7 Best Headphones for Audiobooks

I have recently been getting into listening to audiobooks, and they are slowly becoming one of my favorite pass times. But you need very specific kinds of headphones to listen to audiobooks and the headphones I use right now are honestly not good for this job.

best headphones for audiobooks

So, I decided to get on a quest and find the best headphones for audiobooks. But before I share my best finds with you, here’s how I choose the best headphones for Audiobooks.

How to choose the Best Headphones for Audiobooks?

There are specific features that are important to consider while choosing headphones for audiobooks. Make sure that you are able to tick off most of the features in this checklist before buying the headphones.

Noise cancellation

One of the most important features of any headphones for audiobooks is the noise cancellation technology. This is especially important for people that like to listen to audiobooks in particularly noisy environments. These could include places like an office, a busy street, or even while commuting from one place to another on the train.

Noise cancellation is a must for places like these. Why? Because audiobooks require you to be able to hear every word clearly, or you may miss important details in the story. With a lot of background noise and disturbance, you may not be able to hear the audio clearly, or you may not be able to focus on it properly.

Hence, make sure the headphones you buy are equipped with noise cancellation technology, particularly active noise cancellation.

To know more about noise-cancellation technology, click here.


Imagine this situation: you’re listening to your favorite audiobook for the first time, but your headphones are too tight on your head. You shrug the feeling off right now, but it slowly gets worse and worse. By now, it is absolutely unbearable, but you are at the climax of the book. Now you have to choose between taking a break from your uncomfortable headphones or listening to the best part of the book.

Do not let such a situation arise, nip it in the bud. It is important for your headphones to be comfortable for you because listening to audiobooks is not a short time affair. You may be glued to your headphones for hours on end, and this experience needs to be comfortable for you.

Make sure that the ear cups and the headband of the headphones are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and you will not have to take breaks in the middle just for the sake of your ears!

Battery Life

The same situation mentioned above could occur if you’re peacefully listening to your audiobook, and the battery suddenly dies on you. Additionally, it is extremely annoying if you have to keep charging your headphones after short intervals of time.

Also, what if you really want to listen to your audiobook, but unfortunately, your headphones need charging- AGAIN? This is why you need to choose headphones with good battery life. This will have the added benefit of not having to periodically charge your headphones, and wasting your free time when you could have been enjoying a good audiobook instead.

Best Headphones for Audiobooks

Now let’s get to the good part. We have researched tirelessly and curated this list of the 9 Best Headphones for Audiobooks, each with stellar qualities so that you can choose the one that fits your personality and budget the best!

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

For audiobooks, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II is definitely one of the most recommended headphones for the perfect listening experience.

These headphones come equipped with 3 different noise cancellation modes, which can be chosen through a simple click on the personalized app, the Bose Connect App. Also, these Bose Headphones have a neutral sound profile, which will let you hear the speaker’s voice in the crispest way possible, clear enough for you to hear and comprehend every word perfectly.

The over-ear cups of the headphones are extremely cushiony and soft, guaranteeing the most comfortable listening experience that you could hope for. They have a great battery life as well, which can last up to 24 hours with non-stop usage. Alternatively, if you are on the go, you can easily charge the headphones for a minimum of 15 minutes, to get up to 3 full hours of listening time!

Key Features

  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Active EQ Components
  • Portable- come with their own case

🎧 Specs/Features

Color: Black

Form Factor: Over Ear

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

Product Dimension:18 cm H x 17 cm W x 8.1 cm

Weight: 0.24 kg

Audio cable:1.2 m

USB cable:30.5 cm

Noise Cancellation: Yes

Microphone Feature: Yes

Volume-Control: Yes


  • Exceptional noise-canceling technology can block out even the loudest distractions.
  • Comfortable ear cups with a plush and soft material that makes long listening sessions enjoyable.
  • Intuitive touch controls on the ear cups make it easy to adjust volume, skip tracks, and take calls.


  • The headphones are quite expensive, making them a significant investment for many people.
  • The sound quality is good, but not exceptional, which may not be ideal for audiophiles.
  • The headphones are not the most stylish or visually appealing option on the market.

Sony WH-1000XM4

The Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones are easily the best headphones when it comes to noise cancellation on the market. This will provide the much-needed clarity of voice that all audiobook listeners yearn for.

The headphones are equipped with the best Bluetooth 5.0 technology and can connect two devices at the same time. The Bluetooth connectivity radius is amazing as well, with an impressive 10-metre radius, something that not many other headphones provide easily.

The stellar battery life on these headphones is honestly one of the most impressive features. They can last up to 30 hours with a full charge, but what is more impressive is that with only 10 minutes of charging, the headphones can be used for a good 10 hours!

