7 Best EDM Headphones Suitable for Studio and Home Use

We know searching for the perfect headphones is not a piece of cake. That’s why here we have listed down the Best EDM headphones to let you choose the most suitable one.

7 Best EDM Headphones Suitable for Studio and Home Use

But let us first tell you what EDM stands for (if you don’t know already).

What does EDM stand for?

EDM stands for electronic dance music. Some people spend each day listening to music and trying to feel the beats, rhythm, and depth of the music. For users who like DJs playing EDM songs and love to immerse themselves in the music, there is no other choice than to go for the best EDM headphones.

These Best EDM Headphones can be used in studios and also at home. These headphones make the user feel like dancing to the beats of the music. They are specially meant for music and dance lovers. These headphones are so powerful that they engage the users entirely in the music they listen to. These headphones give a noticeable sound with powerful responsive bass.

If the user cannot purchase the heavy studio monitor setup, this is the best option as a replacement.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best EDM Headphones

The features that must be present in the best EDM headphones include:

  1. Wireless connectivity– Headphones must be wireless, so there is no restriction in the headphone movement. The connectivity technology used should be Bluetooth 5.0, which is highly stable and recommended nowadays.
  2. Comfort– Headphones must be comfortable for use over the ears. It should allow the user to enjoy the music experience without interruption or facing any problem like fatigue or discomfort due to the lousy comfortability provided. Even if the user is wearing it long, it must not hurt the ears.
  3. Audio quality– The headphones must have high audio quality. It must have at least 40 mm of drivers with powerful deep bass. It should be capable of immersing the user in the music and feeling the actual rhythm of the music.
  4. Noise cancellation– This is a must to have feature. It should have a noise-cancellation part. Noise cancellation features allow the users to listen to music without distractions and focus on what they are listening to. 
  5. Durability– The headphones must be highly durable and have wear and tear properties. It should last for a longer duration. If headphone has good durability, it attracts a larger audience. This quality helps the user to choose the best EDM headphones for themselves.

List of 7 Best EDM Headphones:

1. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH700N

If any user is interested in buying the best EDM headphones, they can rely on the Sony WHCH 700N headphone. This headphone provides fantastic sound quality with a bold look and is preferred to use studio recordings. The headphone has a digital noise cancellation feature giving an outstanding music experience to its users.

The headphone has a very long battery life and supports quick charging. The user can use the headphone for up to 35 hours, and they can be used even after only 10 minutes of quick charge. The headphone is AI-powered which means that by holding the NC button, the users can experience tuned noise cancellation courtesy of next-generation AI tech.

The headphone also supports hands-free calling using the built-in mic; the users can make calls, attend calls, and use a voice assistant. The headphone also supports a built-in voice assistant feature; that is, Alexa is enabled for the headphone, and the users can directly ask Alexa to play music or stop music or other options.

This headphone has superb sound quality and intense, precise bass. Since it is wireless, it is considered one of the best EDM headphones.


  • It offers a noise cancellation feature required in the studio’s best headphones.
  • It has a very long-lasting battery life.
  • Easy hands-free calling makes it easy for the user to perform various operations without touching the device.
  • It carries a very bold design.
  • It supports Bluetooth as well as NFC connectivity technology.

2. Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

This headphone ranks among the top under the category of best EDM headphones. This brand provides a very advanced noise cancellation technology with an active noise cancellation feature, which filters almost 95% of the noise. Two noise-detecting microphones pick up and filter the noise up to 95% and ensure that the users are not distracted or disturbed by the surrounding noise.

This is an ultimate noise cancellation headphone, which is customized in such a way to provide three modes of noise cancellation for avoiding airplane engine noise, traffic or wind noise, or office noise. It has high-resolution music. The users can listen to their favorite songs while dancing and enjoy the music due to its high resolution and amplified sound.

It has 40 hours of long-lasting playtime. The standard mode can be extended up to a playtime of 60 hours, and within 5 minutes of charging, it can last four at least 4 hours for listening. Also, it gives pressure-free comfort over the ears of listeners due to the presence of very soft form earcups that fit perfectly over the ears and ensure comfort for a long time listening to music.

