Why do All Podcasters Wear Headphones When Podcasting?

Have you ever noticed that the world’s top podcasters like Joe Rogan, Crime Junkie or Call Her Daddy do the same thing in all their podcasts and that is to wear headphones? But why do they wear headphones when podcasting?

Why do Podcasters wear headphones when podcasting
Why do Podcasters wear headphones when podcasting


Obviously, you are.

As a podcaster (even if not much famous as Crime Junkie😒) below are the reason why I use headphones while podcasting. I hope I’ll be able to satisfy your curiosity so you won’t have to waste your precious time on google anymore. And I assure you, you’re in the right place here at Beat Mentors where you will get all the information related to beats.

Make sense?🤠

So, without wasting further time, I am going to cover the points and afterwards, I will explain them in detail for more understanding. Let’s dive in:

Why do Podcasters wear headphones when podcasting?

  1. Monitor audio while recording
  2. No worrying about Mic placement
  3. Increases sound quality
  4. Avoid Background noise
  5. Makes Editing Easier
  6. Record a Podcast Using different software
  7. Relief to your guests

Want more details? So let’s discuss😉

1.) Monitor audio while recording

Audio monitoring
audio monitoring

Just imagine a scenario where you are sitting in your studio and you are doing a live podcast after a long practice session and after some time you get a text from your listener and he says that he can’t hear you properly.

In Podcasting, wearing headphones gives you the luxury to monitor your audio while recording. You will come to know whether your guests or listeners going to listen properly or not. Headphones work best in podcasting as it allows you to modify or adjust some changes so that your sound quality will remain perfect. And you won’t have to face such embarrassing situations.😎

2.) No worrying about Mic placement

No worrying about Mic placement

Microphone placement has always been a huge problem for Podcasters because they are always serious about delivering good quality sounds so that their guests don’t find any problems while listening. And for this podcasters prefer headphones with an in-built mic.

Why I’m saying this…

Because if the mic is closer to you then guests will hear your breathing sound, which nobody wants to listen & will create a bad impression and if the mic is far from you then guests will not able to hear you properly, so here wearing headphones when podcasting nullifies the Mic placement problem and gives listeners a very good experience while podcasting.

3.) Increases sound quality

Increases sound quality
Increases sound quality

Another reason and the more practical one is wearing headphones will increase the sound quality. You already get an idea that wearing headphones will help in making certain adjustments in sound that include echos & bleed, but It is more than that you need to know that wearing headphones when podcasting will help you in making adjustments in noise levels also.

Because there are always some words that may not sound clear, here headphones give the luxury to enhance the sound quality and ultimately helps you in achieving a good name in podcasting.

4. Avoid background noise

Avoid Bleed & Echoes
Avoid Bleed & Echoes

Speaker Bleed & Echos are the worst things and definitely sign of low production quality. This happens mostly for beginners in Podcasting who don’t know how to set up Podcasting setup or when their mics generate an echo sound of their guest’s speaker while recording a podcast.

while not wearing headphones then there will be background noise & that will degrade the sound quality

So how to avoid background noise?🙄

Well, you can remove this problem by using a headphone so that while podcasting your speaker and your guest’s speaker should not be on because that will pick up Echoes from audio. You should wear headphones when podcasting so that you don’t have to waste much time editing your sound quality.

5. Makes Editing Easier

Makes editing easy
Makes editing easy

Yes, you heard it right. Wearing headphones when podcasting will do wonders for podcasters as I already mentioned that it helps in detecting Speaker bleed, Echoes, outside noises, popping, sneezing noise, etc. With the help of headphones especially with the noise cancellation feature, it will remove those unnecessary sounds easily.

And it will save lots of time while editing because it allows you to hear any kind of song whether it be bad or good.

6. Record a Podcast Using different software

More often, you can expect that people are on podcasts with you in the recording space. But it generally doesn’t happen because sometimes people prefer to record their video or take interviews on Zoom or skype application.

If they prefer that kind of way then both of the parties need to wear headphones to avoid any problems related to Sound quality.

7.) Relief to your guests

Wearing headphones is not only helpful to you (the host) but is also helpful for your guests as well. I had told you numerous times in this article that if you don’t wear headphones then you can face problems relating to sound quality. Wearing headphones gives relief to your guest as well.

Because they also wanted to know whether their sound quality is good or bad so that they can make certain changes. We all know It’s better to wear headphones to make changes easily instead of taking interviews with guests which becomes impossible to schedule that interviews.

Features we must look into headphones while podcasting

Features of good headphones while podcasting
Features of good headphones while podcasting

Till now in this article, you know why headphones are necessary for podcasters while recording, so I know one question in your mind what are the features we must look into headphones while podcasting.

So to help you shop wisely, Here are our recommendations🔥

Watch this video for more clarification:🔥

1.) Choose Closed-Back headphones

Although there are lots of headphones available in the market for podcasting, you must go for Closed-back headphones because they will block all unnecessary noises except for what you’re listening to. These headphones have the noise-cancellation feature which you needed.

2.) Good quality

Every headphone in the market is not of good quality. According to our findings, Audio Technica ATH-m20x, Sennheiser 280 PRO & Sony MDR7506/1, etc are recommended by most the well-known podcasters

And also good quality headphones will last longer. So it’s better to invest in the right thing

3.) Comfortable

In a profession like podcasting, you need to record for long hours, so your productivity can be decreased if you don’t wear headphones that aren’t comfortable. Having headphones of Close Backed headphones with a quality velvet fabric will work for you.


Is it compulsory to wear headphones while podcasting?

No, it’s not compulsory to wear headphones while podcasting but it is recommended that you should wear headphones as it makes it easy for hosts or guests to make changes in audio quality if they feel that it is not recorded well.

Can we lose our hearing capacity while wearing headphones?

No. We don’t necessarily have to worry about losing our hearing capacity while wearing headphones because we’re not running the risk of damaging our eardrums.
The only thing we need to worry about is the possibility that headphones could damage themselves if the volume is turned up too high and the earphones get too hot.

What are the best headphones for podcasting?

The best headphones for podcasting are ones that bring out the sound. So here from our findings, Audio Technica ATH-m20x, Sennheiser 280 PRO & Sony MDR7506/1, etc are recommended by most the well-known podcasters


I think the best takeaway from this is the fact that headphones make it easier for podcasters to do their job, and that’s always a good thing. But beyond that, wearing headphones also helps create a more relaxed atmosphere—and that can be just as beneficial. In any case, if you’re interested in podcasting yourself one day, wearing headphones probably won’t hurt!

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