Key Features

  • Foldable for extra portability
  • Sony Headphones Connect Companion App
  • Stellar sound quality with a balanced sound profile
  • Stylish, and come in many different colors

🎧 Specs/Features

Color: Black

Form Factor: Over Ear

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5.0

Are batteries included?: Yes

Are batteries required?: Yes

Product Dimensions: 7.27 x 3.03 x 9.94 inches

Item Weight: 9 ounces

Noise Cancellation: Yes

Fast Charging: Yes

Microphone Included: Yes


  • Outstanding sound quality, with a balanced and detailed soundstage that brings out the nuances in audiobooks.
  • Advanced noise-canceling technology that can adapt to different environments and block out even the most stubborn sounds.
  • Long battery life, with up to 30 hours of continuous playback on a single charge.


  • May not be suitable for people who prefer a more compact and streamlined design.
  • The touch controls can be finicky and may require some getting used to.
  • May not be feasible for everyone.

Anker Soundcore Life Q20

If you are looking for good noise cancelling headphones, but on a budget, these Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are the pick for you!

For a reasonable price, they provide good noise cancellation, perfect to hear the sound of the speaker clearly. The ear cups are fitted with memory foam which moulds to the shape of your ears to provide more comfort while listening.

The sound quality is great, and the battery life can last for an impressive 40 hours! These headphones are definitely giving you value for your money, at a very reasonable price.

Key Features

  • Great battery life
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

🎧 Specs/Features

Color: Black

Form Factor: Over Ear

Connectivity Technology: Wireless

Item Dimensions: 7.68 x 7.09 x 3.07 inches

Accessibility: High

Comfortability: Medium

Compatibility: Advanced

Item Weight: 0.58 lbs

Special Features: Fast Charging

Microphone: Yes


  • An excellent entry-level option for people who want to try out headphones for audiobooks.
  • Block out most sounds in moderately noisy environments.
  • 40 hours of continuous playback on a single charge.


  • Tight fit that can cause discomfort over long listening sessions.
  • May not be ideal for people who want a more immersive listening experience.
  • Absurd design

Apple AirPods Pro

Even if you are not great with technology, chances are that you have definitely heard of the Apple AirPods Pro. They are easily one of the most popular earphones of the millennial and Gen Z generations. Let us see what makes these so good for audiobooks.

Even though in ear earbuds do not do as great a job at noise cancellation as over ear headphones, the AirPods are still great at drowning out everyday background noises that you may come across. The sound signature is largely neutral, which directs a lot of attention to the speaker’s voice, making these earphones great for audiobooks.

As these are wireless earphones, they are fairly small and very easily portable, and come with a plastic case for portability. They are also connectable through Bluetooth for a great wireless listening experience!

Key Features

  • Great sound quality
  • Portable charging case
  • MagSafe charging

🎧 Specs/Features

Color: White

Form Factor: In Ear

Connectivity Technology: Wireless

Dimensions: 0.94 by 0.86 by 1.22 inches

Weight: 0.19 ounces

Fit: Customizable

Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode: Yes

Chip: Apple H2 headphone chip U1 chip in charging case for Precision Finding

Hey Siri: Always on

Personalized Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking: Yes

Battery life (listening time on one charge): Up to 6 hours of listening time


  • The transparent mode allows you to hear your surroundings when needed.
  • Convenient and easy to use, with seamless integration with Apple devices.
  • Small and compact, making them easy to carry around and wear for long periods.


  • The headphones are quite expensive
  • Not at all compatible
  • The battery life is not as long as other options on the market, with up to 4.5 hours of continuous playback on a single charge.

SENNHEISER Momentum True Wireless 2

The SENNHEISER Momentum True Wireless 2 is equipped with noise-cancellation technology which is a must for audiobooks. These wireless earphones are small and portable with their case, and waterproof to a certain extent, to guarantee durability.

With a full charge, these earphones can be used for up to 7 hours, and a total of 28 hours with the charging case, which is great for in-ear earphones. The latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology is a plus point to its great stylish design.

Key Features

  • Compatible with voice assistants such as Siri an Google Assistant
  • Adjustable noise cancellation
  • ergonomic design to ensure comfort

🎧 Specs/Features

Color: Black

Form Factor: In Ear

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

Item Dimensions: 6.69 x 4.53 x 1.77 inches

Item Weight: 5.60 ounces

Weight Feature: Lightweight

Noise Cancellation: Yes

Microphone Feature: Yes 

Noise Isolation: Yes

Water Resistant: Yes

Sweatproof: Yes


  • Excellent sound quality, with a clear and detailed soundstage
  • Available in a variety of ear tip sizes to choose from.
  • Block out even the most stubborn sounds.


  • Not worth the money
  • Touch controls are not easily accessible
  • Low battery life

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Headphones are equipped with the state of the art 45mm drivers, to ensure amazing sound quality in the range of 15 Hz to 28 kHz. The wired cables have different lengths for you to choose the one most comfortable for you.

