Can you wear earbuds with a daith piercing? (Answered)

Are you an audiophile and you are wondering if you can wear earbuds with a Daith piercing? You have seen this trendy style on social media and you are considering decorating your ears with beautiful daith jewelry.

Don’t worry we will answer all your questions about earbuds and daith piercing. Read the complete article to know all the different kinds of earbuds you can wear and also how you can take care of your ears if you are wearing earbuds after getting a daith piercing.

What is daith piercing?

daith piercing

Daith piercing has emerged to be one of the most decorative and unique among all the ear-piercing techniques. It is pierced in the inner cartilage of the ear. Though this piercing is difficult in terms of pain level.

Already experienced persons who have pierced their ears earlier can imagine the amount the pain and persons who are going for their first piercing might feel much pain. But remember to find an experienced professional piercer for your piercing process.

Experienced professionals can also tell if you can do a daith piercing depending on the size of your inner cartilage. Jewelry also plays a major role in the healing of your pierced area. Ask your piercer for the best jewelry.

Can you wear earbuds with a daith piercing?

YES, you can listen to your favorite music on earbuds after having your daith pierced. If you are considering listening to music on earbuds while wearing your daith jewelry then you have to pass on some kinds of earbuds. If you want to hear music only on in-ear or half-in-ear style earbuds then you have to open your jewelry.

We recommend you skip wearing in-ear and half-in-ear style earbuds because opening your daith jewelry can cause a mess with your pierced area and also some in-ear style earbuds which sit on the ears can also irritate your piercing. Wireless in-ear style earbuds can also make you tap on them for audio controls though you can also control them on the source device. It is better not to use such earbuds and for this reason, we are rejecting these earbuds with a daith piercing.

Earbuds you can wear with daith piercing

We only suggest two kinds of earbuds with your daith piercing. We cannot add more categories of earbuds because we think these are the only comfortable ones and will not cause any problems with your piercing. We’ll also recommend you the best earbuds under the categories.

Over-the-ear Earbuds


These headphones have rubber padding and sit around your ears. The two drivers are connected to each other through internal wiring so they don’t have to maintain wireless synchronization, this drastically reduces audio latency. The headband provides support to the headphones and the headphones sit on your head rather than on the ears. They don’t put any pressure on the ear cartilage and are therefore comfortable to wear. You don’t have to miss out on any sound quality as these deliver the best sound quality with massive 40mm drivers. Audio Controls won’t even let you mistakenly scratch your daith piercing.

Though over-the-ear headphones are the most popular headphones, these headphones are big and are thus not good for persons constantly on a move. You need to keep a big space in your backpack for carrying these headphones.

These headphones are available in both wired and wireless versions. Bluetooth headphones of this kind also have wired support. On-the-ear headphones are also of a similar kind but they sit on the outer ear cartilage.

Sony WH-1000XM5


These are industry-leading headphones from Sony. The Sony WH-1000XM5 costs a little higher and belongs to the premium tier of headphones. Though they are one of the best of their kind. With best-in-class noise cancellation, the headphones support 8 microphones which are controlled by 2 processors working in unison to provide you with the best noise-canceling technology. Sony is already the audio giant and it keeps working on its headphones for providing better sound quality.

Over the earlier version, this version is not foldable but offers a redesigned case with headphones that collapses. The earlier version also did not offer 2 processors like the improved version. The XM5 supports LDAC and spatial 3D sound so that you have high-quality audio. They have a 30mm driver but sound great compared to other 40mm drivers in the market. The headphones come with 30 hours of battery backup and 3 hours of charge in just 3 minutes.

These headphones support Bluetooth 5.2 and Qualcomm aptX Low latency codec for faster transmission speed so that you won’t miss your shot on your next Battle Royale game. This is our highly recommended product as they won’t disappoint you a bit. The daith piercing will stay safe if you use these headphones.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro 


These SteelSeries headphones sit on the high-tier headsets for their pricing. Though they are more costly than other premium headphones, these provide you with more features as compared to their price. You will be surprised to hear what these headphones offer.

SteelSeries says these headphones provide premium high-fidelity audio drivers for unmatched audio quality. These headphones have parametric EQ technology that lets you find your enemies more precisely. The headphones offer 360 spatial audio, tempest 3D audio for PS5, and Microsoft Spatial Sound. Active noise cancellation with 4 mic system is also included.

You even get a base station for multi-system support so that you can sound from 2 sources at the same time. The base station helps you balance EQ and provides an infinity power system with a hot swap. There’s even a retractable microphone in the headsets for noise-free calling and chatting.

