Where is the microphone on iPhone 12? [Let’s Find Out]

Regardless of whether you have been using an iPhone for a while, or recently bought one, finding the microphone can be a task.

Where is the microphone on iPhone 12

This is because Apple has installed multiple microphones on the iPhone 12 device, which are located at different places and used for different purposes.

So, Where is the microphone on iPhone 12? What are the functions of the multiple microphones on iPhone 12? We are gonna answer all your questions.

But let us first understand why it is important to know the location of the microphone.

Why do you need to know the location of the microphone?

It can be useful to know where the iPhone 12’s microphone is located for a variety of reasons.

The first thing you need to know is where the microphone is located in case you accidentally spilled water on your phone and are trying to rescue the microphone.

Furthermore, you might be purchasing an iPhone 12 for very specific reasons, which may even involve microphones. For instance, if you plan to use your new iPhone 12 for podcasting, vlogging, or similar purposes, you must be aware of where the microphone is located to avoid unknowingly blocking it while using the device.

In the event that your microphone breaks down, knowing the location will enable you to carry out some diagnostic procedures and address the issue without the need for customer service.

Also, to get the most out of your phone, which undoubtedly costs a lot, you can also utilize this information to determine and comprehend the function of each unique microphone.

Thus, for various reasons, it can be extremely useful to know the locations of microphones on your iPhone 12.

That being said, it can be tough to locate all microphones on the iPhone 12 because they are quite small and invisible to the naked eye at times. However, this article should help you know the answer to the question “Where is the microphone on iPhone 12?”

Where is the microphone on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini?


The iPhone 12 includes three microphones, which are all located in distinct locations, like many contemporary smartphones.

Turn your iPhone around and pay close attention to the back’s rear camera. If you look closely, you’ll see a little hole next to the rear camera. This is the microphone for the iPhone’s rear camera, which can be used to record videos.

On the device, the other microphone is situated next to the lightning connector. Everything else pertains to the microphone except for the four microphone holes on the right, which are the stereo speaker grills.

For convenient hearing when speaking on the phone, a third microphone is located close to the ear speaker.

Where is the microphone on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max?


Although the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are among the most popular choices of iPhone 12 models and are both tiny with screens measuring 6.1″ and 6.7″, respectively, there isn’t much of a difference between them and basic hardware accessories.

Three microphones are present on both the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max in various places.

Next to the lightning connector, you’ll notice some holes. The first four holes, when counted from the right side, are stereo speakers, and the remaining holes are microphones for voice transmission during calls.


While it is difficult to notice, a microphone located next to the ear speaker is used by Siri to hear your requests.

The final one records sound when you record videos and is located in the rear camera’s frame.

What are the functions of these multiple microphones?

Microphone for cameras

The name of this function gives it away: while you record your video, this microphone picks up the sound and adds it to the finished product. You won’t be able to capture background music or other people’s voices in the video and then play them back if your camera doesn’t have a microphone.

Internal Microphone

This microphone’s main purpose is to allow voice commands to control Siri, but it also serves a few other purposes. The voice assistant immediately activates and assists you in completing orders when you want to speak to it.

Bottom Microphone

If the microphone below breaks or is turned off, you won’t be able to communicate with the person you are contacting. When you call someone, the bottom microphone transfers your voice to the other person.


How do I clean the microphone?

Because microphone holes are so small, they should be cleaned carefully. To completely clean the grills, use any soft brush (even a toothbrush). Hold the iPhone while doing this to allow gravity to work. Try to hold the phone vertically, for instance, if you are cleaning the bottom microphone so that the dust can easily fall off.
After that, spend a few minutes thoroughly cleaning the Lightning port or 3.5mm headphone jack.
Additionally, it’s crucial to check that you aren’t wearing a case or screen protector that covers the microphone holes entirely or in part. Get rid of them if so.

The microphone is not working, what do I do?

Usually, all you need to do is give permission to the app you are using to be able to use the microphone.
Apps require your permission in order to access the microphones on your iPhone. Typically, a pop-up box requesting your consent will appear when you initially start an app or carry out an action in an app that requires a microphone.
Here’s how to override your selection of “Do Not Allow.”
Click “Privacy” in the “Settings” app after opening it.
Press the mic button.
Activate the desired app’s switch to grant it access to microphones.

Summing Up

Now that you know the answer to the question “where is the microphone on iPhone 12”, you essentially know the anatomy of your phone much better. Now, you can perform many more functions with this information than you could before.

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