Are Skullcandy Headphones Good? Here’s what we found

Yesterday, my earphones broke, and my entire day was ruined. My friends tried to console me and instantly started giving me their earphones to borrow for the day. One of these was the Skullcandy earphones.

Are Skullcandy Headphones Good

These definitely piqued my interest. Skullcandy is an extremely well-known brand, at an affordable price point. So, I wanted to know the answer to the question: are Skullcandy headphones actually good? Here’s what we found.

Are Skullcandy Headphones Good?

When it comes to Headphones, there are a lot of factors you need to consider to determine whether they are actually good or not. We will assess Skullcandy headphones based on these factors.


Sound Quality

The most important question: is the sound quality of Skullcandy headphones good? The quality of sound that Skullcandy delivers is definitely based on what you are using them for. If you require headphones for casual listening of music, podcasts, etc. then they are actually pretty good for the price range.

To be fair, this is exactly what they are marketed for as well. Their target audience tends to be on the younger side, who only require headphones for casual listening.

On the other hand, if you are an audiophile or require headphones for any kind of professional purpose, Skullcandy is NOT the brand for you. Further, Skullcandy tends to be a little bit heavier on the bass than usual, so make sure that that is something you like.


The material of Skullcandy headphones is soft and comfortable. The headphone band is adjustable so you can adjust it to fit you best.


The headphones cups are comfortable for long wear as well, as they do not apply any intense pressure on the ears or the head. This is an especially attractive feature for gamers who may have to wear headphones for a significantly long period of time.


The durability of headphones is largely based on the material that they are made out of. Skullcandy headphones are not made out of one particular material and are usually a combination of many materials. These materials range from expensive to cheap.

However, these headphones are particularly plastic based. For this reason, they are usually averagely durable, but considerably less than other brands on the market. Some Skullcandy products, such as the Hesh, are equipped with a layer of protective material to prevent any dust or water damage.

The headphones cups themselves come with an added waterproof layer to protect against sweat and moisture that emanates from long hours of use. However, you may start noticing a small degree of wear and tear after consistent use.


Skullcandy as a brand is known for its affordability. Their products offer a great range of prices, and if you are on a budget, this is a great choice for you.

Further, the range of options and controls that the brand provides for its prices is impressive, to say the least!


Skullcandy is known to be a fashion brand. They come in a wide variety of colours and designs. These bright colours are seldom found in other headphone brands.


You can also find a ton of different products with different styles, so do not worry about the range. You will almost definitely find something that fits your personality the best.

Extra Benefits

The battery life of Skullcandy Headphones is worth noting. Additionally, many models come with a “rapid charging” mode. This mode is perfect for people who are on the go, and do not get a lot of time to charge their headphones. It is claimed by Skullcandy that the headphones can play up to 4 hours with only 10 minutes of rapid charging!

The headphones are Bluetooth compatible, which means that they can be used wirelessly, which is great for when you are jogging or working out. The Bluetooth technology is not bad for the price points as well!

One of the most impressive features of Skullcandy is the Tile app. This app helps you sync your Skullcandy devices in a matter of minutes, so you can track them. This is great for safety, so you do not accidentally end up losing your headphones.

Skullcandy Headphones Review

To answer the question “Are Skullcandy headphones good?”, we will provide you with a review of different headphone models.

Crusher Series

The Skullcandy Crusher Headphones are Skullcandy’s most popular series. Why you may ask. Well, they have been given this title for good reason.

The sound quality in the Crusher Headphones is better than other models of Skullcandy, as it provides a stronger sound experience. Further, these headphones come equipped with controls through which you can adjust the bass.


What this means is that you can enhance the bass, or lower it, if that’s what you prefer. The battery life of the headphones is definitely worth mentioning. It provides about 40 hours of playtime. With these features, the Crusher Headphones are definitely worth the value.

