What Qualities You Should Check Before Buying a Headphone

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Most people just buy headphones without researching them. But what exactly headphone specifications are and are they that important. 

In the recent market, competition is so high that so many companies offer different products with different price segments for different target customers. 

You might go for your favorite celebrity-endorsed headphones or mainstream products because of peer pressure. But even if you decide to go through the spec sheet all by yourself it doesn’t make things easier. Headphone specs are really complex, competitive, and very technical and still, you might end up with a bad choice.  

In this article, we’ll help you to buy the best headphone for you by showing you What qualities you should check before buying a headphone and why it matters. 

Types of earphones 

There are generally 3 types of headphones in the market from which you must choose which one you’ll like to buy according to your preference.


impedance power visual representation
impedance power visual representation

In-ear also known as canal earphones or earbuds, sit directly inside the ear canal. 

They come up with different tip sizes so you can find one that fits your ear canal. Getting the right fit is essential for attaining the best performance; using a wrong-sized tip will affect audio isolation and the earphones will be prone to falling out and can also damage your ears.

They’re extremely portable and mobile so they’re your best friends on trips and gyms. There are several features to look out for when you’re buying them. 

They come up with both wired and wireless forms. Apple’s AirPods are the best example of wireless in-ear Earphones.


women wearing on-ear headphones

On-ear headphones also known as supra-aural headphones just like in-ear headphones rest on top of the ear. 

As they don’t trap heat In your ears they can be a more comfortable option than over-ear headphones. But they don’t block the external noises completely.

 Though you must find a pair that fits you perfectly. 

On-ear earphones are a good solution for compromise with excellent sound quality and mobility. 


over-ear noise isolated headphones

Over-ear also known as circumaural headphones to cover your entire ears. With better sound quality and bass, they produce a more spacious sound akin to what you hear from speakers.  

By covering the entire ear, they’re the best for noise isolation and they do have good portability. 

You’ll see these headphones as open and closed back. This refers to whether the backs are open or closed. 

The closed-back headphones work best as noise isolation and provide a better experience. On the other hand, an open back has more sound leakage and you might be able to hear the external sounds.


It is a thing that generates the sound in headphones it’s made up of a magnet, coil, and a diaphragm if you’re looking for better sound then go for headphones that have bigger drivers, the bigger the drivers the better the sound.  


headphone sensitivity explained in animation

If you like a blast of sound or you’re a fan of heavy music then you should be looking for better sensitivity. 

Sensitivity determines how loud your headphones can get. Most headphones are around 110dB/mW,  you must avoid anything below 85dB/mW.


headphones impedance explained in animation

Impedance determines how much power headphones are going to need to work. Those which require less impedance utilize less power and provide better sound quality. Those which require high power may not deliver 100% of their actual sound quality without a proper power source,  generally, 16ohm is the ideal impedance number for headphones. 

Frequency response 

frequency explained in image

If you love the headphones with good bass this section is for you, frequency response is the range of frequency produced by headphones. Where lower the limit is lower the bass and the higher the limit is higher the treble. 

Most of the headphones support the frequency response of 20hz – 20000hz,  go for something that can support wider than the usual frequency range.

Design and comfort 

headphones sketch design

The better design gives your headphones a cooler and drip appearance. And you must go for something which will be comfortable to your ears so you don’t have to manage them all the time and it won’t hurt your ears, your ears are not identical so find something which fits perfectly and doesn’t easily slip off. 


Why buy headphones?

Our headphone buying guide should help you out. Headphones are more than just a way to listen to music, they’ve matured into a wearable device, a way to augment your smartphone experience.

Which headphones have the best sound quality?

Wired headphones, like the AKG K371, provide superior sound quality to their Bluetooth counterparts. Physically speaking, over-ear headphones are the largest of the main headphone types.

How to choose the right headphones and earbuds?

Steps Decide between earbuds or headphones. Earbuds are best for people who are short on space, but still want way to listen to their music. Remember that you get what you pay for. Generally, more expensive headphones are made with higher quality materials and better engineering, improving the sound quality.

Is it hard to decode all the specifications of headphones?

t can be hard to decode all of the specifications and even harder to understand the importance of some software features over others, especially if you’re new to buying headphones. We’re here to reduce the feeling of analysis paralysis with our ultimate headphone buying guide.


If you’re getting a headphone you must do proper research before concluding anything. A better headphone will give you better quality and value for money experience. You must acknowledge what you actually want from a headphone and then try finding one according to your comfort and need. It’s better to think and then make a decision.