Where is the microphone on iPhone xr? [Let’s Find Out]

The iPhone XR was a quite trendy model of the iPhone, and a lot of people are still using it. If you are one of them, you should probably understand where the microphone is. There are multiple benefits of knowing this information. So, where is the microphone on iPhone xr?

Where is the microphone on iPhone xr

Microphones are usually quite small and can be confusing to spot at times. We understand this, which is why we have put all the information you need about the microphones on the iPhone XR in this article. So, let us find out the answer to the question “where is the microphone on iPhone xr?”

Why do I need to know where the microphone is?

There are several benefits to knowing where the iPhone XR’s microphone is located. You must first be aware of its location in case you need to recover the microphone after accidentally spilling water on your phone.

Additionally, there’s a chance that you’re purchasing an iPhone XR for a variety of factors, some of which may even involve microphones. For instance, if you plan to use your new iPhone XR for podcasting, vlogging, or other similar activities, you need to be aware of where the microphone is located on the device. Otherwise, when using the gadget, you can unintentionally cover the microphone.

In the event that your microphone breaks down, you might even require this information. . Knowing the location will enable you to do certain diagnostic tests and solve the issue without contacting customer support. To get the most of your phone, which undoubtedly costs some money, you may also use this information to determine and understand the function of each unique microphone.

Therefore, knowing where the microphone is on the iPhone XR could be quite useful.

Where is the microphone on iPhone xr?

There are three microphones altogether on the iPhone XR, which are placed on the bottom, front, and back. The reason for this is that when in loudspeaker mode versus standard call mode, it uses different microphones.

Additionally, films are captured via the rear microphone. Following is a detailed breakdown of each microphone location on the iPhone XR.

Rear Microphone


On the iPhone XR’s back, directly behind the camera sensor and above the flash, is a significant microphone. The purpose of this specific microphone is to capture video with your camera. When you’re on a call, it always helps with noise cancellation.

However, if you experience a microphone problem while taking films on your iPhone, the rear camera is probably acting up. Cleaning the dirt from the microphone and making sure there are no obstructions are straightforward fixes.

Front Microphone


On the front of the device, right next to the long horizontal speaker, is another iPhone XR microphone. You could have trouble identifying this microphone precisely because it is so little and is hidden by the black notch.

Whatever the case, there are many different recording uses for this microphone. FaceTime calls, front-camera video recording, and speaking with Siri are a few examples. If you experience a microphone issue when performing any of these things, your iPhone XR’s front-facing camera is probably to blame.

Start a FaceTime video call or speak to Siri to see if your voice is accurately portrayed to test if your front-facing microphone is functioning properly. Try rebooting your phone or cleaning the microphone after you’re certain the iPhone’s front-facing microphone is the problem.

Bottom microphone


The third microphone of the iPhone XR is located on the bottom side. The lightning connector on your phone is just close to this microphone. You have it backwards if you believe that this phone component is a speaker. The purpose of this microphone is to record calls and sounds.

Make a typical phone conversation and check to see if the other person can hear you clearly to test the iPhone’s bottom microphone. If not, there might be a problem with the bottom microphone on your phone.

If your iPhone XR has a bottom microphone issue, try cleaning that area.

If you continue to have issues with your microphone, check out the video below:


How do I test my iPhone microphone?

By making a normal or FaceTime call, you can test your iPhone’s microphone. You may also use the iPhone camera to shoot a movie to test the microphone. Another efficient approach to test your iPhone microphone is to record voice memos.

Why can’t I hear properly on my iPhone XR?

One of your iPhone XR’s microphones may be obstructed, which is one of the main reasons you might not be able to hear clearly on it. Try cleaning the iPhone XR’s bottom, front, and rear microphones to resolve the microphone issue.
Update the iOS on your iPhone to the most recent version if it doesn’t work.

Summing Up

Finding the microphone on your iPhone XR can be a difficult task. However, do not let this stop you from trying. Hopefully, this article has made it easier for you to answer the question “where is the microphone on iPhone xr?”.

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