Why are my headphones so quiet? How to fix it?

Let us think you bought a new headphone and then you are facing the issue of “headphones so quiet“. Obviously, you will feel frustrated so as does everyone else. But worry not we have got all the possible fixes you can apply to fix your headphones. Read the whole article to make sure you don’t miss out on any way of fixing your headphones. Good luck!

Why are my headphones so quiet

Why are my headphones so quiet? How to fix it?

There can be a plethora of reasons for this issue and we will try to cover all of them alongside the fixes too. Go through all the reasons stated to figure out what exactly you are facing and try its fix.

Issue in the Plug or Socket


This issue can only arise for wired headphones. As the plug in the headphone and the socket in the source are the most important bond between the two. These two play an important role in the overall connection. If your plug is loosely connected to the socket it can cause low volume in headphones.

Fix 1: Attach the plug tightly to the socket

If your plug does not attach tightly to the socket of the source device then check if anything is blocking its way inside the socket. You might have torn paper or any piece of debris stuck inside the socket. Remove the debris with a tweezer or blow air inside, the debris may come out of pressure from the blown air. You can buy the tweezer suggested below for this work.

XTRM CRAFT Thumb Dressing Forcep, Multipurpose Tweezer Stainless Steel

Fix 2: Clean the audio jack

Your audio might also have dirt in it. It might get rusted due to moisture from the environment. If that is the case take a cotton bud or cloth and some rubbing alcohol or spirit and apply the solution on the audio jack and clean it gently with the cotton cloth.

Wireless Connectivity Issue

If you have Bluetooth headphones or earbuds you will very likely face this issue once with your device at some point of time. Don’t worry this issue is very common. The Bluetooth connection is very sophisticated which causes issues in wireless devices. Check out the fixes to make your headphones sound normal.

Fix 1: Turn off the airplane mode


If you have turned on airplane mode on your device then turn it off to check if the problem fixes. Turning on the airplane mode suspends wireless connections in your source device. The source device might be connected to your headphones but you will hear sounds at low volume.

Fix 2: Check for interferences

Bluetooth connection is very subtle, certain interferences from metal, microwave, or other Bluetooth devices can cause disturbances in your headphones. These interferences cause the signal from the source device to tangle with other signals and give unexpected output. Try to get far from such interferences and check if you still face low volume in headphones.

Fix 3: Restart both the devices

Sometimes your device might not have initialized the system files and applications properly. Restarting your system is the cleverest technique you can apply. You can also try restarting both your source device and your Bluetooth earbuds or headphones to fix the issue. Check if the problem of low volume in headphones still persists.

Fix 4: Connect with other devices to check if the source has any problem

Connect your Bluetooth headphones with any other device and check if your headphones are so quiet. If the headphone is working just fine then it is the problem of your source device. Your source might have some software malfunction which is diminishing the output and causing low volume in headphones.

Fix 5: Reset the Bluetooth connection

You can also reset the Bluetooth connection by forgetting the Bluetooth device. Simply go to the Bluetooth devices option and check for your headphones. Tap on the three dots and choose “Forget Device“. You will notice that the Bluetooth devices are not shown anymore in the Previously Connected Device section.

Now, Pair your headphones again and see if the problem of low volume in headphones is solved.

Fix 6: Disable absolute volume in developer options in Android

Enabling the “Disable absolute volume” option in the developer options might fix the low volume problem. Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to your smartphone settings.
  2. Scroll down to the “about device” option.
  3. Now tap on the “build number” 7 times to enable Developer mode.
  4. Go back and click on the developer option. (The “developer option” might be in the “about phone” section or “system” section depending on the manufacturer and android version).
  5. Now under the “networking” tab, you will find the option “Disable absolute Volume”.
  6. Enable the option

Check if enabling the option fixes the problem of low volume in headphones.

Headphones Out of Battery


Headphones need charge to produce the expected output. If your headphones are running low on battery, charge them immediately and see if the problem persists after the charging session.

You might also notice that charging your headphones for quite some time does not increases the battery percentage relatively. In that case, the Lithium Polymer battery inside the headphones has issues. Talk to your manufacturer for the replacement or repair of your headphones.

Audio Leaking from Earbuds


If your earbuds are not fitting properly in your ears, the audio will certainly leak and you will face a low-volume problem. Audio leaking can also happen due to torn ear caps.

Change your ear tips in both cases. If you are using an over the ear headphones and experience this issue your ear cushion might be damaged which is not isolating the audio inside it. Check for physical damages and contact customer care for replacement or replace the ear cups from a hardware store.

Wax in Earbuds

Because our ears are always facing dirt and water, ear wax is created inside them and they get trapped in the ear canal. When you wear in-ear earbuds the ear wax sticks to your earbuds and not cleaning the earbuds will certainly cause the wax to build up and block the audio path.

If you find ear wax in the earbuds don’t prick it with your fingers as that might damage the rubber ear cup. Clean the earbud with spirit and cotton buds. The low volume problem might go away. Cleaning the earbuds will also ensure that you don’t expose your ear canal to more ear wax if the earbuds are being used by anyone else other than you.

Dirt in Earbuds

Dirt in earbuds can cause many kinds of problems. The dirt might block the filter net which will cause low-volume problems. The dirt can also get in the internal speaker and prevent it from producing the expected output.

The solution for this problem is that you have to open the earbuds and clean the internal components if you see any kind of dust stuck in them. The filter net can be opened from outside and then blow air or clean with a brush. Check if the low volume problem still persists.

