Best Headphones for Big Heads in 2023

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Hello, today I am busy sharing names of a few good-looking polished headphones which are going to fit your head perfectly if you have a big head structure. It feels really good to put on a headphone and listen to stuff without getting a headache every time you do so. Wearing the headphone in this list will help you have a relaxed headphone session whenever and wherever you like. Some are wired while others are Bluetooth.

Best Headphones for Big Heads in 2023:

1. Bose Soundlink

This is the fashionable headphone for big heads and comes with innovative ear cups and an incredible finish to its look. It comes in two colors black and white and has over ear placement.

It gives you wireless freedom and uncompromised performance which helps you take this headphone and move around without your phone. It is multi-function control ear cups.


  • The headphone has a combination of TriPort technology and Active EQ.
  • It is accompanied by an advanced mic system with HD voice clarity.
  • Ear cup has control buttons to check or end call.
  • The Bose connect app is available on App Store and Google Play store which gives you easy access to everything your headphone has to offer.
  • That phone is rechargeable via USB charging cable.
  • It has 15 hours playtime with rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Wireless range is up to 30 feet.

Pros & Cons

2. Philips SHP9600 Wired

This is another headphone of heavy weight and a quality performance along with comfort. It has a fantastic look along with wired connectivity and an open back design for spacious sound. It has fantastic durability and breathable ear cup to support your big head structure and also comforting & resting music session.

 It has double layered headband cushions which adds to the comfortability. This headphone can also be connected to any source from phone to headphone AMP. It is overhead and on ear.


  • It has 50mm drivers.
  • It has balanced midrange, pristine high frequencies.
  • Drivers are engineered to fit the ear’s natural geometry.
  • It is open acoustic system and is of neodymium magnetic type.
  • It has 32-ohm impedance.
  • Sensitivity is 101 db.

Pros & Cons

3. Sennheiser HD 650

This is an over ear headphone. This headphone has special acoustic materials and exceptional engineering. It has an open, dynamic headphone design. The ear cup has right R and left L written on each of them do help the users wear it in right way do you wear it comfortably.

Also helps you record high resolution recordings and gives balanced and transparent sound. This is an excellent headphone for you if you are professional make the best quality headphone for recording and listening to audios for a longer period.


  • It has systems with narrow tolerance.
  • It has high quality titanium or silver finish and is made of specifically developed damping element.
  • Accompanied by highly optimized magnet systems.
  • Gold plated ¼” Jack plug adapter and 3.5mm Jack plug.
  • It gives improved frequency response.
  • Cable length is of 118 inches.

Pros & Cons

4. Beats Studio 3 Wireless

This is this is a wireless headphone with special noise cancelling properties which let you listen to music, play games and stream online from wherever and whenever you want as this headphone provides you the comfort of an over ear, noise cancelling headphone and are there other properties that are needed to work outside with your headphone. This headphone an Apple product. It is a Class 1 Bluetooth headphone with 22 hours of listening time.


  • It is wireless and has noise cancelling properties.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • It is pure adaptive noise cancelling pure ANC which actively blocks external noise.
  • Battery life is up to 22 hours and 40 hours without noise cancelling property on.
  • It is soft over here cushions for advanced venting and signature economic pivoting.

Pros & Cons

5. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

This benchmark studio sound producing headphone is for all professional users. It is available in 80 ohm and 250 ohms. It is over ear placement and comes in gray color. It is a wired headphone and mainly used for mixing, mastering, and editing purposes by professionals. It is very comfortable headphone for big heads and has replaceable velour ear pads.


  • It has circumaural headphones with open back design which provides exceptional spaciousness and detailed tonal depth.
  • It is single sided cable which allows the headphone to put on and off as many times as needed without getting tangled.
  • It has three-dimensional sound reproduction.

Pros & Cons

6. PlayStation PULSE 3D Wireless Headset

This headphone comes in 2 colors. It is built for a new generation for fine-tuned 3D Audio. It is powered by Tempest 3D audio tech, and has incredible immersive soundscapes. It is a wireless headphone with refined design and a sleek headset. To make using it easier it comes with easy access controls and hidden microphones. Pulse 3D is used mainly for PlayStation 5 console.


  • It has dual hidden microphones.
  • Given the microphone setting, it allows chatting during online games any distractions.
  • The looks and features complement PS5 console perfectly.
  • You can set audio volume while in-game audio or chat via the controls present in the dedicated mic monitoring button.
  • It has 12 hours of wireless battery life and built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Is compatible with Windows and Mac OS computers when using the included adapter.
  • Connects to PS5 and PS4 consoles.
  • Plugs in to simple 3.5 mm Jack audio cable.

