loud music.

Sometimes drummers also wear a set of earplugs underneath the headphones as it provides even better protection to their ears.

4. Adjusting the Sound Frequency

Sound frequency

Drummers need to analyze the sound frequency while playing drums & headphones help to cope with sound frequency during practice and judge the sound frequency with music.

With headphones on, a drummer can listen to their own beats & sounds without any external disruptions.

5. Recording Drumming Sessions

Recording drumming session

Headphones are like life saviors for a drummer because it records your performance and transfers them to the right device.

As a result, they don’t have to carry a separate recorder around. They can just plug in the headphones and it records all the beats.

Beyerdynamic DT770 (80ohms) is the ideal headphone to record drumming sessions.

6. Noise-free Practice

Practicing with headphones on is much more convenient for the drummers ’cause a) they can listen to the beats more precisely and b) keeps the loud drum beats from disturbing the neighbors. Basically, wearing headphones is more convenient for both the drummers and the nearby people.


Could more use of headphones be causing hearing loss in drummers?

The World Health Organization states that “the risk of noise-induced hearing loss depends on the loudness of the sounds involved; how frequently you’re exposed; how long you’re exposed; and whether or not you wear protection.” If Drummers follow the safety guidelines, headphones cannot cause hearing loss.

What kind of headphones do drummers use?

Although the choice of headphones varies from drummer to drummer, there are certain common qualities every drummer looks for in their headphones:
– Comfort
– Highly suitable for listening & monitoring
– Quality design
– Affordable
– Long-lasting

Which are the best headphones for drummers?

We found most drummers like companies like beats, Solo3, Denon AH-GC3, Sennheiser Momentum, and JBL.


There are so many reasons why drummers wear their headphones during a concert. They want to focus on tapping their foot and playing the drums, they want to know how they sound in comparison to the other band members, and there is music in their ears during the concert so they can stay on the beat. All of these reasons and more are valid for being able to hear music during a concert.

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