Bone Conduction earbuds


These headphones work on the principle of internal vibration of chick bones and jaw to produce sound. When you talk you can hear to the voice of your own speech due to the internal vibration that go directly to your brain. When you receive audio through your ear, the 3 bones – Hammer, anvil, and stirrup are responsible for vibrating and transmitting the vibration to the internal ear and then to the brain for the recognition of sound. This does not happen in the case of an internal hearing.

The Bone conduction headphones sit below your ears and vibrate your chick bones and jaw bones to produce sounds. You get the sensation of sound from the inside of your skull. This technology was earlier used to make deaf patients hear sound. These kinds of headphones offer low sound quality as compared to other headphones. Bass levels are low and trebles are okay. You can listen to ambient sound as well as enjoy your music too. But are bone conduction headphones safe for your ears?

Shokz OpenRun Pro


These are fairly new though in the audio industry and Shokz (formerly Aftershokz) is the best manufacturer of bone conduction headphones. These headphones are lightweight and offer secure fit so that they won’t fall during running or exercising sessions. Shokz Openrun Pro offers improved sound quality with Shokz TurboPitch technology. The frame is made of titanium. With 9th-generation bone conduction technology, these headphones have better vibrations so that you can feel the thumping bass also. The headphones support an IP55 rating for water spillage protection, 10 hours of battery life and 1.5 hours of battery backup in just 5 minutes of charge.

The volume and power buttons are repositioned so that you can control your audio with ease. These headphones are the best bone conduction headphones in our recommendation.

Shokz OpenRun (AfterShokz Aeropex)


This headphone is the earlier version of Shokz OpenRun Pro and comes with significantly less battery life of 8 hours and 1.5 hours of battery backup in just 10 minutes. The Shokz OpenRun uses PremiumPitch 2.0+ technology for sound delivery. The IP67 rating is better than the Pro version and so water resistance is better. The vibration technology in these headphones offers significantly better bass and treble than its competitors.

Earbuds you cannot wear with daith piercing

These are the kinds of earbuds that you should NOT use with daith piercing. Avoid these earbuds so that you don’t hurt your ears accidentally!

In-ear style earbuds

style earbuds

These earbuds go into your ears and cover your ear canal with a rubber tip. The rubber tip is responsible for creating isolation so that you can all the bass and thumping effects clearly. These earbuds also come in many shapes and sizes and most of them sit on your ear and will irritate your daith piercing. Also tapping on them for sound control can make you rub your piercing accidently.

Avoid these earbuds as these can hurt your daith piercing!

Half-in-ear style earbuds


These are the same as in-ear style earbuds except these earbuds lack rubber tips. These are meant for people who want to hear the ambient noise as well as there music. You cannot get a good amount of bass with these earbuds. These are also known as classic earbuds as earlier wired earbuds have this kind of shape. Apple AirPods are still made in this shape.

Half-in-ear style earbuds are stem shaped and they sit on the lower portion of the ear. But these also pose the same problem as in-ear style earbuds of taping on the buds for audio control.

We advice you don’t use these earbuds as they can cause irritation while you wear them.

On-the-ear headphones


These headphones stay on your ear. They sit on the outer ear cartilage with rubber padding so that isolation can be created and you can hear all the notes distinctly. These headphones put pressure on your ears which reason it can cause irritation in your daith piercing. As the outer cartilage holds these headphones in place any jerking in the headphone can rub against the daith piercing. Don’t use such headphones at all.

Open earbuds

Open earbuds

These earbuds are a new kind of earbuds from Sony. The audio giant created these earbuds with attention to users who want to enjoy music while also staying aware of the surroundings. These have circular drivers and are almost the same as in-ear earbuds in terms of fit. The earbuds leak audio because of no isolation and for that reason the person sitting close to you can easily listen to your earbuds. These can however rub against your daith piercing and make you feel irritated. You should not wear these earbuds while having your daith pierced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you wear earbuds with daith piercing?

Yes, you can wear Over the ear and bone conduction headphones with daith piercing pretty easily as compared to other kinds of headphones

Can you wear Airpods with daith piercing?

We do not recommend you wear Airpods with daith piercing as these will hurt your pierced area.

Is daith the most painful piercing?

This is not the most painful piercing but you will get irritation and discomfort after the piercing as been made. The pain level varies individually though.


Over-the-ear and bone conduction earbuds are the best for daith piercing. They don’t mess with your pierced area and you will likely not face any problems. Don’t wear earbuds for at least two weeks after the piercing procedure. After two weeks wear earbuds very carefully and take good care of your ears.

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