How to wear headphones with a beanie?

My mom and I were sorting out winter clothes today when I came across my favourite beanie! I was so excited to wear it in the winter, till I glanced at my new headphones. Then it hit me- how do I wear headphones with a beanie? Do they go over or under the beanie? I found the solution!

How to wear headphones with a beanie

In this article, we’ll go through the different types of earphones and the best ways of wearing them with beanies. We’ll also take into consideration the various external factors that may affect your comfort and the quality of your headphones over time, so you can make the best, informed decision for yourself!

Wired Earphones with Beanie

When it comes to wired earphones, you have to wear them under your beanie. A beanie covers your ears, which leaves no room for the earbuds to be put inside your ears. Hence, with wired earphones, stick to putting them on first, and then wearing a beanie on top of it.

wired earphones under beanie

You’ll also need to find a way to make sure the wires don’t get tangled under the beanie, to avoid discomfort. If the wires bunch up under the beanie, it will be too uncomfortable for you. To prevent tangles, all you need to do is make sure the wires are falling correctly before putting on your beanie.

Wireless earphones with Beanie

Most recent models of phones don’t have a headphone jack, and many of us have made the switch to wireless earphones anyway. Wearing wireless earphones with a beanie is fairly easy, similar to wearing wired earphones, but without the hassle of wires.

Wear your wireless earphones and secure them with a beanie on top. This has the added benefit of preventing your wireless earphones from falling off, meaning the chances of you losing them are slim.

wireless earphones under beanie

From a fashion perspective, the beanie will hide your earphones, and you won’t have to worry about your outfit either.

Over-ear Headphones with Beanie

These are the kinds of headphones that typically enclose your entire ear. You’re probably confused about whether to wear them under or over your beanie.

Well, wearing over-ear headphones under your beanie can be pretty uncomfortable, and hamper the sound quality as well. Over-ear headphones are usually large in size and may stretch your beanie quite a bit, making it tight. Further, the sound will be muffled, and you won’t get the best music experience possible.

headphones over beanie

So, wearing over-ear headphones on top of your beanie is the way to go. The sound quality will be great, and it has the added benefit of keeping your ears extra warm! This method can also help with noise cancellation, giving you some much-needed peace after a long day.

Some people may feel like wearing headphones on top of a beanie is not fashionable, and makes you look weird. I firmly disagree. I think if you wear anything with enough confidence, you will own it!

Bone-conductor earphones with Beanie

These earphones are made typically for situations like these and are known to be one of the most practical options. Bone-conductor earphones, as the name suggests, conduct sounds through your cheekbones. The band can be adjusted and put to the back of your head, and a beanie can be worn on top.

This will help keep you and your headphones warm, and safe from the ill effects of the cold. Another plus point is that these earphones leave your ear free, which means you’ll be able to listen to external sounds well enough.

bone conductor earphones

However, a major drawback may be the sound quality, particularly the lack of bass, in these earphones. The sound usually tends to be a little flat, but the earphones are practical, nonetheless.

To know more about Bone conduction headphones, click on the link: Are Bone Conduction Headphones Safe for Your Ears?

Other things to consider

The cold weather can have adverse effects on your headphones. Usually, the battery will drain much faster in cold weather, as the chill in the air can destroy almost any battery. This problem can be combatted by wearing wired or wireless earphones under the beanie, which will keep your earphones warm.

The moisture in the air during winter can cause problems with your headphones over time. The condensation in the air will slowly creep into your headphones and decay the quality over a period of time. To prevent this, either opt for earphones that go under your beanie or reduce the frequency of wearing headphones over your beanie outside.

Over-ear headphones can be noise-cancelling and isolating. This means that you will not be able to hear external sounds as well. If you do opt for this option, make sure you are still attentive to your surroundings and not in a low-visibility environment.

Best headphones to wear with beanies

Bluetooth beanies! It’s a beanie with Bluetooth headphones built into them. Sounds utopian, doesn’t it? Well, it’s real!

The beanie itself has speakers built into it, which go over your ear. You can easily connect your smartphone to the beanie and listen to your favourite tracks, take calls, or listen to podcasts. If you’re someone who is always on the go, this is the perfect fit for the likes of you!

Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie

Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie

The most recommended Bluetooth beanie is the Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie. The comfort and the great sound quality make for the best possible experience for your ears. The beanie comes in a wide array of styles and colours, so you can pick the best one for you and your personality.

The battery life of the beanie is commendable, lasting for 6 hours with only about a 2.5-hour charge time. It’s light and comfortable and can be used for jogging, walking or running in cold weather. The Bluetooth transmission radius is up to 10 metres, which leaves you enough room to move around without having to stick to your phone.

This beanie is made with 100% soft acrylic which means that it will keep you warm during the chilly weather. You can also detach the Bluetooth speakers in order to wash the beanie and make sure your hygiene is looked after.

Blueear Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Blueear Bluetooth Beanie Hat

The Blueear Bluetooth Beanie Hat is so stylish that no one will guess the added benefit of its Bluetooth functionality! The most attractive factor of this beanie, however, is the surprisingly long battery life, lasting longer than any other Bluetooth beanie on the market right now.

This Bluetooth beanie offers 10 full hours of usage with a full charge, and lasts for up to 130 hours on standby. Impressive, right?

The beanie is washable, and comes with a control panel to pick up calls, increase or decrease the volume, or skip tracks you do not want to listen to. With good sound quality, and available at an affordable price of only 20-25$, the Blueear Bluetooth Beanie is a great option for you!


Will wearing headphones under my beanie lead to quality issues?

Apart from the sound quality being hampered, wearing a beanie over your earphones can actually protect them from the cold and moisture, which can destroy
the hardware and battery.

Do headphones keep your ears warm?

Over-ear headphones can help keep your ears warm during winter but beware. After a long period of use, the headphones tend to heat up and can be uncomfortable. Moreover, this can cause problems with the hardware, as well as destroy your listening experience.

Can you wear Airpods with a beanie?

Yes! Airpods come under the “wireless earphones” category explained above and can be worn under a beanie.

Summing Up

Now you know how to wear your headphones or earphones with your beanie. You can make an informed decision about the best method and headphone combination that suits your style and sounds the best! Look out for prices and quality of headphones to optimise your budget.

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