The price is pretty standard and affordable. However, the headphones are largely plastic based, which makes them prone to breakage if increased pressure is applied. Lastly, the headphones do a good job at passive noise cancellation but do not come equipped with active noise cancellation technology.

Hesh Series

The most attractive feature of the Skullcandy Hesh Headphones is their affordability. These are very budget-friendly and give you great value for money.

The sound quality is not as good as the Crusher headphones, but still impressive for the price point. It provides up to 22 hours of battery with a full charge. The frequency response of these headphones is about 20Hz-20kHz, something you will not find easily for headphones priced as such.


Another impressive feature of these headphones is the fact that it comes equipped with Active Noise Cancellation technology. However, the noise cancellation is not perfect and only works for low-frequency sounds around you. Mid to high-frequency sounds are not drowned out by these headphones.

 It also comes with USB rapid charging, a feature we talked about before as well. The microphone on the headphones, however, could be much better. The quality isn’t the best, and the headphones themselves do not do a very good job of isolating background noises while taking calls.

These headphones are great for people that love bass, as the bass is definitely a bit heavy on these. Lastly, they are comfortable, and a great purchase if you are working on a budget!

Venue Series

The Skullcandy Venue Headphones are one of the better looking headphones that Skullcandy offers. The material they are made out of is comfortable, and this is definitely the primary selling point of the headphones. They are much more comfortable than the Hesh Headphones, but the Crusher Headphones surpass these in comfort, unfortunately.

These are tightly fitted around the head, which is not the best for long listening hours. However, the tight fit makes them quite stable on your head, with less chance of falling off. Like any other over-ear headphones, they trap heat inside the cups and aren’t ideal for physical activities of any sort.


The sound quality is better than in the Hesh series, and the battery lasts for about 24 hours with a full charge. Lastly, these headphones use the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and are wireless for easy access.


Is Skullcandy better than Beats?

For casual listeners who are looking for basic headphones, both Skullcandy and Beats are great options. The Skullcandy Crusher Series, reviewed above, is a great choice for you. However, many consider Beats to be superior in terms of sound quality and value for money. Both brands have their advantages and disadvantages, so you would benefit from reading detailed reviews to make the best choice for you. You can consider the Beats Studio 3 headphones as an alternative to Skullcandy.

What are some problems with Skullcandy Headphones?

While Skullcandy Headphones do provide value for money, they come with their own problems, considering the affordable price. As mentioned before, these headphones are made largely out of plastic, which may feel cheap to people. These plastic parts also make the headphones prone to breaking, as opposed to metal headphones. Further, many people have noticed Bluetooth connectivity issues and flaking on the skin of the headphones if left out for a long time.

How long do Skullcandy headphones last?

Depending on the model, fully charged headphones can last anywhere from 20-40 hours with a full charge. On the other hand, if you are referring to the durability of these headphones, do keep in mind that they are made of plastic and their durability depends on how well you treat them. They can last for a long time if kept in pristine condition, but this definitely results in extra work for you.

Are Skullcandy Headphones noise cancelling?

The Skullcandy Hesh Series comes equipped with Active Noise Cancelling Technology. This technology is not bad considering that other headphones with ANC technology retail for double, or even triple, the Hesh Headphones’ price. Alternatively, while other models do not come with Active Noise Cancellation Technology, they do a decent job at passive noise cancellation.

Summing Up

There is no clear answer to whether Skullcandy Headphones are good or not. The answer to that depends on a number of things, including the model you go for, the sound quality, durability, price, additional features and so on. But we can say with some conviction that Skullcandy Headphones are a good pick for you if you are looking for casual, passive listening, and do not want to spend a lot of money on this purchase.

Skullcandy Headphones are not good for audiophiles, and people who like great-quality sound are actively discouraged from buying these. Are you looking for headphones fit for an audiophile like you, but on a budget? Do not worry, we have got a guide for you! Top 10 Best Budget Audiophile Headphones in 2023