This headphone is meant to deliver a high-quality sound experience to its users, giving 40 kilohertz of improved clarity than other headphones. It also has a highly flexible silk diaphragm, giving the users an excellent quality sound experience. It is built up of high-quality material and also carries a beautiful design.


  • Has advanced built-in noise-cancellation technology
  • Gives out the high resolution of music
  • The clarity of sound can be extended up to 40 kilohertz in this headphone
  • Has a very attractive and mesmerizing design
  • It has a flexible silk diaphragm giving an exceptionally high audio experience

3. Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones

This is a wireless headphone that gives maximum audio resolution, which means the users can enjoy premium music quality due to the presence of a 42 mm transducer system and has adaptive apt X.

It can be controlled by using smart control app, which can be used to adjust the sound as per the preference of individuals listening via integrated equalizers, preset and sound modes for the extremely new sound experience. It immerses the user in the music with an adaptive noise-cancellation feature that allows a destruction-free music experience.

It has an adjustable transitive currency mode that lets the user be in touch with the world around it. Not only this, but it also has crystal clear voice pick-up. The four digital microphones ensure automatic suppression of the noise created by the wind for an evident sound experience. This headphone also includes an audio cable of 3.5 mm and a 2.5 mm jack. Both genders can use it.

The components included in this headphone are a carry case, USB C charging cable, audio cable, and airplane adaptor. It provides excellent comfort to the user and is very lightweight. It is a foldable design and is very comfortable over the ear of the user. The fast charging feature gives up to 60 hours of playback time.


  • It has a long-lasting playback time
  • It supports rapid charging
  • It has a very decent design and is comfortable over the ears
  • It has an adaptive noise-cancellation feature
  • It is highly portable due to its folding design

4. Skullcandy Hesh ANC Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

This headphone is especially for those people who are looking for the best headphone for home use. This headphone has a time-proven sound quality due to 40 mm of drivers, and the Hesh ANC technology provides excellent quality audio with deep bass.

It has a battery life of about 22 hours with an active noise cancellation feature ON. It ensures that it keeps the noise out while the user listens to the music. The Hesh ANC gives users a four-mic digital active noise canceling experience. It is very comfortable for use as it has a soft headband that is designed in such a way that it can fit perfectly overall head sizes with ultimate comfort.

It is highly portable, can be carried to any place with the help of the folding design, and takes a tiny space just to fit. The best thing about this headphone is that it comes with one ear of manufacturing warranty for the users so they can use it confidently without any fear of breaking the headphone for EDM.

Hence it is considered one of the best EDM headphones. And the use of these headphones is not limited to home use; hence they have also been considered the best headphones for studio work.


  • It has ANC technology, which ensures a complete noise-free music experience for the user.
  • It has got 40 mm of drivers providing high-quality audio
  • It is highly comfortable for use over the ear
  • It is highly portable due to its folding design
  • It supports Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity technology which is highly stable and recommended.

5. Srhythm NC25 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

This headphone supports digital noise cancellation technology. The noise cancellation technology in this headphone is so professional that it cancels up to 90% of the machine noise. Also, it can cancel noise generated during subways, aircraft, cars, and crowds and helps the users to focus on what they are doing.

The ANC here can be used well with both wired and wireless technology. It provides high-resolution audio in silence; it has dual 40 mm HD and high-resolution audio drivers. They also offer 360-degree Omni directional noise cancellation ANC technology, which has a high-response diaphragm.

It is very lightweight and ensures to delivery of peerless sound without any interruption to the users. The sound quality is so fine that sometimes the user avoids removing the headphones even after using them for a long duration. It has a unique foldable design. It offers 100-degree inward rotation and 120-degree inward folding earcups.

It weighs only 0.4 LB, giving maximum comfort to the user when placed over the ears. It has an excellent design and supports a multi-level adjustable headband suitable for almost all head sizes.

The building battery of this headphone is about 1000mAh, which allows about 50 hours of long playtime. It also has 3.5 mm stereo audio cables, which can be used for charging after a long time of use of the headphone.