Incorrect Device Settings


Your source device settings can also cause this problem. Incorrect device settings such as audio output and improper volume mixing are the reason your headphones are so quiet. Follow the below fixes to solve the problem.

Warning: We highly recommend you create a system restore point before applying these settings. Follow this link to create a system restore point.

Fix 1: Check the Volume mixer

You have to check for the volume mixer and see if all the apps that are producing audio are set to max output, this will ensure that all the apps produce an equal amount of loudness. Go to System > Sound > Volume Mixer. Increase the sound to the maximum for all the applications. Increase the master volume and also check if the output device is selected properly. Notice if the low volume problem fixes.

Fix 2: Disable automatic windows volume adjustment

Windows automatically lowers the volume output if it encounters communication activities. You can turn this off from settings. Go to System > Sound > More Sound Settings > Communications. Now opt for the Do nothing option and click on apply. This can solve the problem of low volume in headphones.

Fix 3: Fixing the audio device properties

Sometimes exclusive mode in some apps can cause a low-volume problem. It is very easy to fix, just go to System > Sound > More Sound Settings > Playback. Find your headphones from the playback devices and right-click on them. Select properties and go to the advanced tab. Disable all exclusive mode options and click on apply. Now go to the Levels tab and increase the output to maximum and click on apply. Lastly, go to the Spatial Sound tab and select “off” from the drop-down menu and click on apply. Check if the low volume problem is fixed.

Fix 4: Delete all personalized audio profile

Personalized audio profiles allow different users to experience different levels of sound. You can create your own personalized sound profile or disable all profiles and set the profile to default.

Fix 5: Update the device driver

If you have wired headphones you have to go to the device manager and see if your headphone have any updates available under the Audio input and output tab. In the case of a Bluetooth device, you have to go under the Bluetooth tab and check for any recent version of your Bluetooth device. If you don’t find any update there, try going to the manufacturer’s website and look for a newer version. If that too doesn’t work you can roll back to the previous driver version from the device manager. In any case, create a system restore point.

Damage to the Earphone Wire


If you are someone who throws the earphone inside the bag after use or just rolls the earphone wire in a small ball-like shape and keeps them inside tight places, stop doing that! You are tangling the earphone wires which is creating tension in them. The wires will tear from inside and you will face low volume problem very soon.

Also, the junction of the wire and the audio jack is a very delicate place. If you notice the wire tearing from that place take it immediately to the hardware store to fix it. Store your headphone wires safely and don’t tangle them. The headphones will last longer this way.

Issues with Your Hearing

Experiencing low volume problems in headphones cannot only happen because of the headphone or the source device. Your hearing might be the cause. If you have listened to high volume for prolonged periods of time you have definitely hurt your ears.

Ask others to try listening from your headphones, if they are okay with the volume level then you have impaired hearing. Don’t listen to high volume, don’t wear headphones all the time, and clean your ear canal. You can contact an otolaryngologist and schedule an appointment.

Issue with the Headset Itself

Your headset might also have this issue. Some high-impedance headphones will produce low audio if you only plug them into your source device. High-impedance headphones require high power to operate properly. You need an amplifier or DAC (Digital to Analog converter) to provide this extra power to your device. If you are buying high impedance headphones make sure you also buy a relative DAC with the product.

You can use some audio enhancement applications which will boost the audio output so that you can get your expected volume level.

Our Top Picks

We have managed to handpick these headphones from the market to deliver crisp, high quality, and loudest audio that won’t cause you hearing damage.

Sony WH-1000XM5


These are Sony’s latest offerings after the WH-1000XM3 and 1000XM4. These are equipped with 8 microphones for ANC and you get Sony’s unmatchable audio quality. These are the loudest headphones we can find. You get 30 hours of battery backup and 3 hours of charge in just 15 mins. Moreover, the headphones are lightweight and comfortable for the ear. The ear cushions are breathable and also tough. Touch controls are also available with these headphones.

Philips Fidelio X3 

product 1

These are wired headphones and will surely solve your low-volume problem. These headphones provide a maximum volume of 100db which is enough for human hearing, you won’t feel your headphones so quiet anymore. These headphones have an open-back design and is Hi-res audio certified. The headsets come with transparent Kvadrat speaker fabric.



These high-quality wireless headphones from Sennheiser are one in many. You will always find a Sennheiser product in any audio production house. They are top of the industry and this headphone isn’t an exception. The maximum audio output is 113db which is obviously too good for human hearing. You can adjust the amount of isolation as per preference and they come with comfortable rubber padding around the earpads. You get Bluetooth 4.0 technology and 18 hours of battery backup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you fix low headphone volume?

Low headphone volume can be caused by a variety of reasons. To fix it you can try cleaning the audio plug and socket, removing interferences and resetting the Bluetooth connection from the room in case of wireless headphones, cleaning dust from your earbuds, etc.

How do I make my headphones louder?

You can disable Absolute Volume from the developer settings of your android smartphone or use some volume booster applications.

Do headphones get quieter over time?

Headphones can get quiet due to wear and tear in the headphone wires, Dust in the drivers of the filter net, tearing of the earpads, etc.


These were the different reasons that may cause a low-volume problem in your headphones. We have also told you all the fixes you can try. If you still have a low volume problem try contacting your manufacturer and asking for a replacement or get it repaired from a hardware store. You can see our product recommendations also.

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