How to Program Optimum Remote Codes? Step-by-Step Guide

Even though the internet has taken over most of the entertainment we seek in day-to-day life, cable TV has not been pushed out just yet. If you still use cable, the Optimum TV by Altice will be a household name for you. It provides cable, internet, and telephone services all in one!

How to Program Optimum Remote Codes Explained

With the package, you will receive a remote and a cable box, which require programming. If you are a first-time user, this may be easier said than done. But do not worry, this guide is for you!

How to Program Optimum Remote Codes?

To control the functions of your Television, you would need to program the code on your Optimum Remote. To do so, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Find the A button on the remote and press it
  2. You will go to the home screen, where you should press Settings.
  3. The bottom of the screen will have a remote icon. Find it and press it.
  4. Out of the options, choose the Pair Remote to Altice One option.
  5. Follow the prompts on the screen.
  6. Now select the Pair Remote Control Option
  7. Once the remote is paired, you will get a confirmation.


Once your remote has been paired, it is important to note that the remote will only control the paired device.

However, to control other TV brands, you will have to use the Auto Search method. We have a guide for that as well.

How to Use the Auto Search Method?

  1. Switch on the TV.
  2. Press the volume button and power button together until the LED lights up.
  3. Release the buttons.
  4. Press the 1 button.
  5. Turn off the TV.
  6. Press the select button after the TV turns off to save the code. The LED will switch off now.
  7. Confirm that the remote has made the connection using the mute or volume buttons.

An alternative is the Four Digit Code Programming Method.

Four Digit Code Programming Method

  1. Switch on the TV.
  2. Find the TV brand for the full list of codes.
  3. Press the volume button and power button together until the LED lights up.
  4. Release the buttons.
  5. Find your TV Brand and enter the 4-digit code corresponding to that brand. The LED Light will now go off.
  6. Hold the Power button to test the setup.
  7. If the TV switches off, it means you have correctly followed the procedure and programmed it.


You can find the full list of Optimum TV Remote Codes on this link.

Change the Volume Controls on the Optimum Remote

You could choose to control the volume through the cable box instead of the remote. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Press the SEL and CBL buttons together till the iO button lights up.
  2. Point the remote to the cable box.
  3. Press the volume button.
  4. Press the CBL Button.
  5. The iO button will start blinking to confirm that the code is stored.

Set Up Parental Controls with Optimum remote

Parental controls are extremely important in this day and age, considering the amount of inappropriate content on cables. To make sure your children are not exposed to it, follow these steps to set up parental controls:

  1. Press the settings button twice in close proximity.
  2. Using the arrow buttons, find the Parental Controls option and press SEL.
  3. Go to select pin and press SEL on the remote.
  4. Enter and re-enter your pin to save it.


You always have the option of changing your pin using the option “Modify PIN’ as well.

Unpair Optimum Altice Remote Control with Netflix Button

The Optimum Altice Remote can be used with other cable boxes in your house as well. But in order to do so, you must unpair it from the current cable box first. Follow these steps to unpair optimum Altice Remote Control with Netflix Button

  1. Press the 7 and 9 buttons together on the remote.
  2. The LED light will blink for some time and then automatically turn off.
  3. This means that the remote has been unpaired.
  4. The remote has reverted back to its IR mode and is now available to pair with other cable boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Altice Remote is blinking continuously. How do I stop it?

Your Altice Remote could be blinking for a number of reasons, and we understand that this is pretty annoying. To stop it, you could try the following things:
1. Reset the cable box
2. Replace the batteries of the remote
3. Try reprogramming your Altice remote
4. If none of the abovementioned steps work, try visiting the Optimum Store to get the remote checked.

How do I find out the 4-digit code for my TV?

You can either find the code for your TV by using the list of codes on this link. Alternatively, you can follow these steps:
1. Go to the settings menu on your TV
2. Scroll till you find the Link with the TV Code menu
3. Click on it
4. The TV Code will appear on the screen in blue color.

Why is my Altice One not Working?

Firstly, it is important to make sure that the Altice and TV are both plugged in properly if you are getting a black screen. Second, make sure that the connection is stable and secure. However, if you still continue to have a problem, restart the TV service.
If the problems persist even now, contact customer care.

Summing Up

If you still use Cable, the Optimum TV by Altice is an amazing option. It is, however, a little tough to set up the remote, especially if it is your first time doing so. Do not worry though, because we have given you a super easy, step-by-step method, to make your life much easier. Happy watching!

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