  • Has 50 hours of long playtime.
  • Allows very quick charging for headphones.
  • A very adjustable headband is suitable for almost all head sizes.
  • A very high-resolution audio experience
  • Has 360 degrees Omni directional noise cancellation ANC technology

6. Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

This headphone is famous for its sound quality. This headphone also ranks well when talking about the best EDM headphones. These headphones are considered the best headphones for the studio. It has supersonic performance, and the top audio engineers and Pro audio reviewers highly praise its performance.

It has about 45 mm large-aperture drivers, delivering high-quality music to the users. They have rare Earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wires used in their coils. It gives tremendously high clarity and extends the frequency range, providing a deep bass response.

It also has 90-degree rotating ear cups, which gives out a professional-grade music experience to the users. Also, the headband material is highly durable. The headphones are very comfortable over the ears and give excellent sound isolation even in a loud environment. It has a circumaural design that can easily counter around the ear giving out an active noise cancellation feature.


  • It has 90-degree swiveling earcups
  • It gives an exceptionally high-clarity sound experience to the users
  • It has a deep, accurate bass response with a good frequency range.
  • It has a 45 mm aperture, giving a very punchy audio experience. 
  • Supports sound isolation

7. Beyerdynamic Dt 990 Pro Over-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones

This headphone gives a professional-grade sound quality to the users. It supports wired connectivity technology. It allows the users to do professional mixing, editing, listening and mastering at the studio or at home.

Hence it has been entitled with the name, the best headphone for the studio, and the best headphone for home use. It has soft replaceable ear pads which ensure high comfort over the ears. It delivers exceptionally high-quality sound at an incredible price. And it is perfect for studio applications like spacious, strong bass, treble sound, and transparency.

It is a very durable headphone, and it is manufactured in Germany. It has an impedance of about 80 ohms and is very lightweight. It has a nominal sound pressure level of about 96 dB. It has connecting cables with a mini jack plug of about 3.5 mm and a 6.5mm adaptor. The frequency response of the headphone is between 5Hz to 35 kHz.


  • The impedance offered is 80 ohms and is quite impressive.
  • The frequency response is good
  • It is very light in weight and portable.
  • It has a nominal sound pressure level of 96 dB
  • It has powerful bass and clear sound quality

Comparison Table:

Name of the HeadphoneNoise Cancellation FeaturesBass of the headphone
Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH700NHas Noise Cancellation Feature.Deep and powerful bass 
Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Has NCC feature and cancels out noise up to 95%Standard, punchy and impressive bass
Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless HeadphonesHave an Adaptive Noise Cancellation featureHas 42 mm drivers giving an awesome music experience due to the strong bass
Skullcandy Hesh ANC Wireless Over-Ear HeadphonesHave built-in ANC technologyHas 40 mm drivers giving an exceptionally good sound experience due to the powerful bass
Srhythm NC25 Active Noise Cancelling HeadphonesHas a Noise Cancellation feature and cancels up to 90% of noise.Has 40 mm HD and a high-resolution audio driver with effective bass
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor HeadphonesHas NC technologyHas 45 mm large-aperture drivers and dynamic bass
Beyerdynamic Dt 990 Pro Over-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones Has Noise Cancellation Feature.Punchy and powerful bass 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What precautions should be taken while listening to music using the best EDM headphones?

One must take precautions that it should not be used for too long as it can cause temporary hearing loss to the users.

What must be the frequency response for the best EDM headphones?

The expected frequency response for best headphones should be between the range of 5 Hz to 40kHz.

What should be the size of the drivers in the best EDM headphones?

The suggested size of drivers for the best headphones for home use must be between 40-50mm to give the users an excellent sound experience.


The headphones mentioned above are the best EDM headphones for use. These headphones are highly durable and allow noise cancellation features, avoiding any kind of distraction to the users from the environment sound. The bass of these headphones is quite impressive; they give the users a deep, clean, and clear audio experience.

They can be used for a longer time because of the comfort they provide. These headphones are very portable and can be stored in compact spaces also. Therefore all these headphones have for being the best EDM headphones.

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