Where is the microphone on Macbook air? [Let’s Find Out]

There’s a decent possibility you’ll need to use the video conferencing capability on a Macbook Air at work at some point. And like the majority of others, you have probably asked yourself “Where is the microphone on macbook air?”. Not to worry. We’re here to assist you!

Where is the microphone on Macbook air

We’ll show you where the microphone is on several Macbook Air models in this article. If you’re experiencing problems speaking out during video conferences or online meetings, we’ll also provide you some troubleshooting advice. Let’s get going.

Where is the microphone on macbook air?

Older versions (2018 and Apple Silicone Models)

When the newest MacBook Air model first debuted, it attracted a lot of attention. The new features and upgrades piqued interest among users, but there was a lot of heat (pun intended) as a result of Apple’s improper cooling of the Intel CPU, which led to reports of extremely high temperatures and poor performance.

Even while the smaller shape and new screen bezels were appealing, others were outraged that Apple was marketing a subpar computer. The M1 chip’s arrival brought about a shift in this.


Apple unveiled their new MacBook Air with the M-series CPU in 2020, barely six months after the 2020 Intel MacBook Air was released. This CPU was created by Apple, and it significantly outperforms the previous design.

What is the greatest distinction? It can function properly without producing a lot of heat because to its high performance and low power consumption.

The speakers and microphone were one of the major changes in the 2018 design, in addition to the screen bezels. To have front-facing speakers, Apple placed 2 grills near the keyboard, one on each side. The (clearly labelled) microphone grill on the left side of the previous MacBook Airs was also removed by Apple.

Newer versions

Apple claims that the latest MacBook Airs actually have a large number of microphones, which are hidden from view and are essentially in the same location as before. It’s immediately next to the speaker grills on the left side of your laptop.

With the most recent microphone array and software upgrades, Siri, voice notes, and video conversations all have enhanced sound quality.


Some users of MacBook cases have reported issues, claiming that the case’s hinges appear to block the microphone. Try taking your case off and see if that helps if you’re having problems being heard during video chats or online meetings.

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2017 and older models

While Steve Jobs debuted the first Air in 2009, the 2017 and earlier variants continue to feature the outdated design. Yes, the 2017 model is identical to the original, save for some hardware improvements.


Similar to the current generation, these devices include a microphone on the left side of the device. Nonetheless, it is not obscured and is clearly visible. It has a label and is right next to the headphone jack port.

To find the microphone on the Macbook Pro, check out the video below.

How to control access to the microphone?

Following these instructions will allow you to access and operate the microphone on your MacBook Air:

  1. On your MacBook, tap the Apple menu.
  2.  Choose Security and Privacy under System Preferences.
  3. Choose the Privacy menu item.
  4. Choose the microphone option, tick the box next to “Allow it to access the microphone,” and then deselect to disable access for a particular app.

How To Get The Best Out Of The Macbook Air Mic

Although the microphones on MacBook Airs have always been excellent, there are instances when you need to make a few adjustments to get the greatest sound for your needs. The noise-ambient reduction setting needs to be turned on when you’re in a noisy setting.

You may modify the microphone volume for each app on a MacBook Air. Let’s examine how the MacBook Air’s microphone can be improved.

Change the volume settings

Choose Input from the Sound menu in System Preferences (System Settings on macOS Ventura and higher). By moving the slider to the right or left, you can modify the microphone’s output loudness. The microphone becomes more perceptive to sound when slid to the right.


To assist in reducing background noise, you check the Ambient Noise Reduction checkbox. You can change the mic volume in a pop-up window by clicking the volume symbol in the menu bar.

Eliminate obstructions

With the 2020 MacBook Air and earlier models, obstructions placed adjacent to the device can interfere with the microphone. Sound recording on the mic can be enhanced by taking the casing off. As the microphone and speakers are located between the keyboard and display in the 2022 model, this is not necessary.

Mic Test

Launch QuickTime Play, create a new audio recording and start speaking or singing. By playing back the audio and making the necessary adjustments, as previously said, you can hear how everything sounds.

Clean your MacBook Air

You may only need to clean your MacBook Air occasionally to see an improvement in the mic output. Before starting, turn off the device, and make sure water doesn’t get near the ports. Use only advised goods, such as tidy, lint-free cloth.


Utilize a USB microphone

The MacBook Air’s inbuilt microphone is excellent, but if your project requires a little more, use an external USB microphone. Similar to an internal microphone, a USB microphone includes movable parameters you can alter as necessary.


How to test the microphone on Macbook Air?

Step 1: Open System Preferences by selecting it from the Apple menu on your MacBook.
Step 2: Access the Sound menu.
Step 3: Choose the Internal Microphone option under the Input menu. Speak into the microphone now; if the Input Level bar begins to animate, the microphone is fully functional.

Do all MacBooks Have Integrated Microphones?

Indeed, there are built-in microphones in every MacBook, although they are located differently in each model. It is really difficult to locate the microphone because of the sleek design.

Why is my microphone not working when I close the lid Mac?

A hardware disconnect turns off the microphone anytime the lid is closed in all Apple silicon-based Mac laptops and Intel-based Mac notebooks with the Apple T2 Security Chip.

Summing Up

Knowing where the microphone is on your device can be extremely helpful. It will help you resolve the problem easily when your microphone faces some issue, or make sure that your videos are of the best quality.

It can be a bit tough to find the microphone on Macbook Air, but hopefully this article has made that job easier for you!

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