Wireless earbuds not charging? What should you do?

Wireless earbuds not charging
Wireless earbuds not charging

Wireless earbuds not charging, well If you’re a music lover then definitely, it’s not the best place to be in. So in this situation what should you do? Buy new wireless earbuds or feel regret. In this article, you will find out how to deal with this situation and save your earbuds.

Make sense?

Let’s see how to troubleshoot the problem of wireless earbuds not charging.

How to fix wireless Earbuds with charging issues?

If your wireless earbuds won’t charge, there are a few things you can do to try to fix them. Try these things first and see if that fixes the problem. With charging issues You have two options to look out for

  1. The issue with charging cable
  2. The issue with charging case

Fair enough, If your wireless earbuds are not charging, it might be because of the sweat and water damage. The first thing that you should do is check the charging point to see if they are clean. If they are dirty then you need to clean them with a dry cloth and put your earbuds back on the charging plate.

9 Tips to fix android Wireless earbuds

1.) Check the charging status

Check the charging status

There are two types of lights that are reflected in the case & that is green & red. If the red light is reflected for a long time then it might be its charging is blocked by abnormal temperatures & there are several reasons for that which you need to look at.

  1. Wireless Earbuds are in direct contact with excessive heat like sunlight
  2. Earbuds are accidentally washed in the washing machine & get wet.

2.) Ensure That Buds Are Placed Correctly in Case

Ensure That Buds Are Placed Correctly in Case

Before going to the conclusion that your earbuds are screwed make sure that buds are placed correctly in the case. Although it sounds foolish but, it generally happens with most of us because we tend to ignore the basic things.

3.) Clean the charging slot

Clean the charging case

You know how small is charging slot is & if in case dirt particles go into that charging slot then it may result in earbuds not charging.

So what you can do?

Take a microfiber cloth and soaked them in alcohol after that, you can rub the dirt particle & your problem is solved.

4. Use the Prescribed charger

Use prescribed charger

Another reason, a more practical one that if your earbuds are not charging properly then maybe you are using the wrong charger. By using the wrong charger your earbud’s battery will get damaged. if you notice that there is a logic behind giving you the charger at the time of buying a product and that charger is always compatible with the earbud’s battery

So make assure always use the prescribed charger

5.) Update the software

Sometimes not updating the software can also cause problems in charging the wireless earbuds. So I recommend you install the proper management apps. If you are not aware of the latest updates, you don’t have to worry because Managements apps will notify you about the latest software available.

6.) Restart & reset

A very productive & old method you can try is to restart & reset. Try restarting the wireless earbuds if they won’t charge to see if that resolves your issue. Hold down the Reset button on the back of the charging case for at least 10 seconds until its indicator light flashes.

If the earbuds still don’t charge, contact Customer Support for further assistance.

7.) Clean the earpods

Clean, the Earpods is more difficult than cleaning the charging case as it is a lot smaller but a technique is the same which I told you about in cleaning the charger case

8.) Check the Earbuds

You have to figure out all possible outcomes from your side why I’m saying this because sometimes the problem is the earbuds themselves.

But how can you check this😵

Just borrow a charger case from your friend and check whether it is charging properly or not and if it is not charging then you can assume the problem is with earbuds.

9.) Take to professional

Take to professional

If your wireless earbuds not charging, then it could be due to several reasons. If you want to know the exact reason behind it, then you should take your device to an expert.

And this is the last step you can try before going for further decision.

However, watch this video on how you can clean the charging set & earbuds

4 Tips to fix AirPods that don’t charge

Tips to fix AirPods that don’t charge

If your AirPods are not charging, there are several things to troubleshoot. so Let’s find out🔥

1.) Use the right charger

Make sure you’re using the charging case that came with your AirPods. The two-pronged charger that comes with the AirPods is designed to work properly with your wireless headphones. iPhone company recommend you to use that charger case which comes with Airpods

And if you buy a duplicate charger case from the market then there is a possibility you might see a problem in charging because of its less power.

2.) Check if your AirPods are charging

If you are charging your AirPods but still it is showing the indication of low battery

Then what to do

Check if they’re charging by making sure the charging case is plugged in, with the indicator light on. If it is, then remove the AirPods from the case and press play on your paired iPhone or iPad to see if music plays through them. If you can hear sound and they aren’t collecting dust or lint, then wait 5 minutes before trying again.

3.) Issue with charging case

There can be an issue with a charging case also. Make assure that you shouldn’t let your charger direct contact with sunlight for a long time and also avoid your charger from getting washed out in the washing machine. so if you follow these simple steps then you will not face problems related to this.

4.) Update your AirPods firmware

If your AirPods aren’t charging, update the firmware of your AirPods or iPhone. Before you can update your AirPods, be sure to update the firmware on your iPhone.

If both devices are running the latest compatible iOS version. Then follow these steps

  1. Go to Settings > General > Software Update.
  2. Install any updates that are available.


I’ll show you how to make your wireless earbuds’ battery last longer. There are some simple points you can take to increase the life of your Bluetooth earbud battery.

  1. Turn the volume down
  2. Keep it away from extreme temperatures
  3. Use one earbud at a time
  4. Try not to overcharge it if it goes to 100%
  5. Turn off Wi-Fi every time if not in use.


How long do wireless earbuds last?

Wireless earbuds have a built-in battery that can last as long as 12 hours per charge. However, listening to higher volumes will drain your battery more quickly — which means you might need to charge the wireless earbuds more often. In some cases, your earbuds may stop charging completely.

Why are your wireless headphones not charging?

Most of the time wireless earbuds not charging and in that situation It requires simple troubleshooting, such as restarting, repairing, or replacing a small component. In case it takes more than that to solve the problem, you should contact professionals.

What are the best wireless earbuds available in the market?

We have some best Wireless earbuds for you which are recommended by the users Panasonic RZ-S500W, Sony WF-C500, Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus &Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, etc.


Wireless earbuds are great, but they do have one big drawback: they need a little bit of juice to keep the music running. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to fix your wireless earbuds and make them start charging again.

Hopefully, we’ve covered all the bases here, but if you have a question we didn’t cover, maybe our reader comments will help out. And we’ll do our best to respond back!

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