Pros & Cons

7. Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over Ear Headphone

These headphones from Skullcandy comes in different colours and each of them are multicolour with a soft pad in the connecting section for a comfortable wear. It is over your placement and it is accompanied by all the connectivity technology from wireless, Bluetooth to wired. It provides personal sound for ultimate audio customization. You would have the best experience listening to music and movies with this headphone.


  • It has personal sound with Skullcandy app.
  • Has pressure adjustable sensory bass.
  • It is 40 hours of battery charge and has rapid charging feature.
  • Call, track and volume control present.
  • Accompanied by built-in Tile finding technology.
  • It is optimal labels along with sound compensation.

Pros & Cons

8. Audio Technica ATH R70x

This is another professional open-back reference headphone with high-efficiency magnets and a pure alloy magnetic circuit design. If you’re a professional worker who needs headphones for most of their work it is extremely helpful and perfect for long hours of use with dual-sided detachable locking cables. The included accessories help in charging these headphones and make working on audio easier for you. It is what’s comfortable for you as it supports bigger head structures and has comfortable for your pads.


  • It is a rather lightweight and robust construction that helps the user in using it for a longer period and with comfort.
  • The spacious open-back sound is provided by the aluminum honeycomb mesh housing, which is acoustically transparent.
  • Both ear cups are made up of soft breathable fabric.
  • Long-wearing comfort is supported by the improved wing.
  • Provides extremely accurate sound.
  • Carbon composite tracing provides a detailed transient response.
  • It is a unique, dual-sided detachable locking cable.

Pros & Cons

9. HyperX Cloud Flight

This is a wireless gaming headset that comes in a style that Stereo and 7.1 Surround. It is a fantastic headphone with multiple features and at an affordable price. It is best for students who need to buy good headphones and also at a budget-friendly price. The stereo setup is of a lower price while the 7.1 surround costs a bit more. It has a huge number of features which is present in the following list.


  • It has wireless stereo and 7.1 surround technology.
  • It has 2.4 gigahertz wireless and bears up to 30 hours of battery life.
  • This free-standing QI fast charging feature for wireless charging.
  • You can adjust the balance of the game and chat audio with the earcup controls.
  • It has 90-degree rotating earcups.
  • It has a microphone with LED mute indicator.
  • It has extra plush memory foam and breathable leatherette.

Pros & Cons

10. Shure SRH840

It is a professionally monitored headphone with over-ear placement. It comes in black color and has 2 styles: Gen 1 and Gen 2. It is mainly developed for audio engineers and musicians. It is optimized for critical listening and studio monitoring. It fits perfectly with people having big heads. It also has excellent durability and provides the ultimate listening experience. Delivers frequency and sounds in the clear mid-range and extended highs.


  • It is 40 mm neodymium dynamic drivers.
  • It is a premium padded headband that provides an ergonomic fit for superior comfort for a longer period of use.
  • The headband is collapsible.
  • It is a closed-back and circumaural design.
  • It has a detachable locking cable.

Pros & Cons

Things to look for before buying a headphone for big head:

  • The type of headphones.
  • The type of headband, earpads and earcups.
  • You need to look for headphones with memory foam or padded foam.
  • Look for proper “L” and “R” markings in the earcups.
  • The venting system in the ear cups.
  • The size of ear cups and the ear placement of the headphone.


How do you know if headphones will fit your head?

Look for the specific L&R marking on each ear cups. Check the headphone for proper orientation.

How tight should headphones be?

Headphones should feel tight and secure when worn. It should not fall from head when the head is moving and it should not be too tight where your head starts paining either. It should feel comfortable and satisfying to wear.

Are headphones supposed to hurt?

If headphones are worn for longer period of time for too many days, then it can start hurting your head. But headphones can also hurt when it is not of your head size. If you have bigger head and you need to buy headphones which are fitting and feels comfortable to your head.

How to make my headphones more comfortable?

You can add some foam or padding under the ear pad.


The list above has headphones for students, professionals, and sound engineers. They are also in a huge price range as the features and specifics of each headphone differ in professional levels and help you to gain the kind of work you want to get done by using the headphone. There are specific headphones given here for gamers. Look for the features that you need in your headphone and also ear placement of each headphone and the material with which your cups are made before you get one.