The new and improved ear cups are now larger to accommodate people with larger ears and provide extra comfort. Further, the ear cups also rotate 90 degrees in all directions to provide additional comfort for your head shape.

The ear cups are foldable for easier portability, in addition to the case for storage of the headphones and the wire cables.

Key Features

  • Durable
  • Balanced audio

🎧 Specs/Features

Color: Black

Form Factor: Over Ear

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Item Dimensions: 11.4 x 10 x 4.1 inches

Sensitivity: 98 dB

Maximum Input Power: 1600 mW

Impedance: 38 ohms

Frequency Response: 15-28,000 Hz

Earcup Swivel: 90° Both Directions

Collapsible: Yes


  • Flat and accurate frequency response
  • Durable and sturdy build quality 
  • Great passive noise isolation due to plush ear cups.


  • Not portable at all
  • The cable causes unnecessary buzzing sounds
  • The fit is very uncomfortable 

Jabra Elite Active 75t

These wireless earphones provide active noise cancellation for great sound quality. They are comfortable and stable enough to use while jogging or working out. Further, the battery life lasts for an impressive 24 hours with a full charge.

The rapid charging provides a good hour of listening with only a 15-minute charging time. They are durable on account of the moisture and sweat-proof technology. They are perfect for you if you like to listen to audiobooks on the go. They also have the added benefit of being easily portable.

Key Features

  • IP57 Protection rating
  • Jabra 65+ Companion App
  • V Shaped sound profile
  • Quantum chipset for extra noise cancellation

🎧 Specs/Features

Color: Sienna

Form Factor: In Ear

Connectivity technologies: Wireless

Item Dimensions: 0.86 x 0.76 x 0.64 inches

Item Weight: 1.62 ounces

Active Noise Cancellation: Yes

HearThrough: Yes

Battery Life (Case/Buds): 5.5hrs/24hrs

Microphone: 4-microphones

Speakers: 6mm


  • Crisp treble
  • Ear tips that seal out external noise
  • IP57 rating for water and dust resistance.


  • Not made for all types of ears
  • Limited touch controls 
  • Do not provide a long connectivity range

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are a great alternative to the AirPods, especially if you are using an Android Phone. These earbuds are completely waterproof, and can surprisingly last up to 3 feet underwater, that too for half an hour!

The noise cancellation technology is extremely impressive and perfect for listening to audiobooks. With the charging case, these earbuds can last up to 13 hours of listening. They are extremely comfortable and lightweight, in addition to being very stylish

These earbuds come with a case made out of high density plastic, which makes them quite durable and easily portable. They can connect to both Apple and Android devices with no issues, and Bluetooth connectivity provides a great stable connection.

Key Features

  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Wireless charging

🎧 Specs/Features

Color: Phantom Black

Form Factor: Earbuds

Connectivity Technology: Wireless

Item Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 2 inches

Item Weight: 0.60 lbs

Wireless: Yes

Noise Cancellation: Yes

Accessibility: High

Comfortability: High

Compatibility: Advanced


  • Deep bass 
  • Advanced active noise-cancellation technology 
  • Suitable for any kind of adventure


  • Causes high connectivity issues with major and popular devices
  • The fit is not upto the mark
  • Not suitable for extended listening sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are headphones or earphones better for listening to audiobooks?

Whether headphones or earphones are better for listening to audiobooks depends largely on the model that you are using. However, objectively, headphones offer the features that are a must for listening to audiobooks better.

For example, the active and passive noise cancellation technology of headphones is much better than earphones. Further, headphones provide a longer battery life and sound quality, if you opt for a higher end model. On the other hand, earphones are easily portable and comparatively comfortable. Regardless, you should go for headphones if you are willing to try either.

Are wireless or wired headphones better for listening to audiobooks?

In general, wireless headphones are a lot easier to use and definitely more comfortable. The problem with wired headphones is that the wires may continuously get tangled and make your life harder. Wired headphones do not provide any extra benefits as opposed to wireless ones and the sound quality is largely similar.
Hence, wireless headphones are definitely better for listening to audiobooks.

Is it worth it to buy high end headphones to listen to audiobooks?

If the headphones are slightly above your budget, you should definitely spend a little bit extra and opt for high end headphones as an avid audiobook listener. Higher-end headphones have a lot of benefits, but are all in all significantly superior to the ones that may be cheaper.
If you spend money on headphones, you will definitely derive value out of it, and notice the difference. Higher-end headphones have a stellar sound quality and are very durable, so they will last you longer than cheaper ones. The noise cancellation technology on some of these higher end headphones, such as the Sony WH-1000XM4, is absolutely amazing, and will provide you with the perfect audiobook listening experience.

Bottom Line

If you like to listen to audiobooks frequently, good headphones are definitely a great investment for you. There are many things that you need to keep in mind while buying these headphones, though, such as the price, durability, comfort, battery life, and noise cancellation. You can also consider other factors such as portability and style, so that these headphones fit your personality the best!

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