Where is the microphone in iPad? Let’s find out!

Recently, I bought my first iPad (congratulations are in order)! I wanted to record a video of my dog, and wondered if the sound would be recorded as well, basically, does an iPad have a microphone? If yes, where even is it?

Where is the microphone in iPad

I did some research, and the short answer is yes, an iPad does have a microphone. But where is the microphone in iPad? Let’s find out!

Does an iPad have a microphone?

Yes, every single model of the iPad ranging from the very first to the latest one has a built-in microphone. You have probably never noticed it because it’s pretty subtle. They are only small pinholes that can be seen externally on the iPad.

You can record audio for videos and voice recordings using this microphone, and you should get a good enough result. But if you want to record slightly higher quality videos for professional uses such as YouTube videos, or podcasts, you could consider attaching an external microphone to your iPad.

The external microphone can be attached using the USB-C port, or the dock connector. If you have a slightly older version of the iPad, you can attach the external microphone through the headphones jack as well. Newer versions of the iPad come without a headphones jack now.

Where is the microphone in iPad?

Well, in general, different iPad models have different microphone placements, so there’s no single, “one size fits all” answer to this question. But, after going through the Apple website, I have found some specifications for microphone locations across different models and versions.

iPad Air

The iPad Air has a dual microphone feature, which means that the model has two microphones, located at different places. The advantage of this is that no matter how your iPad is placed, you are likely to get clear and crisp audio.

One microphone is located at the top of the iPad, and one is located right under the rear-facing camera. These specifications are uniform regardless of what version of the iPad Air you own.


iPad Pro

microphone locations in iPad pro

Finding the microphone on the iPad Pro is quite difficult if we do say so ourselves. This is because every version of the iPad Pro has a different location for its microphone. Do not worry though, we have all the answers you need.

The iPad 9.7” has one microphone on the top, and one microphone below the camera. This is the case for all generations. The iPad 10.5″, for all generations, is also the same as the iPad 9.7”. All generations of the iPad 11″ have five mics, one on the left, one below the camera, and three on top.

The 1st and 2nd generations of the iPad 12.9″ has one mic on the top and one below the camera, while the 3rd, 4th and 5th generations have three mics on top, one on the left and one below the camera.


microphone locations in iPad

Let us move on to the regular iPad. The 1st to 4th generations of the iPad have only one mic, on the top. The 5th and 6th generations have one mic as well, which can be found on the back of the iPad, and the 7th to 9th generations have one mic on the top, and one below the camera.

iPad Mini

Lastly, we have reached the iPad Mini. The cute little iPad series has 6 generations, with only the first generation having a different microphone placement. The 1st generation of the iPad Mini only has one microphone, which can be found at the bottom of the iPad.

Alternatively, the other generations, up till the 6th generation of the iPad Mini, has two mics, one on the top of the iPad, and one below the rear facing camera.



Why do I need to know where the microphone is on the iPad?

Knowing the placement of a microphone in your iPad can be extremely helpful for ensuring better quality of sound in recordings, or on video or voice calls. For example, let us assume that you are on a video call. If the microphone is on the bottom of the iPad, and you cover it by putting the iPad on the bed, then the voice may sound muffled. Knowing the placement can help avoid such mistakes.

How do I test the iPad’s microphone?

There are a number of ways to test the microphone. You could use the camera app to record a short video while speaking. Subsequently, you can play the video to see the quality of the mic. Alternatively, you could use Siri to test the mic, in addition to making a facetime call to your friends or family and have them tell you if the quality of the mic is good or not.

How do I turn on the microphone on my iPad?

Usually, access to the microphone will be turned on when you get your iPad. However, if it has stopped for some reason, you could go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone, and switch on access to microphone for whatever app you like.

Bottom Line

Knowing the placement of the microphone on your iPad is obviously very important, so you don’t accidentally end up covering it, resulting in muffled voice quality. Use our guide above to understand where exactly the microphone is on your iPad model.

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