Beats Headphones not Charging [Quick fix]

Beats headphones not charging then don’t worry everything is not over, in this guide, I’m going to show you what steps you should take before taking it to the technician.

Beats Headphones not charging
Beats Headphones not charging

If you’re a music lover then Beats headphones must be on your priority list because of their popularity, comfort, attractive design & it’s amazing sound quality, etc. Right? But like any electric item, Beats headphones also have charging issues.

So in this article, I will explain how to fix Beats headphones not charging🔥🔥

What to do If your Beats Headphones not charging?

If your Beats headphones not charging and you still want to listen to the music, then there are a few things that you can do. These tips will help you get the most out of your headphone’s battery life and will save you from having to buy another pair of beats for a long time.

1.) Try using another power source

Try to use another power source
Try to use another power source

You must give try to use another power source( adaptors) if your Beat headphones are not charging, why I am saying this because we tend to charge with any charger which is in front of us and ignore the output required by the headphones to charge.

If the output requirement is high for headphones and adapter power is low then it will surely take more time to charge & vice-versa. So what I am trying to say is that if that method works then the problem is with your power source, not with your headphones.

2.) Try a different cable

We all know a charging cable can be damaged easily by a small pin so before going to the conclusion, You must check whether the present cable is in good condition or not. If you are unable to identify the problem then try with a different cable and if it works then the issue is with the cable and if not, then the issue is with your headphones.

3.) Clean the port

You know how small is charging slot is & if in case dirt particles go into that charging slot then it may result in Beats headphones not charging.

So what you can do?

Take a microfiber cloth and soak them in alcohol after that, you can rub the dirt particle & your problem is solved.

Once you are done cleaning the port then you can try to charge & see if it working or not. Although, maximum times it will work & I even impressed my friends many times with this simple trick😀

4.) Switch from USB to a power outlet

Sometimes Beats headphones do not charge directly from a USB source. Aside from being more convenient, charging via a power outlet also means that you will charge at a faster pace. The reason for this is easy to understand: if you are charging your device from a standard USB port, which is 5V/1A.

You will be charged at 1/5th the speed of those who are charging their devices via a computer or AC adapter.

5.) Reset your Beats headphones

There can be many cases where your Beats headphones not charging or only the red light is blinking. The reason could be something simple like resetting your Beats headphones.

So here are the steps to reset the headphones

  1. Turn off your device or hold the power button until it turns off and then try again
  2. Hold the “resume” button on the upper right side of your headphone with a pin or paper clip
  3. Hold it down for 7 seconds and let off
  4. Wait a few seconds before attempting to charge your headphones again

So with these steps, you can solve the problem of Beats headphones not charging

6.) Check the temperature of the room

Check the temperature of the room
Check the temperature of the room

It is possible that your Beats headphones not getting enough airflow to stay cool, so the battery could be overheating and shutting down to protect itself. In this case, try to let it sit in a cool place and see if it will charge.

Some Beats headphones have a security system to stop charging if the temperature is 40 degrees Celsius or 5 degrees Celsus. so you can check out this thing

7.) Charge for an hour

Charge for an hour
Charge for an hour

If your Beats headphones are not charging, try charging them for at least an hour. Make sure that the headphones are turned on, and connected to a USB cable that is plugged into a power source. If they still do not charge, there might be something wrong with your USB connector or Power Adapter.

8.) Check the charging lights

If your headphones are having trouble charging or filling in juice, then check to see whether the lights on the charging cable are working. If you have a red light coming from the charging cable, then this means that the Beats headphones will not charge and there is something wrong with your Beats product.

9.) Replace your battery

Last but not the least, If your Beats headphones not charging, it could be due to a number of reasons. One being damaged from overuse or from being left in a hot environment for too long. If it still won’t charge, we recommend you check your Beats battery for damage and replace it if needed.

Here is a video where you can check how to fix Beats headphones when are not charging🔥🔥

How to fix Beats headphones when is not charging

How to make Beats headphones battery lasts longer?

Beats Pros are a great set of headphones, but they are not ideal when it comes to battery life. You can extend the battery life of your Beats earphones with a few simple and effective tips.

  1. Keep the volume at a moderate level
  2. Keep it away from extreme temperatures
  3. Try not to overcharge it if it goes to 100%
  4. Disconnect it during long periods of non-use to prolong battery life.


What do I do if your Beats headphones won’t charge?

If your battery is completely drained and you’re having trouble charging, try plugging in the charger to a different power outlet or wall jack. If you can’t get it working after multiple tries, please contact your Support team here.

How do keep Beats headphones safe from battery damage?

To avoid battery damage you must not use a different charger for this purpose. As such, the first step to ensure the safety of your headphones is to purchase the official charger.

What does the red light on Beats headphones mean?

The red light is the power light. It means the headphones are plugged in but not charging.



I hope that this article is of some help to you if you are having an issue with your Beats headphones not working. What was it that happened to your Beats Headphones? It’s an important question! If they are not charging, the problem could be one of several different components in your headphones.

I hope I have covered all the things which you need to review. However, if you want to know in general how to fix wireless earbuds then this article will surely help you out. Check the link below 👇🏻

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